Girl Names that are Uncommon

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When it comes to picking names, some prefer something uncommon that will fill the air with mystery and intrigue. But finding an uncommon name is not easy, that is why we have made a list of some of the best uncommon names for your choosing. From uncommon names that are ancient to those that mean strong, beautiful, and love, our list has everything you are looking for.

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Uncommon Girl Names That Are Ancient

One of the focuses of ancient names for girls is beauty and peace. Below is a list of uncommon girl names that are ancient.

Abelia: This is a Hebrew name that means “sigh or breath.”

Aeliana: A Latin name meaning “sun.”

Aphra: An Hebrew name that means “dust.”

Aquilla: This is a Latin name meaning “eagle.”

Arya: A Sanskrit name meaning “noble, air, song.”

Atarah: An Hebrew name meaning “crown.”

Athalia: An Hebrew name meaning “the Lord is exalted.”

Aurelia: This is a Latin name meaning “golden one.”

Brianna: A Celtic name meaning “one who is honorable and noble.”

Bronwen: This is a Welsh name meaning “blessed and pure of heart.”

Calliope: This is from Greek mythology, it means “beautiful voice.”

Candida: This name is from Latin meaning “white.”

Cerridwen: This is a Welsh name meaning “poetry.”

Chrysanthe: A Greek name meaning “golden flower.”

Columba: A Latin name meaning “dove.”

Damaris: A Greek name meaning “dominant woman.”

Deidre: A name of Gaelic origin meaning “a young girl.”

Delicia: A name of Latin origin meaning “delight.

Dominica: belonging to the Lord

Drusilla: A name of Latin origin meaning “fruitful.”

Faustina: This is a Latin name meaning “fortunate one.”

Flavia: This is a Latin name meaning “golden or blonde.”

Hadassah: An Hebrew name meaning “myrtle tree.”

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Hilaria: This is a name of  Latin origin meaning “cheerful.”

Honoria: This is a Latin name meaning “a woman of honor.”

Juno: A name of Latin origin meaning “queen of the heavens.”

Junia: This is a name of Latin origin meaning “born in June.”

Khrystyna: This is a name with Greek and Russian origins follower of Christ

Laurentina: A name of Latin origin meaning “laurel tree.”

Lipa: This is a name of Greek origin meaning “a friend of horses.”

Livia: This is a name of Latin origin meaning “blue or envious.”

Lucretia: This is a name of Latin origin meaning “profit or wealth.”

Mahala:  This is a name of Hebrew and Aramaic origins meaning “tender.”

Marilla: This is a name of Latin origin meaning “shining sea.”

Mila: This is a name of Russian origin meaning “gracious or dear.”

Minerva: A name of Latin origin meaning “of the mind or intellect.”

Parisa: This is a name of Persian origin meaning “like a fairy.”

Perpetua: A name of Latin origin meaning “perpetual.”

Persis: This is a name of Greek origin meaning “Persian woman.”

Silvia: This is a name of Latin origin meaning “of the woods.”

Tulsi: This is a Hindi name meaning “basil.”

Valentina: This is a name of Latin origin meaning “strength or health.”

Valeria: This is a name of Latin origin meaning “strength or health.”

Vita: This is a name of Latin origin meaning “life.”

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Uncommon Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

Looking for uncommon girl names that mean beautiful? They are right here.

Alana: Beauty; serenity

Alanis: Handsome; cheerful

Alina: Bright; beautiful

Ani:  Beautiful

Anwen: Fair; beautiful

Bellerose: Beautiful rose

Bellezza: Beauty or beautiful

Belva: Beautiful view

Bonita: Pretty; cute

Callidora: Gift of beauty

Calliope: she that has a beautiful voice

Clarabelle: Bright and beautiful

Cosima: Beauty and order

Ella: Beautiful fairy woman

Fayre: Fair one

Harika: Beautiful miracle

Hermosa: Beautiful

Indira: Beauty

Ingrid: Fair; beauty

Iowa: Beautiful land

Jaeda: Goodness; beauty with long neck

Jolie: Beautiful or pretty

Keva: Gentle, beautiful, precious

Kyomi: Pure and beautiful

Lilybelle: Beautiful lily

Linda: Beautiful; pretty

Lydia: Beautiful; noble one

Mabel: beautiful, loving one; lovable

Meadow: Beautiful field

Mei: Beautiful

Merinda: Beautiful

Mika: Beautiful fragrance

Mio: Cherry blossom; beautiful

Mirabella: Wonderful

Miyeon: Beautiful; kind-hearted

Miyuki: Beautiful fortune; beautiful happiness

Naamah: Beautiful

Nava: Pretty; pleasant; desirable

Naomi: pleasant; beautiful; delightful

Nayana:  Beautiful eyes

Nefertari: Beautiful companion

Nefertiti: The beautiful one has come

Nomi: beautiful; delightful

Norabel: Beautiful light

Omarosa: My beautiful child

Orabelle: Beautiful alter

Rachel: Biblical name for beautiful

Raanana: Fresh; beautiful

Ratih: goddess of beauty

Rosalind: beautiful rose

Rumi: Beauty

Rupinder: Greatest beauty

Sena: Grace; beauty

Shaina: Pretty

Shakila: Pretty

Tegan: Darling one

Tove: Gorgeous; beautiful

Ulanni: Heavenly beauty

Yamileth: Beautiful

Yedda: Beautiful voice

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Uncommon Girl Names That Mean Strong

The uncommon girl names in this section mean strong.

Addo: King of the Road

Adeera: Strong, noble, powerful

Adira: Strong, noble, powerful

Akeeva: Protect, shelter

Alexandra: Defender of man

Alima: Strong; cultured

Amalda : Eagle or strong

Arnia: Strong as an Eagle

Baldhart: Bold or strong

Berna: Strong, brave bear

Bernadette: Strong, brave bear

Bernadina: Strong, brave bear

Bernessa: Victory bringer; strong, brave bear

Bernette: Strong, brave bear; victory bringer

Blyana: Strong

Brielle: God is my strength

Bryndis: Of Strong Armor

Delphina: Dolphin

Delphine: Dolphin

Ebba: Brave, strong boar

Ebbe: Brave, strong boar

Edira: Strong, noble, powerful

Electra: Shining, bright, radiant

Elektra: Shining, bright, radiant

Eman: Belief, faith

Erika: Forever or alone, ruler

Erryn: Exalted, Strong

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Fedella: Faithful

Fortnea : Strong

Fortnee : Strong

Fortneigh: Strong

Fortney : Strong

Gert: Strong spear

Gerta: Strong spear

Gerte: Strong spear

Gertie: Strong spear

Gertina: Strong spear

Gertraud: Strong spear

Gertrude: Strong spear

Gesine: Strong Spear

Giselle: Pledge

Harding: Hard-working, Strong

Hera: Queen

Hermione: Messenger; earthly

Hilde: Ready for battle; battle woman; battle stronghold

Hildegaard: Battle stronghold

Hildegard: Battle stronghold

Hildegarde: Battle stronghold

Honovi: Strong deer (Hopi)

Ildri: Fire and Peace

Isana: Strong-willed

Jasira: Bold, Courageous

Jerika: Strong; gifted ruler

Jerrika: Strong; gifted ruler

Kainda: Hunter’s Daughter

Kaiya: Forgiveness

Kana: Powerful

Katniss  : Plant Name, Sagittaria Genus

Kemena: Strong

Kemina : Strong

Kendra: Greatest champion

Keren: Glorious dignity

Kindra: Greatest champion

Kinley: White warrior

Kirek: The strong one, the brave one

Kokuro: Heart, Spirit

Leola: Loyal, faithful; lion

Leona: Lion

Maganhildi: Strong battle maiden

Magnhilda: Strong battle maiden

Magnhilde: Strong in battle

Magnild: Strong battle maiden

Magnilda: Strong in battle

Magnilde: Strong battle maiden

Mandana: Everlasting

Marcella: Dedicated to Mars

Marise: Infinite, endless

Mathilda: Mighty in battle

Matilda : Mighty in battle

Matina: Strong, Sound, and Solid.

Meredith: Great, noted ruler

Mildred : Gentle strength

Millicent: Brave strength

Minka: Strong-willed warrior

Morowa: Queen

Nalda: Strong

Nanami: Seven Seas

Nicole: Victory of the people

Nimai: Filled with Inner Light

Nitya: Eternal

Nori: Belief

Nova: New

Nyathera: She Survived

Odede: Strong

Olesia: Man’s defender

Pandora: All gifts

Philomena: Powerful love

Phoebe : Bright and pure

Qadr: Power, fate

Ragnilda: All-knowing power

Rhiannon: Great queen, or goddess

Rieka: Power of the wolf; power of the home

Ronae: Strong counsel

Ronalda: Strong counsel

Ronika: Strong counsel; true image

Ronisha: Strong counsel

Ronnelle: Strong counsel

Ronnie: Strong counsel; true image

Ronny: Strong counsel; true image

Rosamund: Horse protector

Sage: Sage plant

Saida: Huntress; fortunate

Sarki: Chief

Savannah: Large, grassy plain

Shahan  : King/Queen

Shamra: Ready for battle.

Sigrid: Beautiful victory

Teena: Follower of Christ; strong, healthy

Teina: Strong, healthy

Tena: Strong, healthy

Themba: Trust, Hope & Faith

Tiaret: Lioness

Timber: Wood, Strong

Toireasa: Strong

Traudl: Strong spear

Treasa: Strong

Treise: Strong

Trudi: Strong spear

Trudie: Strong spear

Ulrica: Power of the wolf; power of the home

Vale: Strong, healthy

Valeda: Strong, healthy

Valen: Strong, healthy

Valena: Strong, healthy

Valencia: Strong, healthy

Valene: Strong, healthy

Valenteen: Strong, healthy

Valenteena: Strong, healthy

Valentia: Strong, healthy

Valentijn: Strong, healthy

Valentina: Strong and healthy

Valentine: Strong, healthy

Valenzia: Strong, healthy

Valeria: Strength and vigor

Valeriana: Strong, healthy

Valerie: Strength and vigor

Valida: Strong, healthy

Valka: Strong, healthy

Vallarie: Strong, healthy

Vallerie : Strong, healthy

Venus: Love

Virendra: Brave Noble Person

Walburga: Strong protection

Walta: Shield

Wilma: Will helmet, protection

Zaila: Might, power

Zamira: Conscientious.

Zelma: Helmet of God

Zenevieva: Woman of the people

Zenobia: Life of Zeus

Ziraili: Help of God

Zivanka: Full of life

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Uncommon Girl Names That Mean Love

Ahava: Love

Ahave: Love

Amorette: This means “little love.”

Amy: This means “beloved.”

Brisa: This means “little doll.”

Cara: Beloved

Carys: This means “beloved; love; to love.”

Charity: This means “goodwill and love.”

Kalila: Beloved

Maitea: Lovable

Vida: Beloved

Uncommon Girl Names That Are Petite And Precious

In this section are uncommon girl names that are short and have different wonderful meanings.

Aki: This name means “autumn; bright; glistening.”

Alix: A name meaning “noble.”

Ally: A name meaning “noble, bright, famous; man’s defender; noble, exalted.”

Alma: This name means “nourishing, kind; soul; young woman; learned.”

Ara: This is a name meaning “brings rain.”

Ari: A name meaning “brings rain.”

Asha: This is a name meaning “alive and well.”

Avi: This name means “father.”

Aya: This is a name meaning “woven silk.”

Aza: This name means “comfort.”

Bea: This is a diminutive of Beatrice.

Bev: This means “beaver stream or meadow.”

Bree: This name means “noble.”

Cari: This is a name meaning “love.”

Cato: This name means “pure.”

Cora: This name means “maiden.”

Demi: This means “half.”

Deva: This means “divine, god-like.”

Devi: Goddess

Diem: This name means “day.”

Dina: Decoration; valley; justified; spear ruler

Drue: This is a name meaning “strong.”

Edda: This means “grandmother.”

Eden: This means “paradise.”

Edra: This is a name meaning “wealthy, powerful.”

Elva: This name means “white, noble, bright.”

Emmy: This means “rival.”

Enid: Soul, life

Eula: Well-spoken; wealthy; gem of the sea; sacred red

Ever: Always

Exie: Anklet

Fawn: Young deer

Gala: Merrymaking, festivity

Gem: Gem, jewel

Gia: God is gracious

Gigi: Farmer

Guri: Hindu Goddess of Plenty

Gwyn: Fair, white, blessed, holy

Hedy: Delightful, sweet; my echo

Hera: Queen

Hosa: Little Raven

Ida: Hardworking

Indy: Independent or Indian

Ipo: Sweetheart, lover

Iris: Rainbow

Irma: Complete, universal

Isla: Island

Ivy: Ivy plant

Jade: Precious stone

Jael: Mountain goat

Jara: Rockrose

Jax: Son of Jack

Jess: God is gracious; jasmine; He sees

Jett: Black

Jia: Family, Kin

Jiva: Living, existing

Jiya: Piece of heart

Joni: God is gracious

Joss: A member of the German tribe, the Gauts

Kali: The black one

Kaye: Pure

Kera: Black

Keva: Gentle, beautiful, precious; handsome beloved

Kimi: Upright, righteous

Kipp: From the hill

Kodi: Helpful

Kumi: Beautiful

Kuri: Chestnut

Leni: Light or Woman of Magdala

Lexi: Defender of man

Lula: Famous warrior

Miki: Three trees together; quick, nimble

Mila: Dear and gracious

Mina: Love

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Miri: Wonderful; peace; prosperous

Molly: Of the sea

Myka: Who resembles God?

Myla: Soldier

Naja: Rescue, Escape

Nani: He (God) has favored me

Nava: Lovely

Neci: Fiery

Nika: Victory

Nina: Little girl

Noa: Movement

Noe: Mist of heaven

Noor: Light

Nora: Honorable one

Nova: New

Nuna: Land

Nyx: Night

Oda: Praise God

Olga: Blessed, holy; successful

Oya: Wind warrior goddess

Pali: Bird

Pia: Pious, reverent

Poet: Writer of poems

Posy: Small Flower

Rain: Rain

Razi: The Lord’s secret

Red: Red Haired

Remi: Rower

Reya: Flowing

Riko: Jasmine, Truth

Rima: Rhyme, poetry; antelope

Rio: River

Risa: Laughter

Roda: Rose; from Rhodes

Roni: Strong counsel; true image

Rosa: Rose

Rose: Rose flower

Ruby: Red gemstone

Rue: Regret

Rumi: Beauty

Rupa: Bright fame

Rya: Singer

Sage: Sage plant

Sea: Ocean

Seda: Spirit of the forest

Shae: Admirable

Sky: The sky

Snow: Frozen Rain

Sol: Sun

Soma: Moon

Sora: Sky

Sosi: Plane tree

Sue: Lily

Suki: Beloved

Suri: Princess

Taji: Crown

Taki: Falling water

Thuy: Water

Tiva: Dance

Toki: Time of Opportunity

Tora: Tiger

Tori: Bird

Tyra: Thor’s battle

Umi: Servant

Una: One

Ura: The Heart

Uri: My Light, Flame, Fire

Usha: Dawn

Vea: Seen

Vica: Life

Vida: Life

Viva: Alive

Vix: Victory

Wyn: Fair, pure

Xeni: Protector of plants, flowers

Xia: Guest, stranger

Xing: Star

Xiu: Elegant, Beautiful

Xue: Snow

Xyla: Woodland; wood-dweller

Yale: Dweller at the fertile upland

Yasu: Calm

Yepa: Winter Princess

Yi: Happy

Yoko: Good, positive

Yori: Reliable

Yuna: Kindness

Zara: Blooming flower

Zea: Grain

Zera: Seed

Zeta: Olive

Ziv: Radiance, brilliance or light of God

Zofi: Wisdom

Zuri: Beautiful

Zwi: Gazelle

Zyta: Seeker

Digging through a list for the most suitable name can be a very difficult task. Take your time, be sure of what you want, and go for it. If you are able to narrow your choice to a few suitable names, remember you don’t have to make your pick in a day, take your time to ponder on them until you are sure you are selecting the right name from the list.