Every Step To Motherhood

Easy and safe ways to make Your Pregnancy and Motherhood easier than you think

About the Author

Hi I’m Nina. I graduated from University with an Economics degree and then became a full-time mom, full time cook, full time cleaner and a full-time taxi. Now its all about Home Economics. I have been changing nappies for 11 years without any breaks.

I love takeaways in front of the TV and watching period dramas on catch up TV once the kids are in bed. I drink my body weight in coffee just to get through the day but it’s totally worth it!

I am a proud mom of 5 beautiful children; 3 Boys and two gorgeous girls.

I have started writing this blog after having my fifth baby just to share my experiences and give you advice on what did and didn’t work, and how I changed things up so I didn’t make the same mistakes again.

I found friends and family were always asking me for advice and having gone through it 5 times they knew I had probably been through it.

I am hoping to collate the best ways to heal postpartum, the ultimate guide to breastfeeding, and tips on working from home with kids.

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