12 “Normal” Things Women Secretly Hate

By Krystal Brown

It is hard to keep women happy all of the time but if you want to stay in their good books you should avoid these 12 things that they hate.

Being Called Cute

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It is quite common for guys, and some girls, to call women cute. While a lot of women respond to this with a smile or a “thank you” many women hate it and are secretly begging men to stop. Cute has a child-like connotation and women would much rather hear that they look good, are smart, and they have a great personality.

Leaving Rubbish Lying Around

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When men leave their rubbish hanging around, whether it be at home or outdoors it is infuriating to women. Some women are outspoken about this but others roll their eyes and keep it to themselves so as not to cause an argument or make a scene. 

The Word “I” Instead of “We”

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Using “I” instead of “we” is something that women hate but do not always shout out about. When their partner says “I” a woman hears them tell people that they did everything on their own when it was a joint effort. Women want to feel included and spoken about as a team, not be excluded. 

Smartphone Addiction

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Many of us are addicted to our smartphones, not just men but women get very annoyed when they play second fiddle to smartphones and computer games. It may be possible to multitask and talk to your partner while you look at your devices but this is not very often the case and women are sick of talking to themselves.


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Women love to chat with a man who can hold a decent conversation so when they fail to engage with women men are letting themselves down. This is especially infuriating to men who seemingly chat away to their buddies but when their wife or partner asks them a question they shut down. 


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It seems that some women are very choosy about what men should wear on their feet. Birkenstocks, or “man sandals” as some people call them are a definite turn-off for many women but they just don’t tell anyone. We wonder if it is sandals in general or if it is just Birkenstocks they have a grudge against. 

Short Ties

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Another fashion faux pas for men is wearing their ties too short. Many women insist that to look smart a man must wear his tie long enough that you cannot see the last button on his shirt. Some people may see this as being picky and others see it as the obvious way to wear a tie!

Not Knowing What to Eat

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Being hungry but not knowing what to eat is a common experience for many people but it seems some women are not happy about it. When some women ask what their man fancies eating they accept an answer straight away. It is just not good enough for people to dawdle with what they want to eat when a woman is waiting to order. 

Putting Too Much Effort In

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Just as not knowing what food you want to eat is quite normal, trying to impress people on a date is seemingly normal. It seems as though not all women agree with this as some cannot stand men who put too much effort in as trying too hard can be annoying. It could be that a man is nervous and asking too many questions in which case they should be given the benefit of the doubt but some women are not willing to give an inch. 

Taking Time to Answer Messages

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Sometimes we like to think over messages to work out the best way to rescind and sometimes we are just too busy with work and life to reply straight away. While some women are ok with waiting for a response others cannot stand it if they don’t hear back for a day or two. Of course, it could be that some men are deliberately making women wait or playing games but it is not always the case. 

Not Ordering Their Drinks

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While the days are long gone when men are always the ones buying women drinks at a bar, some women feel it has gone a step too far when some men don’t offer to buy any drinks at all. This is not only in bars as some women get upset when men cannot even order their drinks at Starbucks. 

Being Too Fit

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It is great for men to keep fit and stay healthy but sometimes they take it a step too far by denying their girlfriends the smallest bit of chocolate. Women like their men to exercise and eat well but when men live, eat, and breathe fitness can be too much to tolerate. 

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