How To Fold A Cosco Highchair – 8 Easy Steps

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Folding a Cosco high chair is easy when you know how and this handy guide to folding and storing it will have it done in no time

Cosco high chairs are very popular as they are cheap and convenient for parents on a budget. One of the main benefits of buying a Cosco high chair is that it can be folded and stored away when not in use. If you have bought a Cosco chair and are struggling to fold it or you want to see how easily it folds before buying, we show you how to with 8 practical steps.

While you may think that all high chairs have similar folding mechanisms many companies have their folding methods, some more complicated than others. To help you unravel this jigsaw of folding and storing a Cosco high chair take a read of the below guide that will not have you kicking it around the kitchen. 

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The Cosco high chair is designed for easy storage so that you don’t have to have your high chair out all of the time.

This is especially handy if you have a small kitchen you are a family member that hosts children from time to time. The high chair can fit into small spaces and once you get the hang of folding and unfolding it can be done very quickly. 

Despite the ease of folding and unfolding, the Cosco high chair is safe for your baby which is why you must learn to do it properly. 

Safety Measures

Before attempting to fold and unfold your Cosco high chair you should be aware of the following safety precautions 

  • Ensure that there are no children or pets nearby as you do not want any parts of the chair to hit them or for them to get their hands trapped as you fold the high chair
  • Make sure you have a safe place to store the high chair, for example not leaving it out in the middle of the room or near stairs where people can trip over it
  • Keep all of the high chair parts nearby so that you do not lose any as every part of the high chair works together to keep your child safe
  • Be sure to take your child out of the high chair before making any adjustments or moving the chair from one part of the room to another. No matter how good your baby sits in their chair there is a risk of them falling out if you do not take this precaution
  • Never leave your baby in the high chair without an adult in the room in case of any falls or if your baby tries to escape

8 Easy Steps To Fold a Cosco High Chair

Before you fold the high chair it is important to clean the tray so that it does not begin to harbor bacteria and mold. The same goes for the seat of the high chair as your child may drop liquid or crumbs which will develop bacteria if they os stored away without cleaning. 

1.Remove the Tray

It is best to stand behind the high chair while you remove the tray as it is easier to locate and activate the trigger. The chair will not be able to be folded without the tray being released.

Be careful when you are removing the tray as you don’t want to damage the side rails or you will encounter problems in the future with the tray having the ability to slide on and off smoothly.

2. Locate Triggers

There are two latch triggers at the side of the high chair towards the back. It is easier if you use both of your hands as the motion is easier if done together and you will be able to hold it all together to avoid any problems.

If you need to do it one-handed just be prepared for the chair to try to fold back on itself again. This is why it is best to be prepared and open the high chair before taking your baby out of the pram or from wherever else they are resting. 

3. Pull the Triggers

The two triggers should be pulled up simultaneously. This may take a little practice as the latches may be stiff when you first buy the high chair.


4. Bring the Chair Upwards

Using your thumb, rest against the chair which will add leverage and enable you to click the trigger, and the chair will begin to lift upwards. You will hear a clicking noise when you pull the triggers which are when you know you can start to bring the bottom of the chair upwards. 

5. Begin to Fully Fold the Chair

As the chair begins to fold in it will collapse itself so be careful not to trap your fingers. As you bring your hands higher the chair will begin to fully fold. 

6. Push Seat Forwards

The seat of the high chair should be pushed downwards and be aligned with the high chair legs by pushing the back of the chair upwards

7. Hold Legs and Seat Railings

The legs of the high chair and the seat railings should be grabbed in one hand

8. Complete the Fold

To complete the folding of the chair simply carry on pushing together until it is fully collapsed. There is no button or strap to hold it together so you will need to hold on to both the top and the bottom of the chair while you move it to its storage position. 


high chair

As there is no fastener to keep the chair folded it may begin to unfold again on its own. This unfolding may be minimal so if you have a lot of space then it should not matter too much if it starts to fold slightly.

If you are storing it for a longer period then putting it in a cupboard or the basement is ideal or for shorter periods down the side of a cupboard or against the wall, the front-facing facing in will hold it together better. 

You should make sure that you store the tray with the high chair so that you do not lose it, in the case of storing it for long periods. You will want to keep the tray stored with the high chair even if it is only for shorter periods as it will be easier when you are infolding.

Try to store it in a clean area so that the tray does not get too many germs but it is always best to wipe the tray down before it is used again. When it comes to cleaning in general, it is best to have a clean cloth at hand to wipe down the trays, seats, backs, and legs regularly.

For the legs and the chair itself, you can wash down before folding you can wash down or use an antibacterial spray or wipe both before and after you fold and unfold. If you are washing the chair down before storing it for a long time be sure to dry the chair down so that it does not go rusty or begin to grow mold.

Unfolding the Cosco High Chair

high chair

1.Hold the Back of the High Chair

Grab the high chair with the legs positioned towards you and the seat facing outwards. You should be standing behind the chair as you do this as it is easier to unfold quickly. 

2. Fix the Legs to the Floor 

Fix the high chair legs to the ground (it doesn’t matter if they are not in the exact location you want to use the fair as you can move it once it is unfolded) by holding on to the top edge of the back of the seat to steady the legs. 

3. Remove the Seat Away from the Legs

By pulling the up the seat and pulling it back you can sedate the legs from the seat and will hear a click once it is in place in an upright position. 

4. Fix the Tray in Place

The tray can be put in position over the side railings by sliding it over the railing towards the back of the high chair. The tray may be tricky to put on so you can try to press the two side handle buttons to allow a smoother clipping in.

You will hear the tray click once it is in place. To ensure it is in place fully give the tray a little wiggle before putting your baby in the high chair. 


If you are new to the Cosco high chair or you are contemplating buying one, you can rest assured that it is easy to fold and relatively easy to store.

A simple trigger can be located at the back of the chair near the tray and once you have practiced releasing and folding it you will be able to do so in a matter of seconds.