Save or Squander: The 10 Sneaky Schemes Draining Your Bank Account

By Saad Muzaffar

In a world brimming with concealed expenses, jaw-dropping markups, and pricing schemes that defy logic, it appears that individuals are gleefully succumbing to what can only be characterized as an elaborate heist. As reported by an online community, here are ten commodities for which people willingly open their wallets, only to discover later that they’ve unwittingly embarked on an unexpected rollercoaster of spending.

The Costly Illusion of Bottled Water

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Bottled water often feels like a sleight of hand. It begins as freely flowing from our taps, only to transform into an elegant bottle with a price tag that can compete with a fast-food meal. We’re parting with our hard-earned cash for something that falls from the sky without cost! Just consider all the other enjoyable treats that money could be spent on.

Designer Furniture: The Lavish Seating Dilemma

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Have you ever gazed at a chair and pondered why it’s priced so high? Designer furniture, boasting sleek designs and prestigious brand names, certainly enhances aesthetics, but it’s less kind to our wallets. While they may enhance the living room’s ambiance, those price tags often seem excessively inflated.

Printer Ink: Drying Your Bank Balance 

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Unless you aren’t printing on photo paper every single day, one user advises against inkjet printers. The toner cartridges dry too soon, and you will always find yourself running to buy more, although your use is rare. Hence, many people swear by laser printers!

Pay First, Grieve Later

people and mourning concept - crying woman with coffin at funeral in church
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There’s nothing worse than capitalizing on people’s grief. Funeral homes are notorious for making caskets cost a few hundred dollars. A user strongly recommends knowing the terms “direct cremation” and “simple vessel” to avoid falling prey to such scams.

Medical Bills: Hidden Costs and Other Shenanigans

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Medical bills are known to be insane, but sometimes the hidden charges are imaginary. One person recalls receiving an electronic bill after a short conversation with their doctor. A “paper fee” was among the fees, except there was no physical bill.

Diamond Deception

Woman wearing diamond ring
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While it’s difficult to imagine a wedding without a glittering diamond in the scene, diamonds are more common than other gemstones, such as emeralds and rubies. Remember that diamonds are made of carbon, the most abundant element on the planet. As one person mentions, Minecraft lied to them about the rarity of a diamond.

The Pricey Symbol of Eternal Love

bride dancing at wedding
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Speaking of getting married and diamonds, let’s take a moment to process how costly weddings are. A regular venue would get charged double the price for no real reason. 

College Textbooks: The Skyrocketing Costs of Knowledge

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Textbook prices are skyrocketing by the hour. While some members feel that going to college was the best investment they made, the textbook costs did not make much sense to them, especially if you’re never going to open it after a course is over.

Donating to the Donors

Online streamer
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Apparently, “donating” to billionaires is a real thing. In the same breath, we have online streamers who simply get paid by thousands of viewers in exchange for nothing. Imagine fundraising without a cause.

Ticketmaster: Master of Trickery

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One person shares how they are currently fighting with customer support because they sent a refund for a canceled show to their PayPal. The only issue is that this person hasn’t had a PayPal account in three years.

Paying Twice for the Same Device

Heated seat
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Imagine paying for a device once to have it and then paying again to use it. Members point out that any subscription requiring you to unlock a device’s full potential after you have already purchased it is a shame. Someone adds how brands like BMW make functions like heated seats a subscription service.

The Pricey Crushed Ice Delight

Iced Coffee
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If you take a moment and truly reflect, you will discover that Frappuccino is nothing but crushed ice and syrup. According to one member, it shouldn’t cost more than 20 cents, but it’s just so delicious that they’ll the insane markup.