Terminal Trouble: When Celebrities Go Turbulent and Get BOOTED OFF Planes

By Krystal Brown

From disorderly behavior and disregarding airline protocols to outright defiance of rules, read on to find which celebrities have experienced the consequences of their actions as they were promptly removed from airplanes.

Chris Kattan

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During a Dallas/Fort Worth-to-Los Angeles flight, Chris Kattan, a former “Saturday Night Live” star, was asked to leave the plane due to visible signs of illness. TMZ reported that he was observed stumbling in the cabin, with mucus hanging from his nose. Initially, he was not wearing a mask, which goes against the guidelines issued by the CDC, but he later complied and put one on. It was alleged that Chris pleaded with the airline staff, requesting to be allowed to stay on the plane and even inquired if they recognized him from his television appearances. However, despite his efforts, he was ultimately instructed to exit the aircraft.

Denise Richards 

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In 2021, Denise boarded a plane wearing a winter coat and claimed that it would offer better protection than a face mask. She took to social media and posted, stating, “For those who are upset that I am not wearing a mask, I’m covering up with a hoodie and a large winter coat. Please.” However, her statement garnered negative reactions from online fans who criticized her as being unintelligent and self-centered.

Alec Baldwin

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Back in 2011, Alec Baldwin, a widely recognized actor and comedian, was asked to leave an American Airlines flight. The incident unfolded when he reportedly declined to switch off his electronic device and engaged in a confrontation with the flight attendants.

Naomi Campbell

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In 2008, supermodel Naomi Campbell was traveling from London to Los Angeles on a British Airways flight. Due to a luggage mix-up, her bags did not make it onto the plane. Campbell became furious and argued with the airline staff. As a result, she was asked to disembark the aircraft for causing a disturbance. Later, she faced legal consequences and was sentenced to community service for assaulting a police officer during the incident.

Selma Blair

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During the year 2016, actress Selma Blair was removed from a plane due to her erratic behavior. Witnesses on the flight reported that she seemed to be under the influence, displaying actions such as crying, yelling, and reportedly mixing medication with alcohol while onboard. As a result, she was asked to disembark from the aircraft.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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In 2008, actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, known for his role in “The Tudors,” was flying from Paris to Dublin on United Airlines. He had consumed alcohol before boarding the flight, and his behavior became disruptive and abusive towards the flight crew. United Airlines subsequently banned him from future flights due to his misconduct.

Dave Chappelle

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In July 2010, five years after David Chappelle left his Comedy Central show, there was an incident during a private jet flight. While traveling from New Jersey to Ohio, Dave allegedly displayed erratic behavior, causing concern for the pilot’s safety. As a precaution, the pilot decided to divert the plane and make an emergency landing in Pittsburgh.

Josh Duhamel

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In 2010, actor Josh Duhamel, recognized for his performances in movies like Transformers and Safe Haven, was asked to leave a flight. The incident took place when he declined to turn off his BlackBerry device during takeoff and engaged in an argument with the flight attendants. Consequently, he was removed from the aircraft.

Mike Epps

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In March 2023, comedian and actor Mike Epps encountered a situation at the Indianapolis International Airport where he was detained by federal agents. They discovered a loaded gun in his carry-on luggage. Although he was not arrested at that time, authorities were examining potential charges. Mike Epps explained that he carries a gun for personal protection, particularly when he is not accompanied by his security team, as he feels the need to safeguard himself due to instances of robberies and the presence of valuable items like jewelry.

Courtney Love

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In February 2003, musician Courtney Love faced arrest for her behavior after her Virgin Atlantic flight arrived in London from Los Angeles. According to reports, Courtney refused to comply with cabin crew instructions, engaged in a barrage of profanity-laden insults, and refused to remain seated during the flight. As a result, Heathrow Airport authorities were alerted about the disruptive passenger, and upon landing, Courtney was escorted off the plane and placed into a police van.

Kate Moss

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In June 2015, supermodel Kate Moss was escorted off an EasyJet flight at London Luton airport after a disagreement with the flight crew. Kate, who appeared to be intoxicated, was denied alcohol service and caused disruption, including using derogatory language towards the pilot.

A$AP Rocky 

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In 2022, A$AP Rocky was apprehended at LAX Airport in connection with a shooting incident that occurred in 2021. According to the victim, Rocky allegedly confronted him on the street, brandishing a gun and firing it three to four times. The victim sustained a grazing wound to his hand. Law enforcement officers met Rocky at the terminal, where he was subsequently detained and escorted away in handcuffs.

Matthew Lewis 

Image Credit: Shutterstock

A Harry Potter star found himself facing criticism on social media after claiming that Air Canada had allegedly torn up his first-class ticket. While acknowledging that it was a “privileged problem,” he expressed his disappointment over not receiving an apology for being downgraded to a less comfortable flight despite paying a premium price for a first-class ticket. Air Canada publicly criticized the actor’s remarks on social media platforms, leading to a backlash and further discussions on the matter.

Whitney Houston

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Late singer Whitney Houston had a flight incident in 2001 when she was removed from a Continental Airlines plane. Allegedly, she refused to buckle her seatbelt, made derogatory remarks to the flight attendant, and then proceeded to sing loudly and disruptively.

Snoop Dogg

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Rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg faced a situation in 2006 when he and his entourage were removed from a British Airways flight. The reason cited was that they had become disruptive, verbally abusive, and refused to comply with the crew’s instructions.

Mike Tyson

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In 2022, Mike was caught on camera throwing punches at an airline passenger whilst on board a Florida-bound flight. The man was highly intoxicated and “wouldn’t stop provoking the boxer in his seat.” It was reported that initially, Mike was friendly with the passengers but the man sitting directly behind him kept trying to talk to him, and Mike became more and more agitated. Mike told the man that he needed to calm down, but when he didn’t, that’s when Mike threw the punches. 

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