10 Things From the 80s That Are Making a Comeback

By Krystal Brown

The 80s, an era cherished by boomers, left an indelible mark. In this piece, we explore 10 elements from that iconic decade that are resurfacing, aiming to recapture the essence of the bygone era.

Biking Shorts

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Biking shorts are not just for cycling so you don’t have to follow Tour De France chic. The once popular 80s aerobic wear has now entered the modern fashion world with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid leading the way with how to wear biking shorts this decade. The shorts come in all colors and patterns, just like in the 80s and the best thing about them is they are very comfy so they can be an 80s trend that can stay another decade.

Fanny Packs

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Once the number one accessory for everyone from 80s rappers to moms on the school run, fanny packs are seen on all of the cool. While people do wear them around their waist as they did in the 80s, more people wear them as a cross-body bag as a handy way to store their wallets, keys, and everything else that the cool kids carry around.

Oversized Blazers

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Oversized clothing is very on trend at the moment with blazers being one of the top fashion items that have made a comeback from the 80s. If you are savvy enough to have kept your 80s wardrobe you can dig out your best blazers and neons and head to the dancefloor. You can wear blazers with everything from jeans to cycling shorts and over-90s style ditsy dresses to shake the decades up a little.


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The number one way to tie up your hair in the 80s is now being seen in women (and some men) of all ages. Scrunchies were worn high up on top of people’s heads but now they are worn in a modest ponytail in a nod to years gone by. You can even follow an online tutorial on how to make your own scrunchie. As well as looking great, scrunchies feel comfortable and are not as harsh on hair as some elastic bands.


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Patchwork, particularly patchwork denim is making a surprising comeback not only for its unique style, seen a lot in the 80s, but for its eco credentials. Individuals and brands are looking to repurpose cut-offs rather than go to landfill and patchworking is a great way of doing this. Channel your inner 80s teenagers and grab yourself a patchwork denim jacket or a long denim skirt for a cool summer look.

Pearl Earrings

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Princess Diana was a huge fan of pearl earrings and was often seen photographed in her favorite pair. Along with pearl necklaces and brooches, pearl earrings are now seen adorned on the ears of women old and young. You can buy new pearl earrings or hunt vintage stores and websites for original 80s products. You can dress pearl earrings up or down and they are far from being an old person’s accessory.

Fishnet Stockings

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Fishnet stockings are not just for fans of Ann Summers as they are making a huge comeback with fans who love 80s style and want to embrace this bold era. Wear them under denim cut-offs for a punk look or under a stress for sophisticated 80s style. Classic black fishnets will compliment many outfits or you can truly embrace 80s style with a colorful pair that will make you truly stand out.

Tote Bags

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Tote bags came in every material, every color, and every style with large, bold patterns taking up center stage. Businesses began making branded tote bags in the 80s to spread awareness of their products and current businesses are bringing them back in a big way. You can now buy a tote bag with your favorite book store, bakery, shoe store, and everything else in between.

High-Waisted Jeans

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High-waisted jeans were all the rage in the 80s with brands like Guess, Jordache, and Lee creating a frenzy with ad campaigns that drew women of all ages in. Jeans were seen on everyone from Madonna to Cindy Crawford and the number one way to wear them was above the waist. These days, high-waisted jeans or ‘mom’ jeans are seen on everyone from movie stars to teens at the mall.

Film Camera

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While we have dozens of ways to take photographs these days, from digital cameras to smartphones, the cool kids today are looking back to the kids of the 80s. Back in the 80s, there was the joy of taking photographs on a night out and having to wait a week until they were processed at the photography store, and young people today are getting in on the action. No longer are Instagram filters the coolest way to show off to your friends, it’s all about 35mm film.

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