10 Things That Instantly Make You Look Cheap

By Krystal Brown

Looking great, presentable, and elegant is something that everyone wants. But one mistake in any of these areas can instantly make you look cheap.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when trying to avoid looking cheap. First, it’s important to choose clothes that are well-fitting and made from high-quality materials. Second, you need to pay attention to the details, such as your shoes, accessories, and grooming. And finally, it’s important to have a sense of personal style and confidence.

Here are a few specific tips to avoid looking cheap:

1. Excessive Makeup

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Too much makeup can look heavy on you. During the day, when you only want to go out and then do some shopping, you can opt for lighter makeup. When you go to a party at night, you should wear something that would fit the occasion. Overdoing it can instantly make you look cheap. Unless you want to look like a clown or a walking corpse, you should be careful with how you apply your makeup. 

Do you want to look like you have a black eye? Well, be careful with using mascara too. They can either smudge or clump your lashes and make you look horrible instead of giving you a sophisticated look.

2. Wearing Wrong Foundation Shade

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Finding the right shade of foundation can be hard, and wearing the wrong shade can make you look awful and cheap. Applying it even without a primer will not give you the desired look. Instead, you would look cakey. When choosing a foundation shade, the usual practice is testing it on your hand or arm, which is very wrong because these body parts do not have the same shade as your face and neck. Thus, getting the wrong shade will give you an unnatural look. Not blending it with your jawline will also make it look unnatural. 

3. Wrinkled Clothes

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You might have turned your head on someone and noticed how classy one looked, but then you realized there was something off: the clothing is nice yet wrinkled! This can be one of the fastest ways to shake your head off, no matter how fabulous the outfit looks. Wrinkled clothing is visible or easily noticeable, making you appear like you just got up from deep slumber.

4. Ill-Fitting Clothes and Wearing Wrong Colors 

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Wearing ill-fitted clothes could mean either wearing clothes that are too loose, too baggy, or too tight/small for you. It could also mean that you purchased something that does not look good on you. No matter how pricey your clothing is, if they are ill-fitted, they automatically look inexpensive.  

Whatever you wear must compliment your skin. Wearing clothes that do not match or are very much in contrast can make you look cheap, too.

5. Visible/Peaking Undergarments

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Be sure to wear the right undergarments with the right outfits. Peaking undergarments can instantly make you look cheap as that takes away from your overall outfit. You do not look chic but cheap.

6. Logo Overload

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Well, you want to show off your favorite brands, so you wear a top with a visible logo, and your pants show off another logo from another brand. The shoes you wear also are from another brand. Add to it your cap from another brand. This time, you are carrying four distinct brands, all with visible logos, and now, you look like a walking endorser of all these brands. To others, it can send off different signals of showing off these brands, and you lose your sense of style, making you cheap instead of looking cool and trendy.

7. Chipped Nail Polish and Dirty Nails

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Your nails show how particular you are with grooming and cleanliness. Chipped nail polish and dirty nails are an instant turn-off. Not everyone has the luxury of time to have their nails done every week. Others do a lot of household work like cleaning, for example, so the nail polish becomes easily chipped off. You better have them removed as soon as they become cracked or chipped. 

8. Dirty Footwear

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You may catch everyone’s attention with whatever clothes you wear, but never forget your footsies! Your shoes not only make a statement of your fashion sense, but their cleanliness is as vital as looking sophisticated. But how can you achieve a sophisticated look anyway with soiled footwear on? Take time to clean to ensure your overall look.

9. Cheap Perfume

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The perfume you wear is something that catches attention, too. You can smell the scent of cheap perfume, and others will surely recognize it. Wearing a cheap scent can greatly affect your overall image and make you look cheap in the eyes of others.

10. Visible Hair Dye Roots

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You recently sported a new hairstyle. A month later, there can be visible roots, suggesting that your hair has grown and your hair dye is obviously different from your natural hair. What do you do now? Of course, the best thing to do is to head to your favorite salon to get the much-needed touch-ups to maintain your hair’s look. Otherwise, you would look cheap to anyone who notices those visible roots.