The Best Way To Wash Snuggle Me Organic

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The Snuggle Me story is one based on grit, determination and a vision to help moms and dads everywhere. Starting with only 12 hand sewn cushions, the company has expanded to become an increasingly popular baby product brand. The concept it simple: a lounger that mimics the holding and cradling of a parent. 

The company has since expanded its range of items to include feeding pillows, covers and baby accessories. 

If you use your Snuggle Me lounger every day, it can soon look a little loved. It’s possible to clean it in your washing machine. More stubborn stains will need a different approach, such as vinegar.

For those Snuggle Me fans, we will run you through how to care for your cushion. 

Also you will discover how to look after those other Snuggle Me products you may have your eye on. There is one thing you need to be aware of: there are some slight differences in the methods for washing the various products.

But let’s begin by telling you why people love their Snuggle Me lounger.

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Why parents appreciate Snuggle Me

Have a look on Amazon and you will find that Snuggle Me is rating at least 4 stars out of 5. There is no doubt that it’s becoming a favorite baby product. But why?

For parents that are struggling to have their baby go to sleep, the Snuggle Me lounger can be the answer. Moms and dads have testified how, when placing their wee one into the middle of the lounger, the baby quick drifts off to sleep.

We also mentioned how the Snuggle Me lounger was designed to mimic the way a mother holds her baby. That is a sensation which provides comfort and reassurance to your child while you’re free to do housework (with the baby nearby of course!).

However, Snuggle Me offers more than just loungers. If your wanting to expand your collection of Snuggle Me accessories, let’s run you through what they are and how to wash them.

How to wash your Snuggle Me lounger

This is the company’s flagship product. You have two versions to choose from;

  • Infant (for babies 0 -9 months)
  • Toddler (9 months or older)

The outer of the loungers is made from organic cotton while the fill consists of polyester fiber. These materials allow you to pop your lounger into the washing machine.

Use a delicate cold cycle to wash your lounger. If your washing machine has an agitator, disable it (look at hand washing the item if you can’t disable the agitator). Use dye free laundry detergents. 

Allow the lounger to air dry. You can also use a clothes dryer set on low. 

Looking after the Snuggle Me lounge covers

To keep your lounger safe from spills and other stains, Snuggle Me covers are the way to go. 

Slip them over your lounger and you’re done. You can get the same number of covers as you do children. That way you can mix and match for each child. 

To wash the covers, the procedure is the same as for the lounger. That is, put it into a washing machine for a cold wash. 

When it comes to drying the cover, air dry only. Do not put it into a clothes dryer or use any other form of heat to dry as the cover will shrink. 

Washing the Snuggle Me feeding pillow

The feeding pillow is created to have your baby close and comfortable while feeding. You can either position it behind your back or slip it next to your side. 

They are made of the same material as the Snuggle Me loungers. So that means that you are able to machine wash the feeding pillow. 

A cold wash delicate cycle is the recommended option. Use dye free detergents so that you don’t ruin the color of your pillow.

You can air dry the pillow or pop it into a tumble dryer on a low setting.

Cleaning Snuggle Me feeding pillow covers

Just like the lounger covers, the feeding pillow covers keep everything safe from minor spills and splashes. 

The covers are made of cotton and stretch over the pillow.  When it comes to washing them, have the covers in a separate wash.

As always, a gentle cold water cycle is what Snuggle Me recommends. Hang the covers up or lay them flat to dry. Don’t try to speed up the drying process by adding heat as it will cause the covers to shrink. 

How to wash your Snuggle Me swaddle

The swaddle cloth acts as a three-in-one device. You can use it as:

  • a swaddling tool when you want your baby to feel safe and secure
  • a nursing cover when you need to discreetly feed your baby
  • a blanket so that your baby feels warm and snuggly when it’s time for them to have a rest. 

The cloths are made from a mix of organic cotton and lycra. 

When the swaddle is looking a wee bit loved, you can freshen it up with a gentle, cold wash in your washing machine. 

Washing the puddle pads

Snuggle Me’s loungers are offered an extra layer of protection with the puddle pads. They slip over the lounger to keep it safe from  small spills and other stains. Yet, the pads aren’t completely waterproof.

You could place the pad over the lounger and then finish everything off with a cover. Yet, the lounger is still susceptible to getting spots and marks from those accidental dribbles of juice or other liquids.

The pads only protect from minor spills.

The puddle pads can be washed on a cooler setting in your washing machine. Only use a natural means for drying.

Can I wash the Snuggle Me products without a washing machine?

washing machine

Perhaps you prefer to clean your Snuggle Me items some other way than with a washing machine. Or perhaps your machine has an agitator which you can’t disable, leaving you wondering how to clean that baby lounger. 

It’s possible to hand wash your Snuggle Me accessories. For the lounger and feeding pillow you will need a basin or something similar that is big enough to fit the item into. 

Fill your basin with water and then add in the appropriate amount of laundry detergent. Place your Snuggle Me product into the basin and give it a wash.

You don’t want to damage your item, so wash it carefully. If you prefer to give it a deeper clean, allow it to soak in the basin for a couple of hours. 

Gently wring out the excess water and rinse the product under cold water. 

For loungers and pillows, lay them out flat and then air dry. Covers and other similar accessories you can hang up to dry. 

How to remove stubborn stains

You may find that there are some stains on your covers or even on the lounger. Snuggle Me consistently says that the covers protect from minor stains.

So what do you do when you have that big “whoopsie” moment? 

Throw everything away and start again? Before you head down that track, try this option for getting rid of that stubborn splotch.

Spot test a small area of the item you want to clean before getting fully committed to the process. If your test works out fine, then proceed.

Get a bucket and half fill it with water. Add in a cup of white vinegar and three tablespoons of your laundry detergent (ensure that it doesn’t bleach colored fabric).

Place your Snuggle Me item into the solution and let it rest for 50 minutes. After that, give it a cycle in your washing machine or hand wash it. 

Getting your Snuggle Me lounger back in shape 

When you take the lounger out of your washing machine you may find that it is a little out of shape. That’s nothing to worry about and it’s easy to get it looking good once again. 

Starting from the centre of the lounger, pinch the cotton and pull it towards the cushioning. Fluff up the cushioning by gently gripping it and working it. 

Finish the task by running your fingers along the inner seams of the lounger and flatten out the centre.

Now your lounger is ready to go.


The Snuggle Me brand is growing in fame. Thousands of people have bought the lounger and can vouch for how much it has helped their child feel comfortable and safe. 

Cleaning any of the Snuggle Me items is simply a task of placing them in your washing machine on a gentle cold wash. You can also hand wash if you want to.

Though the covers may save your lounger from tiny spills, more major stains can have you wondering what to do. There are plenty of solutions available for ridding color fabric of spots and marks. The most popular method is to use vinegar. 

Use both methods for taking care of your Snuggle Me products and you’ll always have fresh and hygienic lounger ready for your baby.