How to choose a toddler Bike Helmet

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As a parent it is fun to see your child getting more active, running around and even learning how to ride about. Now seeing as your child is riding a bike, you want to be sure that his/her head is well protected. This can only happen if you get a good helmet for your toddler. 

How to choose a toddler Bike Helmet

What do I look for in a toddler helmet?

  • Breathability– check if there are any holes to prevent any itchiness in the scalp due to sweat.
  • Certification– you have to check the helmet has met the standards of your country and has been thoroughly impacting test.
  • Buckle– Check if it secures the helmet
  • Visor– your toddler would need this for sun protection

Now that you know the basics of what to look for in a toddler bike helmet, you must know why your toddler needs one. Your baby needs one because you never know when accidents may happen, as the saying goes “prevention is better than the cure” because you wouldn’t want to bring your child to the hospital because he/she didn’t have a helmet on and now has to be treated for more injuries than he/she should’ve needed if only a helmet was worn.

How to find the perfect fit for your toddler’s helmet:

1. Size

Always bring your child to the store to ensure the proper fit when you purchase the helmet. If it’s too big or small it may not provide the same amount of protection as it should if worn properly. 

2. Placement

The helmet should always protect your head. Make sure the helmet rests low on your forehead. Check this by placing two fingers above the eyebrows. The helmet should rest just above your fingers and NOT any higher than that. 

3. Straps

The straps that secure the helmet to your head should form a Y on the sides and the bottom just meets below the ears. 

4. Chin Buckle

This ensures that the helmet is secure. This shouldn’t be loose as this buckle makes sure that the helmet stays where it’s supposed to stay therefore protecting your head during an accident.

When do I replace my child’s helmet? 

Children grow fast and soon you may have to replace your kid’s helmet. The following discusses when to replace it. 

  • The size doesn’t fit anymore- it means that the helmet is too tight and small now for your kid’s head. Replace this immediately as the helmet will only hurt your child compared to protecting them as it should
  • Your child crashed while wearing the helmet- this means micro-fractures that can cause deterioration on the frame of the helmet. This can cause the helmet to break next time, reducing the amount of protection it can give your child. 
  • The helmet has been dropped on a hard surface – again, microfractures. These small cracks can cause the entire helmet’s structure to deteriorate, thus making the helmet unusable. 

We hope that after reading, you’ll be able to find the best helmet for your toddler. Happy bike riding!