18 Products That Didn’t Quite Live Up to Expectations

By Krystal Brown

From high hopes to disappointing outcomes, these products were poised to revolutionize industries, only to fall short of the expectations that surrounded them

3-D Tvs

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For a brief period, 3-D televisions were quite trendy. After the edible had worn off, we realized it would be difficult to watch TV while wearing glasses. The development of the technology was further impeded by concerns about recharging the glasses and the limited capacity of household televisions to produce the appearance of 3-D.

Quibi Streaming

Online streamer
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We should be proud of humanity for rejecting the idea that we should watch streaming media nonstop. We’ll use Instagram if we want to throw away 10 to 30 minutes! Thank you.


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Hoverboards are still a concept that some individuals are currently working to make a reality. Stop. It’s not the time for hoverboards. At least not anytime soon!


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With features like Circles (a method of organizing connections), Hangouts (a live chat platform), and Photos, Google+ was designed to compete with Facebook.

Nevertheless, despite being connected with other Google goods and services, Google+ was unable to attract sufficient numbers of users, interactions, and relevant people. Google+ also had privacy problems, such as the unauthorized disclosure of countless users’ personal information. Google+ ceased to exist in 2019.


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Logan Paul and several other digital artists (and con artists) are disappointed that NFTs have not achieved the widespread acceptance that was anticipated. NFTs continue to be a fascinating concept, and while they are useful in some contexts (like online trading cards), they seem to be less extensively used than they are.


Woman listening to music
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A whole sector of MP3 players surfaced once Apple’s iPod transformed how we enjoyed listening to songs. The smartphone virtually destroyed the whole MP3 player industry, including businesses like Zune.

Google Glass

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This gadget was marketed as the epitome of an augmented reality device, enabling users to access data, snap pictures, make films, and utilize applications through a tiny screen integrated into their glasses. But there were many challenges with Google Glass, including social stigma, low battery life, high cost, and privacy issues. 


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This self-supporting electric scooter has been praised as a groundbreaking form of transportation that will alter how people navigate urban environments. The expensive price, safety concerns, regulatory limitations, and widespread derision of the Segway, however, prevented it from becoming widely used. 

Windows Phone

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Several firms entered the smartphone market for no obvious reason, including Microsoft with the Windows Phone. However, before the Windows Phone, there was the Mobile ESPN. The Olive Garden Phone is yet to arrive, hopefully in the next few years.

Dots ‘n’ Dippin’

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It was originally said that Dippin’ Dots was the ice cream of the twenty-first century. A bowl of Dippin’ Dots was an excellent snack at a baseball game, but the freezers in most grocery stores were too warm to maintain the candy in its dot form. When Dippin’ Dots filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2011, the company’s future had finally come.


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With the help of pre-packaged vegetable and fruit pouches, this ingenious juicer was designed to produce fresh, nutritious juice. Juicero, however, proved to be a massive waste of time, money, and resources because it was possible to squeeze the pouches by hand instead of using costly machinery. After operating for less than a year, Juicero closed its doors in 2017.


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This technological startup claimed to have created a ground-breaking technique that, using a small gadget called Edison, could perform dozens of blood tests with just one drop of blood. Unfortunately, Theranos became known as a big scam because of their unreliable, incorrect, and unvalidated technology. Theranos was the subject of several lawsuits, inquiries, and fines until being shut down.


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Olestra, commonly referred to by its trademark name Olean, was an artificial fat substitute designed to cut down on calorie consumption. Although Olean is still present in some meals, the Franken ingredient has mainly been removed from goods due to customer backlash.

3-D Printers

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Today, 3-D printers are producing houses, weapons, and other things that appeared unimaginable ten years ago. But what about the assertion that 3-D printers will be found in almost every American middle-class home? That feels like a blatant fabrication.

Coke Ii, The New Coke

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In 1985, a reformed version of Coke was released, and it became extinct in 2002. The Old Coke turns out to be rather good.


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Although Telehealth has its great use and applications, a doctor detecting a torn ACL through an iPhone camera sounds inpracticable.


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According to early reports, Metaverse’s virtual world has almost nothing on actual trees, rooftops, buildings, and interpersonal interactions. Zuck & Co. could rule over all of us in an online universe one day, but not quite yet.

The N-Gage

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In 2003, Nokia created a gadget that combined a cell phone and a portable gaming system. With features including Bluetooth, an MP3 player, and online multiplayer, the N-Gage was designed to rival the Game Boy Advance. The N-Gage, however, was a failure because of its poor design, subpar games, expensive cost, and short battery life. Only over 3 million N-Gages were sold until they were terminated.

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