Behind Closed Doors: The 18 Secrets Women Take to Their Graves!

By Krystal Brown

Women, just like guys, have their fair share of off-the-record habits that rarely make it into the spotlight. We’ve already uncovered the covert world of midnight snacking, wardrobe borrowing, and purse snacking. Now, buckle up for a few more under-the-radar revelations that might just make you nod and say, “Yep, been there, done that!”

Screening Calls

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Women may not readily admit it, but they often strategically screen calls, especially when they’re not in the mood for a lengthy conversation. Whether it’s avoiding a chatty friend, a telemarketer, or even a family member, women may glance at their ringing phone and decide whether to answer based on their current mood or situation.

‘Borrowing’ Their Friend’s Clothes

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Women often sneak into their friend’s or family members’ closets to try clothes on and see how they look. They may even take an item home without telling the owner and neck it back once worn.

Rejoicing in Canceled Plans

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Nothing is better than curling up on the sofa with a good book, movie, and snacks. If this is your idea of a great night, but your friends have made plans, you are likely to rejoice when they cancel your plans secretly. Sometimes, women cannot say no but always hope that something they have agreed to will be canceled.

DIY Beauty Experiments

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Women may experiment with various DIY beauty treatments at home, from homemade face masks to unconventional hair care rituals. Whether it’s using kitchen ingredients for a skincare routine or trying out a new, untested hairstyle, women often keep these beauty experiments under wraps until they’re sure of the results.

Social Media Stalking

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Whether searching through your friend’s social media profile or stalking an ex, women can lose hours on social media. Most women would never admit to spending so long looking people up online, but they have all done it!

Wearing Dirty Clothes

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Like men, some women do not have the time or inclination to wash their clothes, so they often wear dirty clothes. A quick smell to check that clothes are acceptable is the only encouragement women need to wear clothes a second time. 

Pimple Popping

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>We are told never to pop pimples, but no matter what their parents tell them, some women love to get popping. Women know it is not the best to mess with their skin too much, but there is something satisfying about squeezing spots, plus people do not want to go out with a massive pimple on their face.

Overthinking Everything

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Many women cannot help but worry about everything they do or say. Women don’t always admit it, but they worry about saying the wrong thing to someone or giving out a false impression. No matter how often people tell them to slam down, some women are anxious about their actions.

Midnight Snacking

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Midnight snacking is one of the most exciting things to do if you love food; you can eat peacefully while everyone else is asleep. You do not have to share your favorite food if everyone is asleep, which is a bonus.

Hiding Snacks>

When delicious snacks are to be had at home, you risk other family members eating them first. This is why some women hide their favorite candy and chocolate from anyone else.

Purse Snacking>

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Secret snacking does not end at home as it is outdoors when women reach for purse snacks. When a woman cannot wait for lunch but does not want people to see her eat, she will reach down to grab snacks from her purse. Whether nuts, candy, or crackers, anything easy to reach is stashed in a bag. 

Emergency Shaves

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When a woman is in a rush and realizes that her skirt is as expected or you can see her underarm hair, the razor emerges quickly. A quick shave is not ideal as it can leave a nasty rash, but sometimes it is necessary.

Being Over-Prepared

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Women tend to overthink things, even essential trips to the grocery store or meeting for coffee with friends. Not only will women practice conversations in their heads, they will dress to impress and always think about what will happen if they bump into someone they haven’t seen in a while, hence looking good at all times. 

Putting Pencils In Their Hair

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If women need to remember to take a hair tie to the office, it is not a problem as they can whip out a pencil and use it to put up a bun. Similarly, when out and about, women use everything from string to a spare pair of pants to tie their hair up.

Silently Observing

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Women love to sit in the park or a coffee shop and watch the world go by. They will observe what clothes people wear, what people eat at their picnic, and who they are chatting with. Some go the extra mile and imagine creative stories about other people’s lives as they fleetingly escape from their own.

Emergency Selfcare

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Some women admit to taking time out of their busy days to enjoy self-care. Whether it is a mini meditation session, an express facial, or a short walk in the park, women know when they need time out but are not very good at admitting it.

Having Secret Playlists

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Look at a woman’s playlist selection, and most of them will be private. Making their profiles public shows off their cheesy music taste, as it likely contains pop hits that went out of fashion decades ago. Playlists soundtrack solo car journeys and long showers that women will never want others to listen to.

Entering The Online Shopping Rabbit Hole

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Many people love online shopping, but some women admit privately that they can enter a deep rabbit hole. When a woman buys a new pair of running shoes online, she can spend a whole evening shopping for more than one thing. While a woman should never have to explain her spending to anyone, she often keeps quiet about it as she is embarrassed about how out of control she got.