12 Biggest Lies in American History That We Were Led to Believe

By Krystal Brown

False information, commonly known as fake news, is a modern phenomenon, as evident from these 10 historical untruths about America that have been ingrained in our understanding for years.

Abraham Lincoln Fought to Abolish Slavery

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It is believed that Lincoln advocated for emancipation to occur but while he was in favor of slavery being abolished he did not take the lead in one grand gesture. The process of eliminating slavery was a gradual one so that the government could affordably compensate slave owners.  

George Washington Was the First President

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Not only was George Washington not the first present, he wasn’t even the second or third. Washington may have been the first president under the current constitution but he was technically the 15th U.S. president. 

Baseball Was Invented in Cooperstown

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Baseball fans falsely believe that their beloved sport was invented in Cooperstown, New York when the reality is that the game has been around in various forms since the 18th century. New Yorker Alexander Joy Cartwright was the inventor of the game as we know it today and not Abner Doubleday from Cooperstown. 

George Washington Had Wooden Teeth

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Washington wore dentures that were made from brass, gold, and ivory rather than them being made of wood as many have been led to believe. It is possible that people got the idea that his false teeth were wooden as he drank a lot of red wine which discolored them. Can you imagine trying to eat with wooden teeth?

Columbus’ Discovery of America

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Despite extensive education on Columbus, there are still people who believe that he discovered America. True historians are dismayed at the thought of discovering something that is already in existence. Native Americans like to remind people that the land of America was established long before Columbus and it should also be pointed out that Columbus actually landed on several Caribbean islands, and later Central and South America.

The Emancipation Proclamation Freed Slaves

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The 13th Amendment (the Emancipation) did outlaw slave-owning in rebel states but it was not nationwide and many slaves fought much longer for their freedom. When we hear one piece of information from history it can stick without knowing the true facts and in this case, people were owned by Americans for a lot longer than people think. 

Witches Were Burned at the Stake at Salem

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The witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts involved people being accused of practicing “the Devil’s magic,” which resulted in many people being jailed. There were only 19 people that were hanged at “Gallows Hill,” and one man was crushed to death with stones but there were not hundreds of women being shouted at for being a witch. 

Americans Ended the Holocaust

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Many patriotic U.S Citizens shout about their armies saving the day in the second world war, taking particular praise for ending the Holocaust. The U.S. was the final country to join the efforts to bring the Nazis down and even refused to take in Jews that were seeking refuge. Sure, the U.S. helped bring peace in the end but many other countries were integral to ending the Holocaust. 

Benjamin Franklin Thought Turkeys Should Be Our National Bird

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Benjamin Franklin joked with his daughter that the U.S. was considering the bald eagle as their national symbol but proposed a turkey as the eagle was of “bad moral character,” and that a turkey was “a true original native of America”. It seems that not everyone understood his letter to be a joke. 

Walt Disney Drew Mickey Mouse

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While the idea of Mickey Mouse was Walt Disney’s, the animator did not draw the famous character himself. The iconic dress, ears, and mannerisms were the creation of Ub Iwerks. Ub Iwerks was the animator that inspired Disney and brought to life one of the most recognizable animations in the world. Disney did, however, voice Mickey Mouse. 

The Declaration of Independence Was Signed on July 4th

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While the revision of the independence vote was approved on the 4th of July it was not read out until the 8th of July and finalized on the 2nd of August. This adds a bit more background to independence day but brings into question when Americans should celebrate. President John Adams also believed that independence day should be celebrated on 2nd July when the first declaration was drafted. 

Richard Nixon Was an Environmentalist

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The 37th U.S. president passed a lot of bills that could be deemed to be environmentally friendly, such as the Safe Drinking Water Act. However, he also took charge in a time when smog was clogging U.S. cities and rivers were on fire. It seems that a lot of Nixon’s policies were all talk and no action when it came to being eco-conscious. 

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