Gender Reveal Riddles 

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Having a baby is one of the most joyous occasions in anyone’s life, and one of the most exciting parts is revealing the gender to loved ones. However, you might not want it to be a basic gender introductory, but instead, you want to make it a bit more fun.

Is it a girl, or is it a boy? Watching people guess and seeing the excitement on their faces is a moment that will never be forgotten during your pregnancy journey and beyond. 

If you’re pregnant and hoping to reveal the gender to others, here are some riddles that you may consider using when it comes to revealing the gender of your bundle of joy. 

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Word Scramble 

If you love puzzles and like watching people work things out, then this is the perfect gender reveal for you. Word scrambles get people thinking, and it can end up being a great laugh.

Gather your important people around and get them to unscramble the messages below. 

Girl: rl erea givang a hriw (we are having a girl) 

Boy: bw are oahnig a vye (we are having a boy) 

Joy For A Boy! 

Our hearts are currently bursting with joy! 

We are having a sweet little baby, and guess what? 

It’s a…. (boy) 

Acrostic Gender Reveal 

You might remember that being in school you did some acrostic poems. It was where you would write a word down a page and create a poem from each of the individual letters.

These poems will keep your family going and keep them hanging onto each and every word. There is a boy and girl version that you can use (depending on what you’re having, obviously!).

When you’re writing your own acrostic poem, it’s handy for you to ensure that the first letter is bold so it’s easier for those reading to see what’s going on. 


I’m currently growing in mummy’s tummy 

Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes 

Some have wondered what my gender will be 

A lot of guessing and a lot of thinking

Guesses whether I’m a girl or a boy 

I know it doesn’t matter, as I’ll be loved anyway 

Really pay attention to this riddle 

Look really hard and you will see! 


In mums belly, I am growing 

Tiny little features and tiny little hands 

Secrets aren’t kept, in this family 

A lot of you may have guessed

But others may still be thinking 

On the inside, you might be bursting 

You’ll definitely be happy, either way 

Pink or Blue 

This one is quite quick if you’re looking for something that catches people by surprise. 

We really can’t wait to see our little pearl (joy) 

Can you guess what’s coming soon? 

Well, we know that it will be a…. Girl (boy) 

Twirling For The Girl 

Twirly dresses on precious little girls, the picture I get is so cute. 

We have just found out 

And we’re going to twirl and whirl 

Guess what, everyone 

It’s going to be a…. (girl) 

Cake Reveal 

If you’re looking into satisfying your guests senses by offering cupcakes at your gender reveal party, then this is such a great idea. 

A girl or boy, 

What will it be? 

Take a bite of your cupcake and you will see. 

Pink or blue will reveal the newest member of our family. 

Cake Pop 

This is the same as the cake reveal, but using a cake pop instead. 

This cake pop will soon reveal, a happy, loud and joyous scream. What gender jumps to your mind, and as you take your bite what do you think you’ll find?

A little cutie in baby blue? Maybe this is true.

Or is it a baby in princess pink? What is it, do you think?

Now it’s time to take a bite, a boy or a girl, what a sweet delight. 

Scratch Card 

This idea is great to get people working for the reveal. A little scratch card where you use a penny to reveal what’s underneath. 

Ten little fingers 

And ten little toes

Is it a boy or girl, nobody knows 

Blue or pink

What do you think 

Either way, the nappies stink 

Have a guess 

At what it’ll be 

Then scratch below 

So you can see 

Ten little fingers

Ten little toes

Two little eyes

A little button nose

Little girl pink

Little boy blue

We think it’s time that you all knew 

Scratch to reveal pink or blue 

Just Like Daddy!

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Hubby has a willy

And the baby does too 

Just Like Mummy! 

Roses are red

Violets are blue 

I have ovaries 

And the baby goes too 

We hope that you’ve managed to find a gender reveal riddle that fits perfectly with your aesthetic and your family. It really is one of the most exciting moment during pregnancy and we wish you all the best.