100 Unique Baby Names for Your Sweet New Bundle

By JayDee Vykokal

While popular baby names are common for a reason, there’s something special about giving your baby an original and unique name. 

Plus, if you choose a unique name, your child won’t have to deal with having three other classmates with the same name, making it confusing to know who a teacher is speaking to at any moment.

Why Choose a Unique Name?

A unique name can be a great way to express your family’s values and heritage. You can find one that fits your family history by studying the origin of different names.

Alternatively, you can choose something that reflects your hope for your baby’s future or even use the name because it sounds beautiful! 

Whatever your inspiration, here are 100 unique baby names for your sweet new bundle of joy.

How To Make a Name Unique

Unique baby names are created in a variety of ways:

  • You could choose an unusual or alternative spelling for a more popular name
  • Combine two different names into one
  • Take inspiration from other cultures and countries

In addition, the trend of naming babies gender-neutral or disregarding standard gender rules is also common. For example, calling a baby girl “Max” or a baby boy “Ashley.”

100 Unique Names and Their Meanings

First, let’s review 40 traditional girl names, but feel free to choose what speaks to you from either list for either gender if it fits.

Note: Meaning or origins vary depending on the source. If you find a name you like, try researching its other potential meanings and origins.

40 Unique Baby Girl Names

1 . Allegra

If you can get over that this name is also for allergy medicine in the U.S., it certainly has a beautiful ring. Allegra is Italian for “joyful” and “lively.”

2. Blythe

An English name that means “happy” or “carefree.”

3. Calista

In Greek, this name means “most beautiful” or “most lovely.”

4. Calla

A beautiful Greek flower name symbolizing beauty.

5. Carina

A Latin word for “beloved” or “pretty.” It is also Irish for “friend.”

6. Dahlia

This unique flower name is of Scandinavian origin and has French and English roots, meaning “valley of the flower.” It is a name that symbolizes beauty and kindness.

7. Edith

An old English name meaning “prosperous in war” and “wealth.”

8. Esme

An Old French name famous in the 1920s, it is used in English and means “esteemed” or “loved.”

9. Etana

A Hebrew name for “strong one” or “gift from the gods.”

10. Fleur

Name French for “flower,” a relatively popular name since the Victorian era.

11. Fia

An Irish name meaning “fair and pure.” It also has Italian and Portuguese roots, meaning “wild.”

12. Freya

An Old Norse name meaning “noble woman.”

13. Hortense

A Latin and French name derived from the word for garden, making it an Earthy choice.

14. Gusta

A Latin name that means “magnificent.”

15. Imogen

A Celtic name derived from Innogen, meaning “maiden.” It also has Greek roots related to “beloved.”

16. Ines

A Spanish and Portuguese variation of Agnes, meaning “pure.”

17. Jadzia

A Slavic name that means “contender.” It is also the name of a female character on Star Trek.

18. Kahlani

A beautiful Hawaiian name for “sky.”

19. Lyra

A Greek mythological name that means “melodious harp.”

20. Mabel

An old English name that means “lovable,” “beautiful,” or “beloved.”

21. Marcella

A Latin name meaning “warlike” and “strong.”

22. Nanaea

An American Hawaiian name for “fascinating” or “graceful one.”

23. Nessa

Hebrew for “miracle” or “sign of God’s grace.” It is also Greek for “butterfly” and “pure.”

24. Odessa

Greek for “long journey.”

25. Odette

A French and German name meaning “wealthy.”

26. Paloma

Spanish for “dove” and a symbol of “peace.”

27. Quetzalli

Aztec for “feather” and “precious” thing, a word with Mexican and Guatemalan origins.

28. Rella

A modern variation of the Greek name “Isabella,” meaning “God is my oath.” It is also Italian for “flower.”

29. Raya

Hebrew for “friend.”

30. Sabella

Latin Biblical name for “beautiful and peaceful” or “God’s promise.”

31. Soraya

Persian for “princess” or “rich.”

32. Tallulah

A Native American name for “leaping water” is often given to those born near a river or creek.

33. Talia

Hebrew for “dew of God.”

34. Uma

Sanskrit for “tranquility” or “fame.”

35. Valora

Latin for “strong and brave.”

36. Vadaella

A modern blend of Vada and Ella, meaning “ruler of all.”

37. Winter

An English name that means just what it sounds like winter!

38. Xenia

Greek for “hospitable.”

39. Yemaya

A beautiful Indian name for the goddess of the sea or “mother of all.”

40. Zivanka

A Slavic name that means “bright one” or “full of life.”

40 Unique Baby Boy Names

Now, let’s dive into 40 unique boy names.

1. Abel

Hebrew for “breath” or “vapor.”

2. Apollo

Greek for “destroyer” and the god of the sun.

3. Artemus

Latin for “gift of Artemis,” the goddess of the moon.

4. Beckett

A Middle English name meaning “stream.”

5. Benedict

Latin for “blessed” or “favored.”

6. Cielo

Spanish for “sky” or “heavenly.”

7. Corbin

English name that means “crow,” typical for boys born with dark hair.

8. Dorian

Greek for “gift.”

9. Ezra

Hebrew for “help” or “protect.”

10. Elio

Italian and Spanish for “sun.”

11. Flynn

Irish name meaning “son of the red-haired one.”

12. Fritz

German for “peaceful ruler.”

13. Gideon

Hebrew for “mighty warrior.”

14. Hardy

It means “brave and bold.”

15. Hugo

German for “smart” or “spirit.”

16. Ignacio

Spanish for “fiery.”

17. Jasper

English for “treasurer.”

18. Kato

Latin for “all-knowing.”

19. Kairo

An African name meaning “victorious one.”

20. Niles

English for “son of Nile.”

21. Oberon

It means “noble” or “bear-like” in French and German.

22. Octavian

Latin for “eighth.”

23. Osric

An Old English name that means “divine ruler” or “strength.”

24. Paolo

Latin for “humble” or “small.”

25. Quillan

Irish name meaning “cub.”

26. Rai

A Japanese name for “thunder,” “lightning,” or “trust.”

27. Reynold

German for “wise” and “powerful.”

28. Silas

Greek for “man of the forest.”

29. Soren

Danish for “stern.”

30. Storm

English name that means just what it sounds like (a storm).

31. Uriel

Hebrew for “God is my light.”

32. Viggo

Scandinavian for “war.”

33. Vito

Italian for “life.”

34. Wallace

Scottish for “foreigner.”

35. Xavier

Arabic for “the new house” and “bright.”

36. Yahir

A Hebrew name meaning “illuminated by God” and “enlightened.”

37. Yakov

Russian for “established by God.”

38. Zane

An English name that means “gift from God.”

39. Zephyr

Greek for “west wind.”

40. Ziggy

A modern, gender-neutral name meaning “victory.”

20 Unique Gender-Neutral Baby Names

Gender-neutral baby naming is becoming increasingly popular, so here is a compilation of 20 unique ones to consider.

1. Amari

A gender-neutral name of African origin means “loved,” “eternal,” or “forever.”

2. Arlo

It means “army hill” in Old English.

3. Avery

A gender-neutral name of French origin meaning “ruler of the elves.”

4. Caden

A Welsh name with a gender-neutral meaning that interprets as “battle.”

5. Cedar

A name of English origin meaning “brave and strong.”

6. Ellis

A name of Welsh origin meaning “benevolent and kind.”

7. Grey

A name of English origin meaning “wise and gray-haired.”

8. Indigo

A name of Latin origin meaning “dark blue.”

9. Jax

English for “gracious.”

10. Kale

A Gaelic name of origin means “calm” and “pure.” Also, an English word for the nutritious garden leaf.

11. Kiko

A Japanese name meaning “blessed one” or “happy.”

12. Lark

A gender-neutral name of English origin meaning “a songbird.”

13. Leonidas

A Greek name meaning “lion-like.”

14. Lyric

A name of Greek origin meaning “song-like.”

15. Phoenix

A name of Greek origin meaning “immortal and reborn.”

16. River

A name of English origin meaning “flowing water.”

17. Sage

A name of Latin origin meaning “wise” and “healthy.”

18. Sidonie

A name of Hebrew origin meaning “huntress.”

19. Sparrow

A name of English origin meaning “a small songbird.”

20. Ulysses

A unisex name of Latin origin meaning “wandering.”

Picking a Baby Name That’s Right for Your Little One

Now you are pregnant and have a long list of unique and unusual baby names to choose from, here are some helpful tips for selecting the perfect name for your baby’s arrival:

  • Keep a baby names list, along with your other lists of baby items and essentials. If you don’t know your baby’s gender, keep a list of boy and girl name ideas. 
  • Consider your family’s heritage and the meaning of the name.
  • Research to ensure your chosen name has no negative connotations or associations.
  • Talk to friends and family for their opinions on your potential names (if it’s helpful).
  • Think about the name’s initials and how they will look with your surname (last name).
  • Look up the origin of the name and its pronunciation to make sure it’s one you’d be comfortable saying.
  • Take your time making a decision. Sit with your baby’s name choices until you’re sure.
  • Consider the nicknames with each name, and make sure they are names you like.
  • Above all, choose a name you and your partner love.

Good luck in your search for the perfect name for your little one. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ name, so be sure to take your time and choose a name you and your family are satisfied with.

This article originally appeared on Wealth of Geeks.