Over 100 Beautiful Finnish Girl Names That Will Capture Your Heart

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What comes to mind when  you hear the name Finland? I am sure the Northern Lights came to mind. Then you think of the scenic views, the beautiful lakes, and forests, and then there’s the amazing food scene. For me, there is another thing that pops in mind, the beautiful Finnish girl names. 

Below are over 100 beautiful girl names of Finnish origin that will capture your heart. We hope you will enjoy browsing through the list!

Aada – A beautiful name which means “adornment” or “a first born.”

Aallotar – This means “lady of the waves.”

Aamu – This lovely name means “morning.”

Aata – A name that means “noble.”

Ada – A spelling variation of Aada, it means “adornment” or “noble.”

Aino – Perfect for an only child, it means “the only one” or “unique.”

Aliisa – A variation of Alice and it means “noble” and “kind.”

Analie – This name means “the Lord has favored me.”

Bekka – A pet name for Rebecca which means “to bind,” “join,” or “tie.”

Benita – This one means “blessed” and “divine.”

Blinded – A little unique for a name, it means “ruling forever.”

Cajsa – This means “chaste” and “pure.”

Camilla – This popular name means “priest’s attendant.”

Cecilia – Also a popular name, this means “blinded.”

Cwen – A name that means “queen” and is perfect for your royal one. 

Dagmar – This name translates to “a mother.”

Dahlia – this name is taken from the Dahlia flower and means “Dahl’s flower.”

Dal – This cute name means “valley.”

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Dale – A variation of Dal meaning “valley.”

Ditte – This unique name means “gift of God” but it can also mean “rich and prosperous.”

Eelin – A name that means “warrior of intelligence.”

Eeva – Beautiful name meaning “life.”

Eevi – A variation of Eeva and means “life.”

Eja – This name is pronounced “Asia” and means “lady.”

Eleonoora – A name that means “foreign”  or “the other.”

Eliina – This name means “torch.”

Eliisa – A name which means “God is my oath.”

Elina – This name means “shining light” or “bright one.”

Elisabet – A beautiful name with a more beautiful meaning- “devoted to God.”

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Ella – This means “beautiful fairy.”

Ellen – This popular name means “bright” or “shining light.”

Elli – A name taken from Eleonoora and means “foreign” or “the other.”

Emese – This means “mother.”

Emma – This popular name mean “universal whole.”

Enni – Feminine version of Enna and means “edge of a sword.”

Enny – A variation of Enni meaning “edge of a sword.”

Erva – Perfect for a farmer’s daughter, this means “hay grown after harvesting.”

Eryka – A strong name that means “ever powerful.”

Essi – A short version of Esteri which means “star.”

Esteri – This Finnish name translates to “star.”

Eveliina – A cute name that means “little eve.”

Fabia – This is the feminine version of the name Fabius which means “bean farmer.”

Fiia – A cute name meaning “a flickering fire.”

Fredriika – A feminine version of Frederik and means “peaceful ruler.”

Gala – This one means “radiating” or “shining.”

Greta – A beautiful and classic name meaning “pearl.”

Hale – This one means “hero” or “army ruler.”

Hanna – This lovely name means “Gods given gift to the world.”

Hanne – This means “favor” or “grace.”

Helleena – A popular name which means “torch.”

Helli – This is a variation of the name Helen and it means “light” or “bright.”

Helmi – This one means “pearl” or “precious thing.”

Helmy – A popular Christian name and it means “gem of the sea” or “pearl.”

Hemmi – This name means “will desire helmet.”

Henna – This means “favor” or “grace,”

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Henriikka – This one  means “home-ruler.”

Hesso – A lovely name which translates to “torch” or “sun.”

Heta – A name that means “love” or “battle.”

Hilda – This strong name means “battle.”

Hilja – A cute name which means “silence.”

Hilu – This translates to “cloudberry.” Also means “yearn for life.”

Iida – This one means “a hardworking woman.”

Ilda – A strong name which means “the heroine of the battle.”

Ilona – This cute name means “the bright one.”

Ilta – A unique name which means “night.”

Impi – This name means “virgin.”

Inari – This is the name of a popular lake in Finland. They say that this name means “successful.”

Ingria – This one means “hero’s daughter.

Inka – This lovely name means “foremost one.”

Irma – A name that translates to “universal” or “complete.”

Jaana – This name means “obstinacy” or “rebelliousness.”

Jakki – The Finnish version of the name Jackie and means “supplanter.”

Jana – This name means “God’s gift” or “beloved” and is pronounced as “Ya-na.”

Janeka – This means “God is gracious.”

Jemina – A name that means “listened to.”

Kaarina – The Finnish version of Katherine and means “pure” or “chaste.”

Kaille – A cute name which means “womanly.”

Kaisa – This one means “pure.”

Kaisu – A variation of Kaisa and means “pure.”

Kalevi – A strong  name meaning “hero.”

Kalwa – This one means “heroine.”

Karoliina – This is the Finnish version of Carol and it means “a free woman.”

Kata – This name means “pure.”

Katariina – Another version of Katherine and this name means “pure.”

Kati – A short version of pet name of Katariina and it means “pure.”

Katja – This name means “pure.”

Kirsti – A popular name which means “believer.”

Kjerstin – This one translates to “follower of Christ.”

Krista – A popular name which means “Christian woman.”

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Kristiina – This beautiful name means “follower of Christ.”

Kukka – This one translates to “flower.”

Kylli – A cute name which means “woman.”

Laila – A name which means “night.”

Leena – This one means “of Magdala.”

Leka – A strong name which means “defender of men.”

Lempi – A beautiful name which means “love.”

Leppa – This name means “alder tree.” 

Liina – Another strong name which means “a warrior of the army.”

Liisa – This means “I find my God in an Oath.”

Lijla – This pretty name translates to “Lily flower.”

Linnea – This lovely name means “a girl whose beauty can be compared to a twinflower.”

Liv – A short name but has a beautiful meaning. It means “kind one.”

Livia – Also means “kind one.”

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Livvy – A variation of Livia and means “kind one.”

Loppa – This strong name means “a famous woman warrior.”

Lotta – This means “free woman.”

Louhi – This unique name means “trance.”

Loviisa – A name that means “famous warrior.”

Lumi – This lovely name translates to “a woman white and cold as snow.”

Luvia – This beautiful name means “a girl who is deeply loved.”

Luvianna – A name meaning “woman who is loved honestly.”

Lyyti – This one means “one who is great and adorable being.”

Maaria – This means “the sea of sorrow.”

Maia – This name pertains to the month of May but it can also mean “goddess of spring”.

Maija – This one means “a woman of rebellious nature.”

Maiuc – This means “one who is a magical individual” or “spell bound.”

Majlis – This means “a noble person who is born in May.”

Maria – This can mean “bitter” or “wished-for child.”

Marikka –A name which means “a woman of turbulent personality.” It’s still a beautiful name though.

Marja – This is the Finnish name for “berry.”

Marjo – A name which means “one who has deep inner desires and truths.”

Marjut – This cute name means “a beloved girl.”

Martta –This is a variation of the name Martha and means “lady of the house.”

Meri – If you love the ocean or the sea then this is perfect because it means “the marine” or “deep ocean.”

Merja – This name refers to The Holy Mother Mary or Virgin Mary.

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Minttu – This name means “mint.”

Neea – This one is the short variation of Linnea and means “one of the flowers.” It can also mean “lime tree.”

Niina – A cute name which means “exhibiting courtesy and politeness.” Something we all wish for our daughters, right?

Nomi – A name that means “graceful,” “gentle,” “delightful,” and “pleasant.”

Oivi – A cute name which means “excellent.”

Orvokki – This unique name means “large, flowered garden.”

Otha – This one translates to “one who is wealthy and fortunate.”

Pirkko – Aside from Finnish, this also has Irish roots and means “powerful” and “strong.”

Rali – This name means “the spirited one.”

Senja – This means “a woman who is hospitable” and is pronounced as “Sen-ya.”

Sofia – A name that means “wisdom.” It can also be translated to “a wise woman.”

Teea – A name derived from Theresa and means “a beautiful bird.” It can also mean “happiness.”

Ulla – This name means “will” and “determination.” Aside from Finnish, this name lso has Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish roots.

Yrsa – This name is derived from Ursula and it means “little she-bear” and perfect for our tiny bundle of joy.

There you go, over 100 of the most beautiful Finnish girl names that will tug any body’s heart. What I like most about Finnish girl names is their spelling that even if they have popular American counterparts, the names still sound unique because of how they are spelled. Not to mention the lovely pronunciation of some of the names. 

According to a latest survey, the most popular girl names in Finland are Maria and Sofia. Not surprised, these two are such beautiful names.

Did you find one that you like? Any of these beautiful and unique Finnish girl names will sound cute and perfect for your little princess.

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