Uncover the World’s Hidden Gems: Countries That PAY YOU to Call Them Home!

By Krystal Brown

Governments across the globe are introducing alluring programs and incentives to entice individuals from abroad. Ranging from Golden Visa initiatives to startup grants and remote work visas, these efforts foster investment, innovation, and the expansion of populations. Uncover the realm of possibilities and embark on a fresh adventure in a foreign nation.


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The Spanish government’s Golden Visa program aims to attract foreign residents by granting them residency in exchange for a significant investment in Spanish property. To be eligible, individuals must invest €500,000 or more in real estate. This program allows foreigners to live, work, and study in Spain and provides them with access to various benefits and services available to residents.


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Italy offers a Golden Visa program similar to Spain’s, allowing foreign residents to obtain residency by investing in Italian property. In addition to the Golden Visa program, the Italian government provides other incentives to attract foreign residents. These incentives may include tax breaks and discounts on public services, enhancing the overall appeal of living in Italy for foreigners.


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The Greek government aims to promote settlement in remote areas of the country by offering a financial incentive. Families who choose to move to these less populated regions are eligible to receive €500 per month for three years. This program seeks to revitalize and develop these areas, while also providing support to families who decide to make a move to Greece.


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Ireland has various incentives in place to attract foreign entrepreneurs. One notable program is the startup grant, which offers funding of up to €50,000 to eligible startups. This financial support aims to foster innovation, drive economic growth, and encourage foreign entrepreneurs to establish and develop their businesses in Ireland.


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Portugal’s Golden Visa program allows foreign residents to obtain residency by investing €350,000 or more in Portuguese property. In addition to the Golden Visa, the Portuguese government offers other incentives to attract foreign residents. These may include tax breaks and discounts on public services. Furthermore, the government promotes relocation to rural areas by providing specific benefits and support to those who choose to settle in these regions.


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Estonia recognizes the growing trend of digital nomads and offers a Digital Nomad Visa program. This program allows remote workers from all over the world to live and work in Estonia for up to a year. It provides a legal framework for digital nomads to enjoy the benefits of living in Estonia, such as access to local services and a supportive environment for their work.


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Hungary offers a Golden Visa program for foreign residents who invest €300,000 or more in Hungarian property. This program allows individuals to obtain residency and enjoy the benefits and opportunities available in Hungary.


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Sark, a small island in the English Channel, aims to attract foreign residents by providing financial incentives. One such program offers €20,000 to families who choose to move to the island. This initiative aims to promote population growth and development on the island.


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The Thai government offers a retirement program to attract foreign retirees. This program grants a one-year visa to individuals aged 50 or older, provided they can demonstrate a minimum monthly income of $2,000. The program aims to encourage retirees to settle in Thailand and enjoy its favorable climate, lifestyle, and cost of living.

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