Best Travel Potty and Seats for Toddlers

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When it comes to toilet training, your little one needs to be shown a lot of patience and encouragement. When venturing outside there are many situations that your toddler may balk at when it’s “time to go”.

Public bathrooms can be less than inviting and unsanitary, so you don’t want your baby to experience such nightmares! Traveling in the car on a trip that may take several hours will lead to the inevitable moments when your child needs a bathroom stop.

Portable potties are a godsend to parents who find themselves in such situations. They are convenient, easy to clean, and store. 

Let’s run you through some of the best options out there.

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Portable Potty Training Seat

When your wee one has to go when you’re on the go, this potty will answer the call (of nature). 

Simple to set up, you don’t have to suffer the stress of struggling to put it together while your toddler is letting you know that they can’t wait much longer. 

The deodorized drawstring bag makes cleaning up just as hassle-free. 

This potty is suitable for young ones as tall as 15cm. 

Portable Potty Training Seat for Toddler

This is a 2-in-1 deal. You not only get a potty, but you also get a device that can transform into a toilet seat (for when your child is ready to take that next step).

Rubber pads on the base of the feet mean that this potty is going to stay put while your little one does his/her business. 

When finished, you can fold up the potty and slip it into its storage bag. 

Suitable for children 15 months and older and it can support up to 50lb in weight. 

Travel Potty Chair

Pop up and twist, that’s how straightforward it is to set up this potty

When it comes to cleaning the seat, you simply remove it and give it the work over it needs to keep it fresh and hygienic.

It supports up to 110lb in weight. Oh, and there is blue for boys and pink for girls. 

Ladybug Travel Potty

A potty that doesn’t look like a potty. Clever and cute idea. Invented by Amanda Jenner, an expert in potty training, this product is award-winning

The carry handle allows your child to claim the potty as their own as they cart it around with them. 

A patented seal keeps leaks and odors at bay. 

The maximum level mark lets you know when it’s time to empty the potty.

If ladybirds aren’t your thing, there are 6 other designs you can choose from. Great stuff!

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Multi-Stage 3-in-1 Potty Seat

They thought of every practicality when designing this potty. When your toddler is first learning to go to the toilet, they can use this as a standard potty. 

When they decide it’s time to use the grown-up toilet, this converts into a handy toilet seat that can be utilized on standard toilets. 

Washing hands can be a challenge when you’re small, so this can change into a handy step stool to reach the basin. 

Odors are eliminated thanks to the freshener disc that uses baking soda, a safe and environmentally friendly solution for removing smells. 

Don’t worry about your toddler falling off this potty. There are side grips to keep them safe. 

An ideal potty for children 18 months and older.

Portable Potty Seat with Splash Guard

This is a potty seat that both kids and adults will admire thanks to the cuteness factor. 

Anti-slip pads and 2 fasteners allow you to secure this to any toilet seat. That lets your kid do their thing without worrying about them slipping or sliding. 

Cleaning is a cinch. Just wash it under a tap or use anti-bacterial wipes, then slip it into its string bag (which you can attach to your pram). 

The load-bearing on this is up to 102lb. 

BATTOP Portable Potty

Ergonomically designed, this potty provides your baby with the support and comfort they are wanting when they have to go to the toilet. 

The back of the potty prevents your toddler from tipping backward while the non-slip coating makes sure the seat stays put (when you decide to use it on a big person’s toilet). 

Foldable legs save space when storing the potty. Weighing in at just over 3lb makes this one of the heavier options on this list. 

Foldable Training Toilet for Toddler

Count out ten seconds. Go on. Count. Why? Because the time that it took you to do that little exercise is the same amount of time it takes to set up this toddler toilet. 

The BPA, Phthalate, and PVC-free material makes this potty friendly to both the environment and the bottom of your little one. 

It can support up to an amazing 110lb, which is double the normal weight standard with potties. That means that it will serve you and your baby well as they grow older. 

Invented by a mother who knows the struggles of toilet training gives you the confidence that this potty will reduce the stress of toilet training. 

Go Potty for Travel

Just unfold this potty and it’s ready to receive. 

The soft surface gives your child a comfortable experience as they do their thing. 

Place in the disposable bag and then clean up after everything is done. The surface can be washed down with water or baby wipes

Like most other potties on this list, the weight load for this is 50lbs and suitable for toddlers 15 months old. 

3-in-1 Portable Kids Travel Potty

Does your child have a hankering for turtles? Then you need to get this adorable potty

The legs allow the turtle to transform either into a potty or a toilet seat that can be placed over adult-sized toilets. It also can turn into a stepping stool so your wee one can access the sink to wash. 

If you are concerned about the potty tipping over, don’t worry. This turtle can handle the weight of a grown-up, so it’s very hardy and stable. 

A great option for wee ones aged 8 months or older. 

Make potty time fun time

Toilet training is the next step toward your toddler growing up. There are going to be those moments when they have an “uh-oh” in their pants, but just display understanding and empathy.

When it comes to using the potty, employ a lot of praise. If your child is scared of toilets, then a potty that looks cute and that your kid loves will go a long way to making the toilet training journey all that much smoother.

It’s…um…time to go.