Does Your Child Need Shoes with Arch Support?


You may have read several articles on why choosing good shoes for your child is important. How you should buy the right size as it can hurt their growing feet. Compared to before, there is now a wide range of shoes to choose from, with different specifications to suit your child’s needs. Now, you probably are wondering how to know if your child needs arch supports or not. 

shoe with arch support

Always remember that babies have no arches yet and don’t need any shoe with ankle or arch supports. They would need shoes with a wide toe box, sturdy outsoles and good cushioning inside the shoe. These factors support the natural growth of their fee.

Generally, you wouldn’t have to worry about arch supports until you notice the following:

You have a history in the family of having flat feet

Having a history of flat feet in the family can mean that your child may or may not inherit this trait. It is best to monitor his/her feet more closely so you can spot an issue right away. 

Your baby’s feet are stiff 

If your child’s feet are not that flexible or if he/she has a hard time moving it. Go see a specialist.

Redness after walking

Flat-footedness or pronation can mean that the weight goes to the wrong parts of the foot and may cause discomfort or redness.

When your child often complains of leg or foot pain

Your child may complain of ankle soreness or foot pain. This can be an early sign of flat-

If the following happens we do suggest that you see your doctor immediately. See a podiatrist that may recommend good shoes with arch supports. Remember there are cheaper options that are off the shelf and there are tailor-made ones that may cost a bit more than usual. 

Arch supports are good because of they

Distribute pressure

Arch supports help in correcting the distribution of weight and pressure on your feet. It helps with overall posture.

Provide extra foot support

Arch supports are for people who need added support in their feet because of specific conditions or ailments. They are there to prevent further damage to the affected area of the foot.

Help with balance

People with flat arches have problems with the balance due to the poor distribution of weight and pronation. Losing your balance would mean a high chance of injury, therefore, arch supports help avoid these problems. Also, the balance changes with the correct choice. You can’t buy him tennis shoes for running or casual wear. The right shoes for the right actions offer great comfort and balance.

Prevents damage to your arches

People with arch problems like plantar fasciitis may benefit from arch supports because they give the feet extra reinforcements to prevent more harm and to stabilize the way you walk. 

Helps reduce pain in the feet

This may be an overlooked benefit of having arch supports but some people have been living with foot pain for years. Reducing this pain would mean reducing discomfort and improving the overall feeling of a person. 

This can also affect a person’s mood and socializing as it would be harder to go out walking due to the pain. Overall arch supports are amazing.

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