Attraction Killers: 16 Things Men Do That Guarantee Immediate Turn-Offs!

By Krystal Brown

We’ve all been there—swiping right, going on dates, and then realizing that the guy who seemed like Prince Charming has some habits that are more akin to Shrek. Let’s dive into the things men do that make them immediately unattractive.

Overconfident Is Not Confidence

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Confidence is undoubtedly attractive. However, there’s a significant difference between a man who’s self-assured and one who’s overly cocky. The latter often comes across as arrogant, making it difficult to have a balanced relationship. A genuinely confident man doesn’t need to boast about his achievements; his actions speak louder than words.

Bad Hygiene

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There’s no excuse for poor hygiene. Whether it’s body odor, dirty nails, or unkempt hair, these are immediate red flags. Poor hygiene not only shows a lack of self-respect but also a lack of consideration for others. It’s a basic requirement, not an optional trait.

The Mansplainer

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The mansplainer is the guy who feels the need to explain things to women that they already know, often in a condescending manner. This behavior is not only irritating but also implies that he thinks he’s smarter than you, which is a massive turn-off.

Ghosting Is for Halloween

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Ghosting is the act of suddenly cutting off all communication without explanation. It’s a cowardly move that leaves the other person confused and hurt. If you’re no longer interested, the mature thing to do is to communicate honestly.

The “Not All Men” Guy

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This is the man who feels the need to defend his entire gender whenever discussions about gender inequality or harassment come up. While it’s true that not all men engage in such behaviors, interrupting these conversations to make that point is both unhelpful and annoying.

The Over-Sharer

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Some men share too much too soon. While it’s important to be open and honest in a relationship, dumping all your emotional baggage on someone on the first date is overwhelming and inappropriate.

The One-Upper

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This guy can’t stand to let anyone else have the spotlight. No matter what you’ve done, he’s done it better. This constant need to outdo everyone else is not only annoying but also shows a lack of emotional maturity.

The Negging Expert

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Negging is a manipulative tactic used to undermine someone’s confidence to make them more receptive to advances. It’s a clear sign of emotional manipulation and a red flag for potential abuse.

The Eternal Bachelor

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Some men are committed to their bachelor lifestyle. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it becomes a problem when they enter relationships without being honest about their intentions. It’s unfair to lead someone on if you have no plans for a long-term commitment.

The Drama King

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Some people thrive on drama, and it’s not just a trait found in women. Men can be drama kings too, always embroiled in some issue or another, turning minor incidents into major crises. This kind of behavior is exhausting and a sign of emotional instability.

The Social Media Stalker

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A little online research is normal these days, but knowing too much about someone before you’ve even met can be creepy. If he’s commenting on photos you posted years ago, it’s not romantic; it’s invasive.

The Control Freak

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Control issues often stem from insecurities and can manifest in various ways, from telling you how to dress to dictating who you can spend time with. This behavior is not only unattractive but also a significant red flag for emotional abuse.

The Passive-Aggressive Communicator

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Nothing is more frustrating than someone who says everything is “fine” when it’s clearly not. Passive-aggressive behavior creates unnecessary tension and conflict and is a sign of poor communication skills.

The Pessimist

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While we all have our down days, constant negativity can be draining. The guy who always sees the glass as half empty not only brings down your spirits but also creates a toxic environment.

The Overly Jealous Type

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A little jealousy in a relationship is normal, even healthy. But when it becomes excessive, it can be suffocating. Overly jealous behavior often stems from insecurity and can lead to controlling tendencies.

The Non-Listener

Listening is a crucial part of communication in any relationship. The guy who constantly interrupts you or doesn’t pay attention to what you’re saying is showing a lack of respect and emotional intelligence.