10 Things People Silently Judge You for (According to the Internet)

By Nuha

Your Demeanour 

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Our culture is evolving toward greater acceptance of the many forms of self-expression used by individuals. However, that does not imply that everyone has achieved ultimate openness. Whatever your style is—crazy, conservative, quirky, or boring—many people will still criticize you. 

Fortunately, very few people will express what they’re thinking; instead, they observe you and draw hasty conclusions about your personality in silence. Unfortunately, the adage “You never get another chance to leave a first impression” is still true today.

Giving Up a Lucrative Job to Follow a Dream

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It takes courage to start such a radical career transition. It’s unquestionably something that a lot of people in our local vicinity would commend us for. Most of our friends would be by our sides, encouraging us with various cheers. They won’t tell us, though, that they believe we are crazy for quitting a well-paying career to plunge into the ambiguity of dream-chasing.

Your Ability to Listen 

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People can tell whether you’re paying attention to them by the way you carry yourself.  So, if you fit this description; Avoids eye contact; is easily distracted; finds it difficult to focus and follow conversations; Others are secretly judging you! Even if you don’t intentionally do those things, you risk coming off as indifferent or even a little self-centered. 

You’re Hygiene Routines 

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People will quietly condemn you for your hygiene practices, such as uncombed hair, foul breath, and dirty clothes. They could be unaware that you clean your teeth and that you had garlic for lunch. 

Or that no matter how many times you wash that particular sweater, the stain will not be removed.  What makes people do it, then? 

We have a basic tendency to judge someone’s health by how clean they are. But from a societal perspective, we use it to gauge a person’s level of self-respect. We assume that people care less about their personal hygiene and cleanliness the more scruffy they are.

The Way You Behave 

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Imagine yourself happily dining away in an eatery, minding your own business. You may not be aware of it, but most of the patrons at the tables nearby will be observing your manners. Did you appreciate the waitress? Do you have your mouth open while eating? Is your friend sitting there seeming bored as you’re both gazing at your phones? 

Even I must confess that I have judged others on this one! Also, this holds wherever you are—at work, on the train, etc. The way we act socially and whether or not we treat people with respect can be determined by our manners.

What You Do on Social Media 

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In the modern world, social media allows us to see what others are doing.  Not only observing, though; but judging.

I am aware that I am doing this. Yes, I’m old school, but I have a buddy from high school on Facebook who posts every aspect of her life. The positive, negative, and downright nasty.  Her outbursts used to make me think, “Jeez, get some control, woman.”  In general, others will criticize you if you publish a lot, for taking selfies and just living online. 

Your Way of Life  

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At parties, I used to hang out with a buddy who would drink excessively. The following day, everyone would talk about it, but strangely, nobody brought it up in conversation. We can judge, but we must do it covertly. It was almost as if there was an unwritten law. 

The same is true of smoking and consuming excessive amounts of fast food. I used to wonder why people never expressed their true feelings, but after going on a vacation with a good buddy who smoked like a fireplace, I realized why – Nobody likes to start a fight. 

What You Do With Your Money 

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Now, your money habits are another issue for which others close to you are secretly judging you:

  • What amount do you tip a waiter in a restaurant? 
  • Overspending when you go shopping; 
  • Being excessively frugal and keeping track of every dollar

The truth is that we can learn a lot about someone’s priorities by looking at their money practices. 

Your Approaches to Parenting 

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Although I don’t have children, I can understand the dilemma since I know that when a parent screams blue death at their kid in the cereal section, my first impression isn’t generally a good one. 

The problem is that we all have different ideas on what constitutes “correct” discipline. 

How Expressive You Are 

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Finally, it shouldn’t be shocking to you that others will be paying attention if you tend to make all of your phone conversations over the loudspeaker, play music from your vehicle, or laugh out loud in public. 

However, I will admit that your location does matter!

You’ll undoubtedly get stares where I’m from (the UK). On the other side, I’ve found that people are a lot more welcoming and that society as a whole is a little noisier since relocating to a Mediterranean nation.

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