Best Swim Floaties and Swimming Aids for 1 Year Olds

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Learning how to swim is an invaluable skill that serves your child well for the rest of their lives. 

Though 1-year-olds aren’t ready for full-on swimming lessons, they can still participate in parent-child aquatic classes. 

It helps in muscle strengthening and coordination as your wee one starts to become a toddler.

Here we have rounded up some of the best floaties for 1-year-olds to keep them happy and safe in the water.

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LAYCOL Baby Swimming Float

When it comes to learning how to swim, you want to keep your baby safe both in the water and from the sun. 

This float has a removable canopy that is rated SPF50+ so your wee one is protected from the harmful rays of the Sun as she/he plays in the pool. 

To keep your baby secure in the float, the 5-fold safety protection keeps your child snuggly fixed within it.

Whether it’s breaststroke or backstroke your child wants to develop, this supports both! Let your child kick, splash and swim to their little heart’s content!

BLUE MARS Kids Swim Vests

Your bundle of joy will look so adorable in this vest. There are several different designs to choose from.

Weight rated for up to 50lb, your baby can waddle, sit, play, and practice their moves knowing that they are kept safe and buoyant. 

SwimWays Inflatable Baby Spring Octopus Pool Float

This takes water play to a whole new dimension. The octopus is rotatable to face your baby so they can feel at ease in the water. It’s your baby’s water buddy! 

Toys can be placed in the octopus’s arms which means more fun in the water for your child!

The base is specifically designed with spring technology to keep the float stable. No need to worry about your child tipping over. 

A sun canopy with mesh keeps your wee one safe from the sun while also keeping them cool.

Intex My Baby Float

Intex is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to pools and pool equipment, so you know you’re onto a winner with this float

The double rings keep your baby firmly in the center of the float. A headrest offers the chance for a nap while enjoying the cool water of the pool. 

This float can support littlies up to 33lb in weight.

Anti-Flip and Slip Toddler Floaties

Buckle up! Your baby is about to hit the water!

The harness ensures that your child is kept firmly strapped into the float while the cushion prevents them from slipping out. 

6 independent air cushions take care of buoyancy and also prevent the dreaded rollover. 

Let your baby kick, practice their breaststroke, or just splash and float around in this adorable floatie

Baby Pool Float Unicorn

Who doesn’t love unicorns, especially ones as cute as this one?

The 4 air cushions ensure stability even when your baby gets excited and starts bouncing up and down.

Handles on the side let your child feel safer as they grip and hold on while you gently pull them along with the drawstring. 

An inflatable cushion adds to the comfort of this floatie and keeps your child’s legs snug. 

This unicorn supports up to 110lb. Time to add some fantasy to your child’s water play!

SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float

If your child isn’t ready yet to try swimming, yet wants to float gently on the water, then this float is an excellent choice. It’s designed for newborns (3 months to 9 months old).

The canopy protects from the sun via a UPF 50 rating keeping those nasty ultraviolet rays at bay. 

3 straps secure your infant into the float while inbuilt handles provide you with hands-on parenting. 

You don’t need to worry about waves disturbing your wee one, as the dual chambers within the float keep everything nice and smooth. 

When it’s time to head home, you can simply fold up the float and tuck it away in storage until your next outing on the water. 

iGeeKid Baby Inflatable Pool Float with Canopy

Beep! Beep! Make way, your wee one is on the move with this awesome-looking float

Slip your baby into the seat and slide their legs through the holes in the cushions and let them steer their way through the crowds. 

The canopy with SPF50+ shades from the sun while enjoying the refreshing splashes from the water. 

Going on holiday to the beach? This float easily folds up and can be tucked into a suitcase. 

Time to hit the road…um…water! 

Jasonwell Baby Swimming Float

Your kid will go ape when they lay their eyes on this floatie. 

The three-point buckle straps your child firmly inside the float, while the headrest is designed to keep heads safely and comfortably out of the water.

Extra-wide and longer sides ensure that this float will do just that…float without tipping backward or rolling.

Your toddler can lay on his or her tummy and practice their swimming and paddling moves while gently floating through the water. 

Wishliker Inflatable Baby Pool Float

Another vehicular-inspired float makes it onto the list. 

Leg holes in the seat allow your baby to sit comfortably in the float while they drive. The steering wheel aids in balancing.

The canopy is both removable and adjustable making this float ideal for all-weather situations.

Handles on the side let you keep control of the float while your wee one splashes, paddles, and plays. 

The inflation nozzle is anti-leak so there is no worry about the float losing buoyancy while you and your wee one spend precious bonding time together in the water. 

Great for ages 6 months to get years old. 

It’s all up to you and your baby

Whatever floatie you go with depends on the needs of both you and your child. Maybe your wee one isn’t comfortable yet in a full-on float, so a floatie vest may be the best option.

If your baby has sensitive skin, then a float that offers sun protection is worth considering.

Do you want to be able to grab hold of the float? You should think about one that has handles or grips. 

Enjoy your parent-child bonding time as you both head for the water.