Which is the Best GoPro for Kids?

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When it comes to recording your adventures, whether it’s surfing, skateboarding, bungee jumping, rock climbing, or something more mundane, GoPro was a game-changer in the way we capture those extreme moments in our lives.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be solely grownups that have the fun of videoing the awesomeness, there is a huge market of cameras that serve kids just as well. 

Here is our list of GoPro-style cameras for kids.

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PROGRACE Kids Camera Waterproof Camcorder

Whether your kid is a ski bunny, loves exploring the countryside on their bike, or loves the water, this camera will certainly meet their needs. 

The 5MP camera can store around 4,500 photos on the 8GB memory card. If that isn’t enough space, the camera supports 32GB SD cards. 

There are 3 different shooting modes to choose from: time-lapse, burst, and continuous. 

1080P video recording allows your child to capture their adventures in High-Definition. 

If your child feels the need to enhance their photos, they can choose from 40 frames. Those budding cinematographers have several different filters to give their video that finishing touch. 

Upload the content into your computer via a USB hub and then share it with the world.

PlayZoom GoCam

Up to 1.5 hours of recording time, your child will have fun deciding what to record. The wide-angle lens allows for more action and scenery to be captured.

Waterproof up to 90 feet (using the case) lets your child capture their underwater finesse at the swimming pool or the amazing sea life as they explore the ocean.

The plastic exterior is hardy and can handle the knocks and drops that will inevitably happen. That means your kids can be a little rough with the camera without having to worry. 

Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera

This can double as a webcam, so you can video chat with grandma or grandpa, as well as catch those incredible moments that people wouldn’t believe unless they saw it. 

The battery offers 2 hours of continuous photography for those kids who are snap-happy. Budding filmmakers get 1 hour of videoing. 

Video quality is only 720p but that still is classed as High Definition, so playback will look good. 

If you want to store more images or longer video footage, the SD card slot can support cards up to 32GB. 

Like the other cameras on this list, you get a helmet mount, bike mount, and protective waterproof case. 

All you need to do is charge the battery and then let your child decide where they want to go! A bike trail, skate park, swimming pool, beach…

AKAMATE Kids Action Camera

This camera comes with a 32GB SD card as standard, which allows up to 5 hours of 1080p video capture to be stored before transferring onto a computer. The battery provides 3 hours of recording when fully charged. 

Your child has the option of mounting the camera on their helmet or hanging it around the neck with the neckstrap. 

There are 3 games included to combat any case of boredom while your child waits for that special moment they want to record.

Photos can be given that finishing touch with the 5 frames provided within the camera.

GKTZ Kids Waterproof Camera

This camera is compatible with standard GoPro kits, so that expands the versatility of this camera. 

The 5 games will entertain and challenge your child. 

Taking selfies is a breeze. Just mount the camera onto a selfie stick and away you go! 

With 4 hours recording time and a 32GB SD card, be ready to be given a “show and tell” from your child as they playback their adventures.

BRYSETEN Kids Camera

For those boys out there who love to live hard, this camera plays equally as hard and can withstand the knocks and tumbles that occur when boys explore and play.

Full High Definition video captures those killer moves in the skate or bike park in glorious clarity. Whilst frames and filters allow your child to express their creativity with the photos. 

This camera also can be used as a mini MP3 player, so your child can listen to their favorite music to help them get into their “zone”. 

YTETCN Kids Waterproof Camera

With this camera, your kid can choose the resolution setting of the photo (up to 12MP). Combining this with the 15 frames and 5 filters allows for photographic creativity. 

Time-lapse lets the child get into the picture to snap that happy moment. 

The battery can last up to 3 hours and the camera shuts itself off automatically if it detects inactivity. 

Miiulodi Kids Camera

Girls love to take videos and photos, so let them record their lifestyle and precious times with this.

Like most of the cameras on our list, this one supports 1080P videos so the high-quality playback will make you feel like you are right there experiencing the moment.

The included lanyard keeps the camera from being dropped or lost. Easy to reach buttons makes this user-friendly, which equates to a happy daughter. 

With 1.5 hours of video recording before the battery needs plugging in, this is at the bottom end of the battery life scale. 

Hopeace Kids Camera

Drop-proof. Two words parents love to hear when it comes to buying things for their kids. That’s just one of the benefits of this camera.

Whether it’s a skate through the park, a bike ride with the family, or recording one’s underwater escapades, this camera can handle all that and more. 1.5 hours of high-definition recording means that your child can record now and edit later. The battery lasts up to 3 hours before you need to plug in the USB charger.

The 5 games that come with the camera teach hand and eye coordination. 

If your child wants to add some flair to their photos, there are 15 frames that they can choose from. The mounts enable your kid to secure the camera to just about anything (as long as it’s flat).

Get out and play

Most parents want their children to be outdoors and active. Grabbing a camera from our list and giving it to your kid will motivate them to go out exploring and video their adventures, wicked moves, and those not-so-great moves. 

Childhood’s great and now it can be remembered in HD.