Caught in the Act: Are You Guilty of These 14 Baffling Relationship Habits?

By Krystal Brown

We all have our quirks but these quirky relationship habits will have you raising your eyebrows.

1. Baby Talk

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It is normal to hear “babe” and “sweetie” when eavesdropping on conversations between loved ones but sometimes people go a little far with the “cootchie-coos” and the “who’s been a good girl?”. While some people see baby talk as being cute others find it a complete turn-off.

2. Leaving The Bathroom Door Open

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To the disgust of some, there are couples out there who leave the door wide open when they go to the bathroom. It is even more disconcerting that some go to the bathroom with their partner in the same room. Please tell us this is just for number one!

3. Spending More Time Apart

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When you are in love it is normal to want to spend as much time as possible with your other half but some couples actively plan to spend time apart. Some believe that they need to have their own space and planning to have time on their own or with friends keeps the relationship fresh.

4. Living in Separate Houses

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Film director Tim Burton and actress Helena Bonham Carter famously lived in separate houses that were conjoined with one another. They were in a relationship for 13 years and have two children together and vowed that living in twin houses reduces the arguments they had, especially when it came to Burton’s snoring.

5. Sleeping in Separate Beds

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If living in different houses seems a step too far for couples who want their own space some report to simply sleep in different beds or different rooms in a bid to get better sleep. Whether you have a partner who tosses and turns all night or suffers from chronic snoring, saying goodnight to one another on the landing may be a good move.

6. Open Relationships

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Open relationships in which couples see other people with one another’s agreement are becoming increasingly popular, much to the confusion of those in a monogamous relationship. Couples do put boundaries in place when they are in open relationships but they are not for everyone as some believe in committing to one special person.

7. Making Plans Without One and Other

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As we have talked about, some couples actively plan to spend time apart and this often extends to making big plans without consulting each other. Many couples take separate vacations as they enjoy different things and others will spend the holidays with their own families rather than spend time together.

8. Sitting in Silence

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It is a sign of a healthy relationship if couples can sit in comfortable silence with each other without feeling the need to make small talk. For other couples who tell their partner about every little thing that they did that day, keeping quiet over dinner is something they cannot comprehend.

9. Tracking One and Other

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It is common for parents to track their child’s activity through technology but when couples do it to one another some people believe it is a step too far. This creepy behavior may be seen as making sure both people are safe but it crosses many privacy boundaries.

10. Sharing Toothbrushes

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Some couples appear to have no personal boundaries whatsoever as is evident in the couples who do the unthinkable in sharing their toothbrush. Some see it as the ultimate in togetherness and others cannot get past just how gross it is.

11. Flirting with Others

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Full open relationships are not for everyone but some people feel that flirting with other people is acceptable and it keeps each partner on their toes. There is a fine line between trusting one another and taking things too far, which may be too difficult for some couples to navigate.

12. Changing Surnames

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It is tradition that a woman takes the name of her husband when they marry but some men now take their wife’s name instead. Others will combine both of their names so that they both take a double-barreled name. Some people believe that the tradition of changing names has gone too far and others feel that they would never change their name to conform to tradition so it truly is each to their own.

13. Giving Up Careers

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While some people believe that women changing their surnames is out of fashion, it is just as old-fashioned as women giving up their careers when they marry. However, more and more women are returning to home life as they say no to juggling a career and a family. Some men are also staying at home while their wives go out to work in a twist to tradition.

14. Photographing Everything

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Most couples will only experience a photoshoot at their wedding but some couples feel the need to hire a professional photographer for a very key stage in their relationship and sometimes just for fun. Queue a Thanksgiving photoshoot, an independence day photoshoot, and a “ we bought a new house” photoshoot.

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