5 Tips for a cleaning space saver high chair

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As a parent, it is so exciting to see your child start eating solid food. You watch your baby fumble around and laugh as he/she tries to eat the fruits you put on the high chair table. 

This is the only fun part of it.

You also know as a parent that this is a very messy process and that you are now scratching your head on how to clean it afterward. Imagine all the stains and food everywhere.

Nowadays high chairs have space-saving features. They design and build the chairs well no, as the old high chairs are often too heavy or very bulky and hard to store.

Storage is often a problem nowadays due to houses with smaller spaces or even living in a flat or a condominium.

Here are our 5 simple and easy tips on how to clean your space-saving high chair:

1. Know the materials used on the chair

Is it made of plastic? Wood? Both? Knowing the materials will make it easy for you to know what cleaning materials or detergents to use.

For example, if some parts are wood, you can NOT use any bleach or else you’ll destroy the varnish coating which makes wood deteriorate faster. 

2. Use different cleaning methods

Washing isn’t the only thing you can do. You can brush, vacuum, and gently wipe surfaces that will deteriorate if soaked in water like metal parts or fabric seats.

First, you can brush off all the sides to make sure all the crumbs are out, next you can vacuum the areas for the smallest particles, lastly lightly wipe with a damp cloth to clean the area.

You can use a mild disinfectant solution or just water. The next couple of tips are very specific because you don’t want to expose your baby to bacteria and dirt that can get him/her sick.



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3. Always clean the tray after every use

The tray is where your baby licks off the food or picks up the food that he/she puts in his/her mouth.

This has to be detached for you to wash and disinfect after every use to make sure that your baby won’t put bacteria-filled food in his mouth. 

If you don’t do this your baby can get stomach issues which can lead to diarrhea and dehydration which can be bad for babies. 

4. Clean the Outer parts and legs weekly

As compared to the tray the main seat should not require cleaning unless your baby accidentally spills food or liquids on it. You can choose to do a general clean every week to disinfect the area for minor dirt stains.

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5. Check crevices and wash seat with straps monthly

If the dirt isn’t severe and you brush and wipe the surfaces after every use, then you can do this step monthly. As compared to the tray and the outer parts, you have to clean the chair monthly. 

This deep clean preserves the chair and makes it last longer without any bugs or foul odors coming from the seat. This can also cause allergies and itchy spots on your child’s leg if you’re not careful. 

We hope our guide helped you on what to do and we wish your baby a happy self-feeding session on the high chair.