Married Men Admit Doing These 10 Things When Home Alone

By Krystal Brown

Married men candidly discuss their solitary routines, revealing 10 activities they frequently partake in when having the house to themselves.

Play Games

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With little quiet, married men often find themselves deeply immersed in video games, which may not have been possible with their spouse around. You can even play those violent games that most women may not appreciate, but thanks to the heavens, you are home alone! 

Just keep in mind to update the video games you’d like to play from the previous day. When all you want to do is sit down and play the darn game, you can be thrown off balance with a 100 GB update.

Miss Their Wives 

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Married men understand that having a great companion makes it possible for them to genuinely appreciate their alone time, because that’s when they really miss their spouse. As the saying goes, “distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

Cry Like a Baby

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This is a fascinating thing that men do, particularly those battling with depression. They sob uncontrollably, releasing all of their internal suffering, which they are unable to even do in the restroom owing to the lack of an appropriate atmosphere.

They Eat in the Bathroom

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To begin with, they never lock the bathroom door, which is normal, but they also bring meals to the bathroom and eat them there while urinating, and the rest is obvious.

Speak to Our Mothers

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About you of course! My mother and I enjoy discussing women because she is honest, calls me out when I’m being a jerk, and challenges my narratives when I place a female in the wrong. She’s also usually the first to cheer me up when things go from bad to worse, though.

Scratching and Sniffing

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Guys might scratch their private regions on a sunny day and sniff their fingers as though perfume is on them when no one is present. Even though it smells bad, men adore it and become hooked on it.

Admiring Themselves

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You can thoroughly admire yourself while you’re alone. Men check their bodies in the mirror, gauge their size, and research if their size is typical or not online to appease their girlfriends, much as women do.

Putting on Their Wives’ Clothes

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It’s odd, yet some men try to wear their wives’ clothes to see how odd they could look. They also apply cosmetics and lipstick to behave like ladies. 

Hair Experimentation 

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Guys enjoy playing around with their appearance, particularly their hair. They now get the option to experiment with various haircuts and bread styles, which can initially look a little weird. For the sake of experimenting with various appearances, they would do anything.

Internet Stalking

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Males would look over the social media profiles of their ex-girlfriends and admirers and attempt to daydream about them when they have lots of time and no one around to observe what they are doing. They also look at all the attractive renowned faces who are much older or younger than they are. There is nothing better to do while they are alone than this, even if it would seem strange in normal circumstances.

The Toilet Game

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When they are alone, guys engage in some crazy restroom behavior. Mostly, it’s an odd experimentation with the way people urinate. Some men would flush the toilet first, then start urinating only to stop before the toilet is entirely flushed. They would experiment with different perspectives and styles of peeing as if trying to put a basketball in the net.

Picking and Examining Their Nose

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Guys enjoy exploring that area with their fingers. After a thorough investigation, they proudly inspect what they were able to extract from their sinuses and the interior of their nose. This was something they loved doing by themselves before they got together. Once they enter a serious relationship, why should they stop? You might like it as well. As a sign of their love or affection, they might wish to share their gorgeous green boogers with you. But most men just find themselves doing this when they are alone, especially if their partner hadn’t been so pleased with it.

Playing Music 

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Music is a wonderful way to unwind and have fun, but not everyone enjoys the same kinds of songs. Some married men are forced to make compromises regarding their musical tastes, particularly if their spouses have diverse tastes in music, artists, or tracks. They can, however, turn up their preferred music, whether it be rock, hip-hop, metal, or country, while they are alone at home.

Consuming Junk Food

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Many married men are under pressure to maintain a healthy diet to appease their spouses or to look good. But when they are at home by themselves, they give in to their vices and eat pizza, hamburgers, crackers, and sweets. They may enjoy their meals guilt-free since they do not need to worry about being assessed or nagged by their wives.

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