Men Open Up About Things They Hate More As They Get Older, And It’s Undeniably Real

By Krystal Brown

Men are shattering their silence, openly discussing their changing dislikes as they age. These sincere confessions provide an authentic insight into the profound transformations in preferences and viewpoints that accompany the passage of time. 

Time Wasters

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Time becomes more valuable as you run out of it. Whereas a young guy would tolerate the door-to-door salesperson out of courtesy, an older man has no reservations about saying “not interested” and shutting (or even banging) the door.

Large Crowds

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Crowds unavoidably bring with them the idiocy and rudeness that seems to be encoded into the human genome (or, perhaps, some of it). Nothing positive can come out of a crowd, whether it’s someone arguing over coupons while a line of people gives each other scary death looks or Tik Tok users releasing the newest dance fad amid traffic. This is something wise men are aware of.

Indirect Communications

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Speak up if you have anything to say. Aged men don’t have the energy or patience for talking in circles, pontificating, or sugar-coating. Get right to the point and write like a pencil.

Men of a particular age group who have no issue telling it how it is have not fared well in the era of sensitive feelings. Anything worth saying is worth saying.


Man stressed at work
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Most young men wonder, “What’s your problem, dude?” when they see older men working into their 70s or 80s, unlike try-hards like Sylvester Stallone and Warren Buffett who have sworn never to retire.

Even if some men enjoy their professions, after you get older the conferences, emails, bookkeeping, etc. that come along with 90% of employment become borderline agonizing.


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TSA screening makes no sense. A form of tax code that is easier to read than the Bible. Have you ever considered starting a business? Oh my god, good luck.

Men have less patience for bureaucratic red tape and idiocy as they age and gain experience.

Using Social Media

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You have seen all Facebook fights if you have seen one. And, once you settle down with a woman of your own, have a litter of children, and realize how valuable every moment of solitude is, the Instagram glamour girls become less and less alluring. Social media platform scrolling is a young man’s pastime.


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When a man starts piling up candles on his birthday cake, the realization of his impending demise sets in. Standing in line is therefore a harsh reminder that time is limited, and waiting in a queue with strangers is arguably the most wasteful use of time. Men with perspective frequently see curbside pickup, meal delivery businesses, and other convenience innovations as worthwhile investments. After all, what is the cost of living each moment to the fullest?


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God gives men hangovers as a gentle reminder that they can no longer hang. An elderly man experiences a hangover for several days, unlike a young buck who might be able to recover with a three-hour siesta and some Gatorade.


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As we age, it becomes more strange that some people are unable to say the two syllables “My Bad.” Nothing is more unsettling than a grown person acting defiantly when they are unmistakably at fault.

High Volumes

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Ironically, as a man’s hearing declines, he has a harder time putting up with jarring ads, loud music in restaurants, concerts, and other sound annoyances. When you’re in your mid-20s, you discover that the key to pleasure is having control over your environment, including the volume knob, remote, and overall environment.

Losing Their Desire for Sex

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Many men claim that as they age, their libido declines, which may have an impact on their romantic lives and sense of self. Hormonal changes, stress, pharmaceutical effects, or persistent medical disorders are a few potential reasons for reduced sex desire. Although most aged men may not directly own up to not liking sex, they actually have seen lots of bling and probably have been in several romantic relationships and hence their desires waned.

Small Talks

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Age usually leads to a higher appreciation for important talks and deep ties. Discussions centered on major topics like personal development, enlightenment, and life experiences are often appreciated by older men. On the other side, people could get sick of hearing meaningless gossip or superficial small chat. Older men usually appreciate talks that stretch their minds and encourage personal growth as they gain experience and wisdom.


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Men’s patience for pointless conflict and drama tends to decline as they become older. They have gone through enough transitions in life to understand the pointlessness of small disputes or pointless confrontations. Instead, they aim for harmony, serenity, and stability in their dealings with others and in their daily lives. Because they are more aware of the detrimental effects that such circumstances might have on their mental health and general quality of life, older men are more inclined to avoid or handle confrontations in a cool, collected manner.

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