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As more people become more sensitive to gender bias, names are pushing their way towards something unisex. 

Giving your child a non-binary name allows them to have more fluidity in their gender identification. It also helps remove stereotypes and gender-based discrimination. 

Another benefit of giving your child a unisex name is that it allows them to be more in touch with the opposite gender side of their personalities. This helps them to become a more whole individual.

If you are wanting to consider giving your child a non-binary name, we will run you through the A-Zs of some popular names you can choose from.



This name is the Latin form of the Roman Hadrianus. The original Roman was a family name meaning “from Hadria”. The Latin form means “sea” or “water” referencing the Adrian river. The name can also mean “dark one” and the Greek carries the idea of “rich”


From a  combination of the Old English “anne”  (alone or solitude) and “leah” (meadow or a woodland), Ainsley means “one’s own meadow” or “individual clearing). 


A derivative of the Greek word alexo (to defender or to help), Alexis means “defender, helper”. It originated through its use with the worship of several Eastern Orthodox and Catholic saints. Though it was primarily a male name, it began to find popularity as a female name since the 1940s in the US.


This is an Indian name that means “knowledgeable”.


Though originally a surname, Arden has become a popular first name. It comes from the UK in which there are three places with the name. The Latin form means “great forest”, another interpretation of the name is “valley of the eagle” and some others see it meaning “ardent or enthusiastic” because Arden sounds so close to ardent!


In Hebrew, this name means “lion”. Some see the roots of the name in Nordic where it means “eagle”. It’s a shorter version of the name Ariel.


From Old English, the name means “fortified hill”. It is a combination of the Anglo-Saxon word here (fortified) and halw (hill, mound). Traditionally it was a masculine name but is starting to find favour as a female name. 


Another name comes from two words. Ashley is a combination of the Old English aesc (ash) and leah (forest), and means “the dweller near the forest where ash trees grow”. 


Originally Ashton was a surname, but over time it became a first name. It means “the town with ash trees”


Stemming from the Latin augere (to increase), August means to be “esteemed” or “venerable”. It carries the idea of becoming revered through greatness.



This name comes from the Old English “baliif” and so means “law agent” or “collector of debt”


You’ll go all buzzy with this name. A compound of the Old English beo (bee) and cot (cottage), this nonbinary name means “beehive” or “the cottage where bee’s live”


This name goes to the dark and light ends of the colour spectrum. The origination of the name is uncertain and could come from either the Old English blac (referring to people with dark hair or skin) or blaac (a name used for people with lighter skin or hair). 


Anyone familiar with Buddhism will instantly recognize this word. It is the Sanskrit word meaning “awakening” or “enlightenment”.


This was typically a girl’s name, but over the years has become a nonbinary name. A briar is a thorny bush of roses or brambles.



An alternative of the Gaelic Caolán, Caelan means “slender”, “narrow” or “fair”. It also has the meaning of “eternal warrior” which sounds so awesome!


Another unisex name that comes from the Irish and Celtic word for “one who carries produce by cart or wagon”


Okay, here is another one coming out of Ireland. Originating from the Irish stem cas, Cassidy means “clever” or “one with curly hair”.


A popular name amongst the Welsh, where it is pronounced Kellin, Celyn simply means “Holly”


This is an alternative to the name Charles which derives from the German word meaning “free man”.


Coming from the Latin clericus, Clarke means “clerk” and was a surname.



Originating as a place name, Derby, it is a combination of two Nordic words. djúr which means “deer” and býr meaning “farm, park”. Traditionally Darby was a girl’s name, but had become a nonbinary name that means “deer park”.


Coming from the medieval nickname (Raw) for David, Dawson means “the son of David”. Though it was primarily a male name, it has become a popular unisex option for parents.


Delos was a small, sacred Greek island where it is believed that Apollo and Artemis were born. The name Delius means “from Delos”


The number “4” is what Delta is all about. It,s not only the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, Delta was also a female name meaning “who was born fourth”. Now the name has become nonbinary.


People in ancient Greece knew how to party and this name is a reflection of celebrations. Dion means “fine wine lover” and in Greek mythology, Dion was the God of wine.



A gentle nonbinary name. Ellis comes from the Welsh and means “kind, benevolent”. Another meaning is “The Lord is my God”. 


An Old English name that means “the son of Emery”


We just met Emery’s son, now let’s meet Emery. The name comes from the Old German name Emmerich and means “loving”, “brave”, “powerful” and “ruler”. 


This is a dark name, literally. A Latinised version of the Greek word Erebos, Erebus means “nether darkness”, “deep darkness”, “shadow” or “covering”


Evan comes from the Welsh form of John, lefan. It’s a masculine name meaning “youth” or “young warrior”. Tracing it back to John, Evan can mean “God is gracious” as well as its association with the word evangelist (“one who brings good news).

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Yet another Irish nonbinary name. Fallon means “leader” also “granddaughter or grandson of a rich king”


There are many interpretations of this Irish name. It can mean “the colour of iron-grey”. For girls, the name means “adventurous”, while another meaning stems from the Irish spelling Farran, “the land”.


Coming from old Scottish this nonbinary name is comprised of two words fionn (fair, white) and laoch (warrior, hero). A strong name that means “fair warrior”. 


The Irish get another mention with this name. It originally came from Ó Floinn which means “descendent of Flann”. Flynn also is taken to mean “ruddy or reddish complexion”. 



A name that stems from the Greek word galene, Galen means “clam”.


This is a name that finds its way into Greek mythology. Galinthias was said to be the midwife or servant of Alcmene, Hercules’ mother. The meaning of Galinthias is simply “the servant of Alcmene”


An abbreviation of Eugene, this name has crossed over from the male side of the gender gap and now is seen as a great nonbinary choice for females. The meaning of Gene is “well-born” or “noble”.


This name used to fall solely within the male domain but now has become a viable option for girls. The name. Simply means “grey-haired”.



A combination of the Old English words hara (hare) and leah (wood, clearing, meadow), Harley means “hare’s meadow”


If you want a musically inspired nonbinary name, the. Harper will work. The name means “one who plays the harp”


A name that is derived from two words, áss (god) and ketill (kettle, helmet). Therefore, Haskell means “God’s helmet”. Another interpretation is ”God strengthens”


Looking for literal safety in a name? Then Haven is the choice for you. Think of a “safe haven” and you have now discovered the meaning behind this name.



We’re heading over towards the Middle East with this name. It’s an Arabic word that means “belief” or “faith”. Typically a girls name, but we’re all about nonbinary names and it is becoming a popular option for boys.


Coming from America, this word is an abbreviation of “independent”. Also, it’s seen as a shortened version of Indiana.


Ira is an interesting name as there are several versions of its origination. One is that Ira is the  Sanskrit goddess of wisdom and knowledge (whose proper name is Saraswati) and Ira is a diminutive form of Iravati. In Greek mythology, Ira is a translation of Hera, the queen of the gods. In Hebrew, the name Ira means “watchful” or “full-grown”.


A biblical name, yet it also is found in the Arabic translation of Jesus, ‘Isa. The name means “God’s salvation”. 

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Though this name was originally a feminine version of the French Jacque, it has become an acceptable male name. In fact, Jacque comes from the name Jacob. The meaning of Jackie is “supplanter”, “May God protect” and ” God is gracious”. 


Like several other names on this list, Jagger started as a surname and then over the centuries pushed toward the front to become an acceptable nonbinary first name. It comes from the Middle English word jag (a load of hay or wood). So, Jagger means “one who peddles or sells goods”


A name that has its roots in Hebrew where the name has several interpretations. Typically Jessie means “God is gracious”, another meaning is “He (God) sees”. Yet another interpretation is that Jessie is a form of the Hebrew yīshai (gift of God). So, you can name that bundle of joy that is about to enter the world, Jessie, as a way to say that your child is a divine blessing to you.


For Christians this word may evoke images of John the Baptist busy doing his thing, baptizing people in the Jordan River. The actual name means “to go down” or ” to descend” and it is a great unisex name. 


This is the French version of Julius. Regarding the meaning of Julius/Jules, it is said to come either from the Greek ioulos (downy- or soft- bearded) or the Latin Jovilius (someone who is a devotee of Jove (Jupiter, the god of the sky and thunder)



This name has a variety of meanings depending on what culture it’s found in. The Hawaiian meaning is “sea”. In Japanese, it is interpreted as “ocean”, “shell”, “restoration”. Heading to China, Kai means “victory”.  In New Zealand, the Maori use the word to mean “food”.  Choose a culture you love and see how they use the name Kai. 


Mainly found in the Nordic countries and some places in East Europe, Karel is an alternative to Charles and means “a free man”.


An Irish clan name that means “son of Aodhagan”.


There are several meanings behind this Irish name. Kellan can mean “slender and fair”, “powerful”, “swamp”, “mighty warrior”, “little rock” and “beautiful”.


From the Irish surname Ó Ceallaigh (descendent of Ceallach), Kelly has been given several meanings such as “frequenter of churches”, “warrior”, and  “bright headed”.


This is a place name in England. Kendall means “Valley of the river Kent”


There are a couple of variations behind the meaning of this nonbinary name. One claims that it’s a derivative of the Dutch occupational surname Cuyler and means “bowman” or “archer”. Another meaning of the name traces it to German origins where it is interpreted as “church”. 



Let’s visit the lakes of Scotland with this name. If you weren’t aware, the Scottish use the term loch for lake. We have the famous Loch Ness Monster! So Lachlan comes from the word loch and the name means “from the land of lakes”.


Yet another surname that has made it to first name status. Landry comes from Germanic origins and means “ruler” or “landowner”.


A name inspired by the bird. A lark is playful and cheerful, so perhaps your child will be just as fun after being given this name. 


Here we find another name inspired by the Irish. Lennon has a variety of meanings, yet the most prominent one is “lover”. Other meanings are “cloak” and “blackbird”. You’ll be setting up your son or daughter for a life of romance with this name. 


Inspired by a Scottish town in Aberdeenshire, Leslie means “holly garden”. 


Stemming from the city of Lincoln in England, this name combines lynn (a Celtic word for “pool” or “lake”) with the Latin colonia (meaning “colony”). So Lincoln means “the colony by the lake” or “settler near the pool”.


Inspired by a place near Auchinleck, Scotland, Logan stems from the word lag (“hollow”). The full meaning of this name is “little hollow”.

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This was an occupational surname for males. Yet it has become an acceptable nonbinary name. It means “one who works with stone”.


A name imported to Britain by the Normans, Merrick is made up of two words. The Germanic meri (“fame”) and ric (“power”). So, one meaning of Merrick is “famous through power”. Another meaning comes from the Scots, where it was used to refer to a place near Minigaff. They used the Gaelic meurach to describe the town and the word means “fork in the road or river”.


This is an alternative to the name Michael and in Hebrew Mickey means “one who is like God”. A reference to the archangel Michael.


A name with a nautical theme. It comes from the Old Welsh mor (“sea”). The masculine form of the name has many meanings “sea chief”, “sea protector”, “sailor”, “sea captain”. The female version was inspired by Morgan le Fay (Morgan the Fairy) in Arthurian legend and means “born from the sea”.


Another sea-related name. It comes from the Irish name Murchadh (a combination of muir (“sea”) and cath (“battle”)). Murphy means “sea warrior”, “battler of the seas”.



A shortened form of Helen or Eleanor, Nelly comes from Greek and means “shining light”. A great nonbinary name for your little luminescent bundle of joy.


The nickname for Persephone, Queen of the Dead, who was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. It means “the fasting one” in reference to the Greek’s practice of fasting. Though originally a feminine name, it has become a great unisex option.


A name from Spanish origin. Nevada means “snow-covered”.


Set your child up for success with this awesome name. A shortened form of Nicholas, Nicky means “victory of the people”.



Stemming from Old English, Oakley means “from the meadow of the oaks”. It was a male name, but like every other name on this list, it has now become a favourite nonbinary choice.



A feminine name that has changed into a viable unisex option for boys. The name means “from Paris, France”.


Having its roots in Old English, the name means “keeper of parks”. Any parent that loves horticulture and gardening would give Parker serious consideration when deciding what to name their child.


The word pay is the English version of pax (Latin for “peace”). Payson means “the son of peace”, but it has become a fantastic nonbinary name even though it has a masculine connotation.


Stemming from a last name found within Sussex, England, Peyton has grown in popularity as a unisex name, especially for girls. It means “fighting man’s estate”.


Such an awesome sounding name, Phoenix hearkens back to the mythological bird that rises from the ashes. An optimistic name that means “dark red”.

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There are several ideas concerning the origination of this name. The first is that Quinn comes from the Irish Ó Cuinn meaning “a descendant of Conn” (Conn is Old Irish and could mean “intellect” or “chief”). The second is that it stems from Latin and means “a girl who is as pretty as two”. A final theory is that the name has a legal background and means “counsel”. 


This name is all about beauty. Coming from two Gaelic words caoin (“comely”, “fair”, “handsome”) and dealbh (“form”), Quinlan means “one who is physically attractive”



Want to have a child that is full of life? Then Reese is the name to go for. It means “ardent”, “enthusiastic”, “confident” and “ambitious.


Coming from the Old English hremm and carries a bit of class in the name. Remington means “settlement by the riverside”. If the name comes across as too masculine, you can always use Remy!


Traditionally used as a male name to describe inhabitants from Riley in Lancashire, England, this name is a compound of ryge (“rye”) and leah (“wood”, “clearing”). It means “the place of clearing where there is rye”. The feminine spelling of this name is Rileigh.


A name from the Spanish and it means “river”.


A cute version of Robert. It comes from the Germanic word hrod and means “bright fame”. That’s setting your future star up for success from the beginning with this name!


From the Latin meaning “russet”, Roux refers to the reddish-brown colour.


Inspired by the red flowers of the Rowan tree, this name means “little red-faired one”.


A name of English origin that carries two meanings. One is that Rylan means “from the land where rye grows”, while another meaning is “island meadow”. Both meanings evoke a relaxed country feel.   



A shortened form of Alexander/Alexandra, Sacha means “defending warrior”. Such a strong name to give a child who you want to become a humanitarian. 


We’re heading to the entertainment arts with this name. It was a surname that referred to the occupation of people who were dancers or acrobats. Saylor means “dancer” or “leaper”. 


A nonbinary name that comes from the Gaelic occupational surname O’Sionain. It was used to describe people who worked with straw. Shannon can mean “a straw worker”. There is another interpretation of the Irish where it is said Shannon comes from Abha na tSionainn (the River Shannon). Therefore the name can mean “little river” or “old river”.


Coming from the Hebrew (“God”) and chanan (“to be gracious”), Shawn means “God be gracious”.


Coming from Old English, Sidney can mean “wide meadow” or “wide island”.


A name that has its roots in Danish. It means “fugitive” or “giving shelter”. However, there is one interpretation tying the meaning back to the surname Schulyer, which means “scholar”. Skyler is becoming more popular as a nonbinary name.


Sloan is a strong name that means “warrior” in Gaelic.


A traditional sounding English name that portrays an air of elegance. Spencer is a diminutive form of the word dispenser and means “steward” or “administrator”. 


There are a few various meanings around Stirling. One is that it refers to the quality of something and means “genuine” or “high quality and pure”. Another meaning takes us into the celestial realm where Stirling means “a little star”. Whatever meaning you go with, you can be sure that your child will be a pure star that shines!

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A name that is taken to mean “Tate’s homestead”. It is also interpreted as a “cheerful bringer of joy”. Primarily a female name, it has become a unisex option. 


Think of a tailor (someone who works with cloth) and you are on the right track with this nonbinary name. It means “cutter of cloth”.


Coming from two old Germanic words þeudo (“people” “race”) and ric (“power”), Terry is a diminutive form of Theodoric. It refers to the force of a group of people and means “power of the tribe”. A strong leadership name.


Stemming from the Greek word therao (“to hunt”), Theron means “the hunter”. A proactive name that hints at strength and determination of character.


This is a name that means “twins”. It comes from the Aramaic te’oma (“double”, “twin”)


There are a couple of meanings behind this nonbinary name. One is that it comes from the word “tiler” referring to someone whose occupation was to lay tiles. Another meaning ties to Freemasonry in which it means “doorkeeper of the inn” indicating the person who is in charge of guarding the outer door. 


Coming from the Latin tiro, this name means “novice” or “young recruit”. It carries a connotation of a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to learn.



A name that can mean either a rich brown colour or, going back to the Latin umbra, it may be interpreted as “shadow”. 



This name evokes a sense of strength. It means “powerful”, “healthy”, “athletic”, and “mighty”. 


The name comes from the Latin vivre (“life”, “to live”) so Vie could be taken to mean “living” and a celebration of life. 


We’re entering the fantasy realm with this name. Vinnie means “elf or magical friend”.

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A name that is, well…wild! It means “untamed” “a wild animal”


Here we have another bird-inspired name. Taken from the bird with the same name, Wren means “small bird”.


Coming from an actual personal name, Wiot. This name is made up of two words, wig (“war”) and heard (“hardy”). Wyatt means “one who is brave and hardy in battle”.



Alternative spelling of Zen. It is a Buddhism term meaning “meditation, quietness”. A unique unisex name that has peacefulness written all over it!


This is an abbreviated form of the name Xhexania and means “beloved one”.



Coming from Hebrew, Yanis means “Gift of God”.


An Aztec inspired name, Yoltzin means “little heart”. A soft, delicate name that invokes a sense of compassion and consideration.



This name is an acknowledgement of the kindness of the Greek gods. It comes from the Greek zenon and means “gift of Zeus”.


Another Greek-inspired name. Zephyr comes from the word zephuros and means “west wind”


A Hebrew word that means “the highest point”. A name full of promise to reach one’s full potential! 


This name comes from the Hebrew word for “light” or “glow”. It makes an ideal choice when your bundle of joy has a natural radiance coming from them. Let them light up the world with their personality and their name!

Which of the names stood out as potentials for your child? What made you decided to choose those names? Is there any others you have thought about that aren’t on our list? Which ones?

We’d love to know, so feel free to leave a reply below.