Undercover GUILTY PLEASURES: Hobbies People Love but Won’t Confess in Public

By Krystal Brown

Hobbies are awesome because they give you a break from the daily grind and bring heaps of happiness. Sure, lots of folks enjoy typical stuff like sports, music, reading, and hitting the theater, but today, we’re spilling the beans on ten hobbies that people usually keep on the down-low.

Soap Making

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Crafting soap may seem like a bubbly, squeaky-clean pastime, but in reality, it’s the sudsiest, slipperiest secret hobby around. While you’re whipping up artisanal bars and showering your friends with fragrant gifts, the world remains blissfully unaware of your undercover soap-making escapades.

Collecting Action Figures

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Indulging in the world of action figures can turn grown-ups into big kids, but let’s face it, admitting you’ve got a room full of plastic heroes can sound a tad quirky. Whether you’re into caped crusaders or unicorn-riding knights, secretly battling with your action figures is a hilariously undercover mission.


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Knitting and crocheting are activities that have become popular again but some people still associate them with old ladies sitting in rocking chairs making jumpers that are 10 times too big. If you love the relaxing nature of knitting don’t shy away from telling your friends, the chances are you will discover another secret knitter.


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Gaming is super popular and is a hobby that at least one person in every family enjoys, whether it be playing Super Mario Brothers with the kids or trying to get past level 252 on Candy Crush. When it comes to sharing your gaming hobby with friends and family you may be a little shy. Sometimes people feel self-conscious about telling people they are into gaming as it conjures images of grown men lounging about playing Call of Duty all night long and having no other social life.


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Live-action role-play is a popular activity that takes things a bit further than Cosplay (another closet hobby) and is mostly done in secret. Portraying your favorite character with a group of like-minded friends is a joy to many but they are unsure of what their colleagues would think if they found out that they were not really away on a surfing weekend.

Adult Coloring Books

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Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. Adult coloring books have gained popularity as a therapeutic activity, providing a sense of relaxation and creativity. However, some adults may feel reluctant to admit their love for coloring books for fear of being seen as childish.


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It is surprising to see photography on the list of hobbies that people keep secret but, like writing or painting, people feel self-conscious about showing off their work. When people start with a creative hobby, they can feel nervous about how people will react to their art, so it is easy to keep quiet about it. On the other hand, when people reveal they are a photographer and are confident they will get asked to photograph family weddings for free.


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Hunting was once a right of passage for many people but is not frowned upon, for very good reasons. Telling people you hunt is right up there with telling people that you emptied your Granny’s bank account while she wasn’t looking. Any hobby that includes using guns or having them in your home can be frowned upon by many.


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Lego is not just for children as it is a great way to get creative and problem-solve. The fact is, however, many people associate with children building houses and playgrounds. With expensive kits aimed at adults, the stereotype is fading but it seems some people still don’t want to come out about their Lego hobby. The next time you see your buddy frantically clearing up Lego when you visit for dinner, think twice about who was really playing with their bricks.

Writing Fan Fiction

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There are lots of amazing fan fiction writers out there but there are lots of awful ones too, which means that a lot of people shy away from going public about their hobby. With the perception that fan fiction is written by teen girls writing about their favorite ship, it is difficult for good writers to feel comfortable chatting with their friends and family about what they do. Often, when people are brave enough to share their work they find that they develop a new follower!


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Baking is fun, and creative and allows for lots of great treats when you sample the goods. However, baking is stereo typically seen as a hobby that women pursue so many men feel that they need to keep their baking skills a secret. With shows such as The Great British Bake Off and Nailed It featuring men, the stigma is waning but your average office guy is still not out and proud.


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While Scrabble is a very popular word game when you tell your friends what you are planning to get up to at the weekend a night of Scrabble with your Scrabble club doesn’t sound as exciting as a weekend white water rafting with your college buddies. Geeks around the world rejoice in discovering a new 7-letter word but they do so quietly in case anybody rumbles them.

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