Empowering Solo Adventures: 15 Bold Experiences Every Woman Should Try!

By Krystal Brown

Women need to get their hair down and do something exciting from time to time and these 15 daring acts are perfect for it.

Dine Alone

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You don’t have to wait until one of your friends or your partner can find the time to book a dinner reservation with you. If a woman wants to treat herself to a nice meal then she should be able to dine alone. It may feel strange at first but the chance to sit and eat in peace so you can savor every mouthful without having to stop for small talk can be very enjoyable. 

Bingeing Netflix

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Now sitting on the sofa and binging Netflix does not sound very daring but sometimes the ability to feel comfortable in your own company without needing someone to be right next to you is empowering. A lot of women struggle to take time for themselves so saying no to your regular responsibilities and taking quality time for yourself can be a huge deal. 

Watch a Movie Alone

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Watching a movie by yourself is another exhilarating activity that women can dare to do alone. Time away from your regular responsibilities, not having to share popcorn, watching the movie with no annoying interruptions, what more could you want?

Live Alone

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Some women move from house to house with different friends, partners, or housemates without ever feeling comfortable. This is the reason why some women should take the leap and live alone. While it can be daunting living on your own for the first time the freedom that you will enjoy will outweigh some of those fears. 


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If you bite the bullet and live alone or you simply want to get your hands dirty doing your home improvements rather than getting someone in can be a fun act. DIY can be challenging but it can also prove how patient and self-reliant you can be. 

Go on Vacation Alone

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If you are struggling to find someone to go on vacation with then be daring and go alone! Sometimes it is difficult to align the same time off work as your friends and family but that shouldn’t stop you having fun. There are also times when you want to visit a country and do things that none of your friends would enjoy, seize the day and go it alone. 

Spend a Few Days Alone

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If you cannot find the time or are not brave enough to take a vacation on your own then you can at least take a few days to yourself. You can book into a hotel for a couple of nights, take a short trip somewhere local or simply lock your doors and turn your phone off to enjoy a weekend home alone with no distractions. 

Host a Dinner Party

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If being home alone is not your thing you can dare to host a dinner party all by yourself. You can have fun creating a menu, inviting the perfect guest, and planning the entertainment which will be a lot of pressure but will give you a great sense of achievement. 

Go Hiking

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The thrill of hiking should not be missed just because you don’t have anyone to go with. There are some amazing hiking trails to conquer and the sense of achievement you get from going it alone will make you feel great. You will need strength, determination, and resourcefulness to complete a tough hike so go show people what you can do.

Solo Travel

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If all of the talk of going hiking and taking vacation on your own has got you excited then you should contemplate taking some time out to travel solo. There are lots of people taking round-the-world trips on their own so they can see the world on their terms. While it is important to stay safe when traveling alone, you can look forward to some of the best experiences of your life navigating how to move from one country to the next taking in the best sites. 


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Negotiating is often a skill that women are not allowed to display as men take over. The next time you are looking for a big money purchase such as a car or a house, try taking the lead with the negotiations and enjoy the thrill of getting a good deal. 

Fix Your Car

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If you can nail DIY you can also have a go at fixing your car rather than taking it to the garage. Getting to know your way around your car can be very empowering as you learn that there are some things you can do by yourself rather than relying on men. 

Change A Tire

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As well as working under the bonnet of your car you can also look at changing a tire. If your tire needs changing and you know what to do you can impress the men standing by and be fixed and gone by the time you would wait for a recovery service to come to your rescue. 

Take Out The Trash

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We are not talking about taking out your normal trash for the bin wagon to pick up but removing all of the trash from your life. Cleansing your home and your mind can be very uplifting as you rid yourself of the negativity in your life. It could be clearing out lots of items that spark bad memories or cutting off the people in your life who do you harm. 

File Your Taxes

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Rather than get an accountant you can teach yourself how to manage your accounts and file your taxes. It will appear complicated at first but there are tutorials online or short courses you can take that will not only save you money but also make you feel like you have accomplished something. 

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