LOL, WTF, IDK: Americans Reveal Their Most Confusing Internet Acronyms

By Krystal Brown

In the vast digital terrain marked by abbreviations and shorthand, numerous Americans often find themselves perplexed by the continuously expanding realm of internet acronyms. Experts in social media from How Sociable have undertaken research, pinpointing the top 20 acronyms that have ignited substantial bewilderment, leading to a surge in Google searches throughout the United States.


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Meaning: ‘Shaking my Head’
Searches per Month: 802,858


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Meaning: ‘To Be Honest’
Searches per Month: 322,515


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Meaning: ‘Point Of View’
Searches per Month: 284,963


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Meaning: ‘Not Safe For Work’
Searches per Month: 264,610


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Meaning: ‘Laughing My A** Off’
Searches per Month: 203,537


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Meaning: ‘Original Post’
Searches per Month: 159,945 


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Meaning: ‘Talk To You Later’
Searches per Month: 150,253  


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Meaning: ‘‘Away From Keyboard’
Searches per Month: 137,763


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Meaning: ‘Too Long, Didn’t Read’
Searches per Month: 125,230


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Meaning: ‘If I Recall Correctly’ 
Searches per Month: 116,067 


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Meaning: ‘That Feeling When’
Searches per Month: 112,427


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Meaning: ‘Not For Sale’ 
Searches per Month: 92,282


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Meaning: ‘For What It’s Worth’ 
Searches per Month: 91,205 


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Meaning: ‘In My Opinion’
Searches per Month: 88,991


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Meaning: ‘In Real Life’ 
Searches per Month: 88,597 


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Meaning: ‘Laugh Out Loud’
Searches per Month: 79,710


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Meaning: ‘You Only Live Once’
Searches per Month: 78,374 


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Meaning: ‘Today I Learned’
Searches per Month: 76,133 


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Meaning: ‘Direct Message’
Searches per Month: 75,166

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