10 Instant Signs Of Insecurity That Give You Away

By Krystal Brown

Insecurity can manifest itself in various ways, and sometimes it can be inadvertently revealed through certain behaviors or signals. Whether it’s the tone of your voice, your body language, or the need for constant validation, there are several cues that can instantly communicate to others that you’re feeling insecure.

Seeking Social Media Validation 

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Insecurity and social media validation can be likened to conjoined twins that go hand in hand. Most people desperately seek likes and comments on the pictures and videos they share on social media to get validation from people online. This can come across as a sign of being insecure which is tantamount that others have to walk on an eggshell around you and your social media posts due to your insecurities. 

Unwilling to Admit Mistakes 

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The obsession with being right every time is an achilles heel for people who fail to admit their mistakes. The thought of not being good enough and the focus on “I’m always making mistakes” is the catalyst of their perpetual cover-up and denial of their mistake, which might come out to be a sign of insecurity in the face of others 

Expecting Special Treatment 

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If you are truly special, you do not have to force that on anyone because special treatment is naturally accorded to exceptional people. Expecting special treatment from people is an entitled act portraying you as an insecure bunch with zero self-worth who feels the need to place themselves above others in every setting. This attitude can come across as a feeling of arrogance from anyone who carries on this lifestyle by demanding what others are not obligated to give you. 

Interrupting or Talking Over Others 

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Insecure people often have that boasting and assertive aura showcased through constant interruption or talking over others. This disrespectful attitude portrays you as someone unwilling to listen to other people’s opinions, especially when you do it consecutively. However, people have attributed this attitude to a sign of insecurity based on its build-up that reeks of shoddy habits. 

Being Extremely Competitive in Every Situation 

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The urge to outperform others in every situation is a resentful attitude that quickly identifies you as insecure. This suggests to others that the person is full of envy, which is one of the antecedents of an insecure person with feelings of inadequacy. The resultant effect includes a feeling of social isolation that will make it difficult to bond with others who see you as being ultra-competitive and envious of other people’s accomplishments. 

Being Unnecessarily Loud in Public Spaces

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Being lousy is no bliss. Even this can be seen as an overcompensation of low self-esteem in people. This habit is found chiefly in insecure people who are fond of asserting themselves or trying to control the environment to feel more confident and exert control over others in the setting. Another thing is the unbridle craving for attention that is most common among insecure people who always want to get noticed in public spaces by all means. All these attention-grabbing tacts are things that instantly tell others you are insecure

Overly Critical of What People Say About Yourself 

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Being critical of what people say about yourself is a massive dent in your capabilities or self-worth. It’s part of human nature to encounter mass scrutiny from others, but how we pay attention to that should be minimal, not to shape our perspective. In a situation where anyone is overly critical of what people say about them, it can lead to self-defeating thoughts such as a lack of self-confidence and being uncomfortable with their flaws which are the key attributes of an insecure person.  

Unrelenting Clinginess 

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Another sign of insecurity is the need to always be around people we regard to quench the thirst for love and acceptance. This is another sign of insecurity when you are being obsessive and try to possess someone all the time while harboring the fear of abandonment and rejection. Insecure people often outsource their sense of satisfaction to other people and are always in the hunt to form some clinginess for the person, which can later turn to suffocation, highlighting their insecurity. 

Obstinate People Pleaser

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Being concerned with the need of others at the expense of your own need and boundaries is another sign that instantly tells others you are insecure. You can’t get away with trying to over-please people without showing signs that you are afraid of rejection and battling low self-esteem; you tend to fall into this pitfall when you try to micromanage people and erode your value and self-worth. Being overly agreeable and accommodating is an exhausting and alienating experience practiced by those who are afraid of angering others to feel validated. 

Being Emotional Defensive 

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It’s instinctive to try and ward off any form of perceived attack, irrespective of where it’s coming from. When you see criticism as a threat and personal attack, it can turn to being emotionally defensive, which is a chief indicator of insecurity. People have many reasons for being emotionally defensive, but the most obvious is fear of rejection and lack of self-esteem, which might have a bad precedent on your relationship with others. 

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