10 Things to Never Buy on Amazon

By Krystal Brown

Amazon stands as a ubiquitous giant, offering a plethora of products at the click of a button. However, amidst its convenience and extensive selection, there exist certain items that warrant caution and consideration before adding them to your cart.

Toilet Paper

Amazon, the leading e-commerce platform, is a tempting choice for getting all your needs without stepping inside a physical store. But trust me, you should never try to get your toilet paper on this platform. Buying toilet paper on Amazon is a wrong choice economically; this has been established by years of insights from people who discovered that online retailers can never compete with physical stores like Costco. Additionally, the possibility of not getting a fair enough discount on Amazon compared to what physical stores will offer on staple products like toilet paper is high. 

Birkenstock Sandal 

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The disparity in business agreements between Amazon and other big-name companies has led to removing their products from the Amazon marketplace. Birkenstock, a luxurious footwear company, is among the lots who have called it quits with Amazon. They parted way in 2008 has taken down all Birkenstock sandals on Amazon. This means there is a high chance that any Birkenstock sandals you see on Amazon now are fake or come through an unverified third-party seller who can’t boast of their existence. 

Unbranded Phone Charger

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It’s easier to get your phone case or screen guard anywhere, but when it comes to phone chargers, you need a genuine one from verified brands. Amazon’s marketplace is littered with knockoff chargers from sellers who look to make quick bucks at the expense of quality. This type of phone charger won’t protect your phone from power surges, leading to more severe damages that the few dollars you are trying to save by avoiding quality chargers won’t solve. Therefore stay away from any charger on Amazon; instead, get one from certified retail stores or those that your phone manufacturer makes. 


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Buying good quality mattresses is an art and science that requires extreme caution. Although you can get a good deal on Amazon, but that comes with many disadvantages. One such is the 30 days trial period. Everyone seeks a more extended trial period to test and decide on the mattress’s durability. However, on Amazon, you only get one month starting from the day you purchase; this period is never enough to certify whether the mattress matches. Therefore, getting your bed directly from the mattress maker is advisable since it is easier to bag longer trials from them. 


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Amazon has made giant strides to standardize its furniture categories with their brands named rivet, stone and beam furniture. However, there are still some systemic problems that still make it a terrible option to purchase furniture on Amazon. One such is the furniture selection problem and inability to visualize them physically, which might be a risk too far to take.  

Car Parts and Accessories

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Substandard car parts have become rampant on Amazon listings, and you’ll find it hard to differentiate them from quality ones. This is possible because Amazon product listing terms and condition doesn’t require any proof of quality from sellers. This is a menace for people looking to get their car parts and accessories from Amazon, such as car seats, windscreens, injectors, etc. Since there is no regulation or solution for this issue, you should avoid buying these products on Amazon. Instead, get them from those sold by brick-and-mortar car part dealerships in your area. 


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Amazon indeed has a vast collection of beautiful jewellery that will leave you in awe while scrolling through its catalogues. But ask yourself if you will be getting the same quality compared to when you get into a physical jewellery store so that you can inspect the quality yourself before making a purchase. Look for Instabe; you have to see a gem in person to know if it sparkles as it does in the camera. I have once fallen for this type of low-quality jewellery that is in stark contrast to what you saw online. Therefore, it is best you go inside a walk-in store to ascertain jewellery quality before purchasing. 

Cheap Cosmetics

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There is propensity to get undesirable products if you always seek cheaper options. Although you might get cheap cosmetics and skin care products from Amazon, you need to be wary of counterfeit ones that will hide under the guise of selling cheaper. It has been recorded that these counterfeit cosmetics products can contain hazardous elements like arsenic that might lead to skin problems. 

Rechargeable Battery 

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This is important to power devices like laptops, smartphones and others. Various cheap and uncertified rechargeable batteries litter the Amazon marketplace. These batteries promise to power your devices like those from verified brands at a lower cost. But ask yourself, does that worth the risk? Many people have fallen prey to this gimmick that has caused them monumental losses ranging from explosions to burning the house. Additionally, a cheap and unbranded rechargeable battery can only last for a while compared to what quality ones will offer you, leading to frequent replacement that drains your pocket. 

Party Supplies

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There are varieties of party supplies available on Amazon marketplace. Still, if you are looking for cheaper ones that produce value for money, you should check out your nearest local store. Party supplies like plates, forks, and take covers are cheaper in physical stores than Amazon prices. For example, the cheapest blue plate goes for $1 per pack on dollar tree, while it costs $3 on Amazon.  

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