Lost Wisdom: 18 Baby Boomer Life Skills No Longer Relevant

By Krystal Brown

We look at the things that boomers once celebrated but are now out of fashion. 

The Nuclear Family

Gathering with friends and family
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Gone are the days when being part of a nuclear family was the most important way to raise a family. These days, there are lots of different types of families, each one as unique as the next. Diversity within families is now embraced, unlike it was back in the boomer days. 

Mental Health Stigma

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Boomers are from the era that told us to “keep calm and carry on,” but that cannot always be possible. Boomers urged people to push on beyond their thoughts and feelings, but this attitude is long gone as people embrace looking out for their mental health. 


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Checks are definitely a thing of the past as most people pay by card or bank transfer rather than signing a price of paper that takes a whole week to clear. 

Landline Telephones

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Most Gen Xers and Gen Zers will not have seen a landline phone, never mind having one. With cell phones being as cheap as they have ever been, it is necessary for people and businesses to use a landline. 

Phone Directories

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With no use for landlines, there is no use for telephone directories, as people can search on their smartphone or laptop for the information they need. 


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Boomers often talk at length about how they perfected the art of connecting to the internet via dial-up. While they see dialing up to the internet as a skill, younger generations laugh at the fact that it could take up to an hour to find a good connection and browse the internet. Broadband is getting faster and faster, and boomers are slowing down. 

Film Cameras

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Boomers loved to take old-fashioned photographs with a camera and film. While photographing this way was a skill to be had, you no longer had to wait a week for your movies to be developed. People these days use digital cameras and smartphones to take their shots within seconds. 

Reading Maps

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GPS technology means that map reading skills are more or less obsolete. Boomers had to pull out a huge paper map or atlas to get from A to B, but now we can simply use our device to direct us to where we want to be. 

Using A Compass

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People may still learn how to use a compass in the scouts, but most people just use an app on their device to stick to letting their smartphone get them where they need to be. 

Driving Stick

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Pretty soon, nobody will be riding a stick, and no matter how much boomers stress that driving without a stick is not proper, Gen Zers do not want to hear it. 

Cursive Writing

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Boomers have lovely handwriting, and their cursive writing is something to be desired. However, with more people using computers and word processors these days, there is less need for cursive writing. Unless someone wants to write a handwritten letter, there is little opportunity for people to practice their cursive skills outside of school.

Traditional Grammar

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Traditional grammar, mostly derived from Latin, is something that boomers prided themselves on being able to use. With the rise in smartphone use and the new language that came along with that rise, grammar is changing, and boomers need to accept that. 


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Sewing was once a prized skill to have, but the art is dying out as people find it more convenient to buy new clothes. Rather than learn how to sew and invest in a kit, young generations pay a few dollars more to replace the item of clothing that has ripped. 

Finding a Date Offline

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The thought of online dating is enough to send a boomer into a frenzy. Back in the day, boomers would meet each other at dances and on nights out with friends in bars, but meeting people offline was a dying skill.


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Ironing clothes is not something many young people do, much to a boomer’s disdain. With more casual office wear now acceptable and people wearing less formal wear, there are fewer reasons to iron. For people who do wear a lot of shirts and smart trousers they employ an ironing service for them.

Using a Dictionary

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With handwritten letters out of style, emailing and writing on a laptop means that you can use a spell check, a dictionary, and an online thesaurus to do everything that a book would be able to do. 

Changing Oil in Your Car

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Most young people will use a garage service to get their car checked over, so they do not know how to top up the oil in their car. Boomers may teach their grandkids how to add oil to their vehicle, but they cannot remember without practice, so simply ask someone else to do it for them.

Updating CVs

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While boomers meticulously updated their CVs with every little thing that they did, nowadays, people simply update their Linkedin page. Online profiles are the way to be seen by employers, and many of them do not spend hours trawling long-winded CVs. 

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