Millennials Share 10 Things Boomers Say About Money That IRRITATE Them

By Krystal Brown

These are some of the most outdated financial advice you will hear from baby boomers. 

“Begin Saving As Soon As You Have More Money”

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You shouldn’t have to wait till your wage rises to start saving money. Even if it’s just a little bit, millennials ought to begin savings as soon as possible. Setting up automated transfers will simplify the procedure and promote smart savings.

“Have Children Quickly”

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In the world of today, this counsel is useless. It takes a lot of work and money to raise children, so you should be ready financially and emotionally before making such a big life adjustment. Therefore, Boomers shouldn’t push Millennials to have children before they’re ready.

“Just Purchase A Property; It Will Always Appreciate In Value”

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The real estate market is not always reliable. Property values are incredibly unstable and change according to the current state of the country’s economy. Additionally, the skyrocketing cost of homes over the past ten years has made it challenging for millennials to think about homeownership. Therefore, this advice might not be applicable today or may not be useful to many people.

“Always Live Within Your Means”

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Though helpful, this suggestion is overly simplistic. To help millennials achieve their financial goals, budgeting, and saving should be advocated. Instead of just striving to avoid overspending, the emphasis should be on developing a strategy to accumulate money over time.

“Buy Stocks And Mutual Funds”

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Although stocks and mutual funds are common investing vehicles, not everyone should use them. Alternatives include investing in real estate, cryptocurrencies, and peer-to-peer lending. We should encourage millennials to look at financial choices that match their objectives and risk appetite.

“Don’t Stress Over Retirement”

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One of Millennials’ top financial priorities is retirement, which demands serious consideration. Boomers often offer this advice because they have funds and may not appreciate the necessity of starting early. To guarantee that Millennials are financially prepared for the future, encourage them to start saving early.

“Always Make Cash Payments”

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Although some Baby Boomers would encourage Millennials to solely pay with cash when making purchases, this isn’t always the most economical option. Credit cards have several advantages over cash, including the ability to earn rewards points and improve your credit score. Making sure you settle your balance each month is the key.

“Find A 9-5 Job”

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This is old advice. The conventional 9 to 5 workweek is only one path to success, and in a lot of cases, it’s not even the most beneficial one. Millennials are urged to consider several career paths, including remote employment and freelancing. These are becoming increasingly widespread, and they may provide a greater degree of flexibility as well as a greater equilibrium between work and life.

“Work To Pay For College As I Did”

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This advice ignores the fact that tuition prices have increased significantly over time, making it hard for Millennials to consider financing their education through employment. Boomers should encourage Millennials by assisting them in researching scholarship opportunities and other forms of financial aid they might be qualified for rather than making unfair comparisons.

“Remain With Your Current Work To Avoid Coming Off As Undependable”

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Being seen as trustworthy at work is important, but it shouldn’t come at the price of your ability to advance or enjoy your profession. It’s okay to look into alternative options if a profession no longer fits your objectives and values.

“You Must Have Plenty of Money To Be Happy”

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Money is a tool to achieve goals, but it’s not the only method for cultivating success and happiness. One can find enduring contentment through engaging in fulfilling relationships, following passion projects, and looking for ways to give back to the community.

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