The 10 Most Unpopular Dog Breeds in the United States 2023

By Krystal Brown

Whether for research purposes or you want to buy and rare a dog, this list will show the least favored dog breeds in the United States.

Spaniels (Irish Water)

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This breed of Spaniels, which is bold and fiercely opinionated, works best when coupled with an equally stubborn owner who is prepared to guide and instruct. This is why most dog owners avoid the breed, especially those with households. This guardian breed is friendly even though it is reserved; contrary to popular belief, it is attentive, lively, and a lot of fun to be around. This breed of spaniel requires frequent, intense exercise, especially swimming and retrieving.

Glen Of Imaal Terriers

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Although looking very little, this strong breed has great stamina for hunting and is quick and lively. Although this terrier is often friendly with strangers, it may have trouble getting along with other dogs. This means, they must be introduced to cats slowly, and shouldn’t be kept around rodents because it tends to chase. Having this breed means you are not likely to keep cats or other kinds of rodents as well.

Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens

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This terrier-like breed’s curiosity and energy are all bark and no bite. This breed of dog, which was developed for hunting, usually gets along well with cats and dogs but tends to perceive smaller pets as potential prey. These dogs are extremely sociable and energetic and require a person who is active and prepared for numerous daily rounds. So if you are an owner who does not like too much drama, this breed is certainly not suitable for you. Also these dog breeds shouldn’t be left alone since their hunting instincts may cause them to follow their noses directly into oncoming traffic.


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Pulis are little dogs that were developed in Hungary and are commonly used to herd livestock. They are lively and make excellent security dogs. Also they can bark readily and are fiercely loyal to their owners and families. Pulis typically weigh 20-30 pounds and get along well with children, making them wonderful house dogs. Surprisingly, so few families choose to adopt these little dogs when you consider their thick, curly coats. One of the reasons why they are not very popular and not too favored to the American community is because of their noisiness. This breed can tend to bark at the slightest provocation or sense of an intruder.

Portuguese Podengo

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They make ideal household watchdogs. They are loving and loyal despite having a low tolerance for strangers, making them somewhat ill-favored by many households. These hyperactive canines have an eye for physical comedy and are fond of making people laugh as they run about the home. Owners who don’t hunt have to find an equivalent activity to burn off their energy because the dog was bred to hunt rabbits. These dogs, like many tiny breeds, can be noisy and overly protective over food.


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While tolerant and protective of its family, this lovely mop maintains a strict Members-only policy. This breed is also notorious for never fully trusting strangers. These intelligent, independent-minded dogs are guard breeds, which must rely on their instincts; nonetheless, their territorial tendencies demand regular socialization and training to overcome. Their harshness towards strangers makes them least favored by socialite families who always have an influx of visitors all round the clock.

Sussex Spaniel

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These gorgeous, short-statured, heavy dogs might be lethargic and uninterested indoors, but they spring to life outside hunting for things. In contrast to other spaniel breeds, the Sussex Spaniel can be aggressive toward other dogs and protective around strangers. Their tendency to be stubborn and assertive should be handled carefully as severe treatment may cause them to become violent.

Cirneco Dell’etna

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These sighthounds require homes with sturdy fences that cannot be scaled or jumped because they are watchful, perceptive, and genetically trained to immediately chase anything little and moving. Due to their high level of energy and penchant for mischief, Cirneco Dell’etna’s require plenty of affection and attention from their owners to feel safe.

Cesky Terriers

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These compact terriers are short, but not little, and are hunters with inquisitive noses that are constantly looking for fresh prey. Although friendly with other dogs and cats, these dog breeds require a lot of care and will hunt rodents with the purpose of killing them. Despite their reputation for stubbornness, Ceskys may be trained using a praise-based approach consistently, especially if food are the a reward.

Dandie Dinmont Terriers

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This dog is calm and laid-back at home, but despite its small size, it is self-assured of its territory and is unlikely to back down from an altercation. Militant and independent-minded, food-based training should begin early with this hypersensitive breed because it’s prone to rebel against harsh training techniques.

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