150 Vintage Baby Names For Boys

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Choosing a baby name is a big decision, and a decision that changed regularly! When choosing a baby name, there’s lots to consider. For example, whether they will have a nickname, how does it sound with their surname and how will it sound when they are older. Not to mention family names!  In this shortlist, we are here to help you out with 150 vintage baby names for boys. Some are still very much in fashion today!

What are some old fashioned boys names

Albert – German origin meaning ‘noble’.

Bruce – Scottish origin.

Colin – Gaelic for ‘young creature’.

Desmond – Anglo – Saxon for ‘gracious defender’.

Ernest – ‘serious’.

Franklin – English name meaning ‘free’.

Hank – American origin meaning ‘ruler of the home’.

Keith – Scottish name from the 19th century.

Malcolm – Scottish Gaelic origin.

Norman – English origin ‘north man’.

Oscar – Irish Gaelic name meaning ‘spear of the gods’.

Phillip – Greek name for ‘horse loving’.

Reginald – Latin for ‘king’.

Stanley – ‘stone’

Trevor – Welsh and Irish origin.

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What are classy boy names

Alistair – this name has Scottish roots and means ‘defender of the people.’

Charles – this is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning ‘free man’.

Edward – English traditional name meaning ‘guardian of prosperity.’

Felix – Roman name meaning ‘lucky’.

George – Greek name meaning ‘farmer’ or earth worker. Popular name with the royal family.

Harrison – ‘son of Harry’.

Harry – English Medieval name meaning ‘power’ or ruler.

Jasper – this name has a biblical origin.

Jude – Hebrew meaning ‘praise’.

Maximilian – Latin meaning ‘the greatest’.

Rupert – Very old German name for ‘fame and bright’.

Sebastian – Greek meaning ‘venerable.’

Theodore – ‘gods gift’.

William – German name meaning ‘resolute protector’.

Xavier – Spanish name meaning ‘new house’.

What are the rarest boys names

Atlas – A Greek mythological name meaning ‘map’ or ‘endurance’.

Bear – bear

Casper – ‘treasurer’.

Duke – Latin meaning ‘leader’.

Ethan – Hebrew for ‘strong’.

Fraser – A French name originating from the french word ‘fraise’.

Gideon – Hebrew origin.

Idris – Welsh and Arabic origin meaning slightly different things.

Jax – ‘god is gracious’.

Jude – ‘praise’.

Knox – Originates from Scottish Gaelic language.

Orson – English name meaning ‘bear cub’.

Roscoe – Norse origin meaning ‘deer wood’ or ‘deer forest’.

Saul – Hebrew origin.

Zane – Hebrew origin meaning ‘gods gracious gift’.

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Forgotten vintage boy names

Alton – ‘from the old town’.

Baxter – English name meaning ‘baker’.

Everton – Old English for ‘wild boar’.

Elton – English origin.

Gabe – Hebrew for ‘god is my strength’.

Giles – English and French Medieval origin.

Herschel – Hebrew name ‘deer’.

Ivor – English and Welsh origin name.

Mack – Scottish and Irish origin.

Norbert – German origin meaning ‘bright north’.

Oswald – Scottish, English and German origin for ‘wealding power’.

Randolf – English and German origin for ‘wolf.

Sylvester – Latin origin.

Wallace – ‘foreigner’.

Walter – German for ‘commander of the army’.

Bad ass old man names

Alexander – derives from the Greek name ‘Alexanderos’ meaning defender of men.

Blake – English origin meaning ‘black’.

Buster – American origin meaning ‘tough guy’.

Chester – English origin name.

Emmett – means universal and is a female derivative of the name ‘Emma’.

Finlay – Scottish origin for ‘fair hero’.

Frank – Latin meaning for ‘free one’.

Gordon – Scottish origin.

Gus – English origin name.

Harvey – English name meaning ‘blazing’.

Henry – French name meaning ‘house ruler’.

Jarvis – ‘spear’.

Leonard – ‘lion strength’.

Lionel – ‘little lion’.

Oscar – ‘spear of the gods’.

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Classic American boy names

Arthur – Celtic origin meaning bear.

Aaron – Hebrew for ‘exhaled’ or ‘strong’.

Benjamin – Hebrew for ‘son of the right hand’.

Caleb – Hebrew for ‘faithful’.

Elijah – Hebrew for ‘Yahweh is god’.

Elliott – ‘the lord is my god’.

Jackson – American name for ‘son of jack’.

James – Derivative of the Hebrew name ‘Jacob’.

Joel – Hebrew and biblical origin.

Liam – Irish name meaning ‘strong willed protector’.

Mason – ‘stone-worker’.

Owen – Welsh and Irish origin.

Samuel – From the Old Testament of the bible. ‘God has heard’.

Scott – Scottish roots ‘wanderer’.

Travis – Derives from the English word ‘traverse’.

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Old fashioned boy names 1800’s

Andrew – Greek roots meaning ‘strong and manly’.

Bert – French origin.

Charles – Old English word for ‘free man’.

Curtis – ‘polite’ or ‘courteous’.

Daniel – Biblical name defined as ‘god is my judge’.

Earl – English name for ‘warrior’.

Gilbert – German medieval origin for ‘bright and famous’.

James – Hebrew derivative of ‘Jacob’.

Louis – French name for ‘famous warrior’.

Howard – English origin for ‘army guard’.

Noah – Biblical name meaning ‘rest’.

Peter – derived from Greek name ‘Petros’.

Robert – An old German name that means ‘bright fame’.

Ruben – Hebrew meaning ‘behold a son’.

Wilbur – ‘resolute’ or ‘brilliant’.

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Old fashioned boy names 1700’s

Abraham – Old Testament name meaning ‘exhaled father’.

Christopher – Greek word ‘bearer of Christ’.

Eugene – French for ‘well born’.

Isaac – Hebrew for ‘one who laughs’.

Jeremy – ‘god will uplift’.

John – ‘graced by god’ or ‘lord is merciful’.

Luke – English form of the ancient Roman name ‘Lucas’ meaning light.

Lawrence – English origin for ‘bright one’.

Mark – Variant of the name ‘Marcus’. Latin origin.

Patrick  – Irish origin. The patron saint of Ireland and meaning ‘nobleman’.

Richard – English, French, German and Dutch origin.

Stephen – Greek roots meaning ‘wreath’ and ‘crown’.

Solomon – ‘peace’.

Thaddeus – Greek origin meaning ‘courageous heart’.

William – ‘strong willed warrior’ or ‘resolute protector’.

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Vintage boy names with nicknames

Alvin – can be shortened to Al, Vin or Vinnie.

Clarence – can be shorted to to Clay.

David – can be shortened to Dave or Davey.

Edwin – can be shortened to Ed, Eddie or Win.

Frederick – Can be shortened to Fred, Freddie or Rick.

Gerald – can be shortened to Gerry.

Hadrian – can be shortened to Harry or Ryan.

Isaiah – can be shortened to Zay.

Jacob – can be shortened to Jake, or Jack.

Michael – can be shortened to Mike, Mick, Mickey or Ike.

Nicholas – can be shortened to Nick or Nicky.

Percival – can be shortened to Percy.

Richard – can be shortened to Rick or Ricky.

Sidney can be shortened to Sid.

Terrance – can be shortened to Terry or Tel.

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What are good vintage names 

Amos – the name of a prophet in the Old Testament.

Cassius – ‘vain’

Floyd – Welsh name.

Hugh – ‘heart, mind and spirit’.

Jack – English origin.

Lawrence – English and French name.

Leon – ‘Lion’.

Morgan – Old Welsh language for ‘sea protector’.

Noel – ‘born on Christmas’.

Quinn – Irish origin for ‘wise’.

Russell – ‘little red’.

Stanley – ‘stone’.

Vincent – Latin ‘to conquer’.

Warren – ‘to protect’ or ‘watchman’.

William – ‘resolute protector’ or ‘strong willed’.