10 PROFOUND Life Lessons from BOOMERS That Will Transform Your Perspective

By Krystal Brown

Gen Z isn’t shy about poking fun at some of the expressions Boomers use, but let’s dive into 10 remarkable statements from Boomers that could potentially reshape your approach to life.

You Use Your Cell Phone Too Much

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If you have been told that you have been using your cell phone too much the chances are the Boomer who told you was right. Think about it, when was the last time you checked your phone? How about the time before that? We are guessing that you have lost count which is a sign that you are using it too much and ignoring everything else around it. While our cell phones are vital to our busy lives, you should schedule some down time and get outdoors where the tech cannot distract you from taking a well-deserved break. 

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

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It is tempting to save money on things, especially high-value items, but Boomers told us that we should invest in things that are durable and effective. Next time you buy something, pause and think about how it is made or how much wear you will get out of it rather than how much money you will save. By thinking about what you buy you will benefit in the long run as you won’t need to buy another item in a year. 

Watch Your Spending

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When it comes to spending in general you should take the advice of Boomers and watch how much money you are thoughtlessly investing in something. We are enticed to buy products everywhere we look, whether it be on TV, radio, social media, or the subway, advertisers need you to buy things you don’t need. Don’t let brands manipulate you into buying something that is going to be tossed away, invest wisely and reap the benefits. 

Real Estate Prices Won’t Go Up Forever

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Real estate is a nightmare at times and when it becomes so scary that you think that you will never be able to afford rent or own your own home. Boomers offered great advice the last time the housing industry crashed and you should listen to that advice now. While some of Gen Z will rent for life, there is light at the end of the tunnel as we go through the ups and downs of the real estate world. It is not nice being on the rollercoaster when it is scary at the top but be patient and you will come back down again. 

You Can Change Your Mind

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It is ok to change your mind, something that you should remember from advice given by all of the Boomers out there. Sometimes people pull you up on the fact that you said one thing but then did another but we are all human and sometimes you just need to change direction. While some people may not be happy that you changed your mind at first, they will soon come around and may even think that you are the better person for doing so. 

You Don’t Have to Compete All of the Time

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Being in competition with people, or even yourself, can be exhausting. Life isn’t a race and we all need to take things at our own pace. Our work lives can be hectic as we constantly try to achieve the high goals we set for ourselves but be careful not to leave your true self behind. 

Being Generous Will Take You Far

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Being kind is not just helpful to the person on the receiving end of your generosity but it makes you a better person. If we learn one thing from Boomers it is that we should empathize with people and believe in the good of humanity so that we can all work together to achieve our goals. 

We Learn From Our Mistakes

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It can be crushing to get things wrong and when we feel like a failure it is difficult to get back down when we fall. If you have shrugged off the advice of Boomers who tell you to learn from your mistakes maybe it is time to listen and recalibrate before you try again. 

Get It Right the First Time

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“If something is worth doing then it is worth doing properly” are the wise words of Boomers who want you to stop and slow down next time you are doing something important. Stop, take time to plan, and take things one step at a time rather than rushing at things 100 miles an hour. 

Cash is King

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The Boomers in our lives are forever telling us to spend our money wisely and to live within our means, which is sound advice. They say that if we cannot afford to pay cash for something then we shouldn’t buy it. While this is not always true, as we may need credit for emergencies, thinking about how much debt you are taking on is incredibly important. 

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