Popular Things It Seems Everyone is Involved in Today. Are You?

By Krystal Brown

We’re exploring the latest fads and trends that have practically taken over, so let’s find out if you’re part of the craze!

Sustainable Living 

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The Increasing awareness about the importance of sustainable living on the planet has ushered in a new era of lifestyle change in people. Almost everyone has keyed into this type of living that focuses on reduced energy consumption, eating a healthier plant-based diet, recycling and upcycling wherever possible. A recent study by the United Nations claimed that more than a third of global consumers had shifted their purchasing habits to sustainable products, where countries like Austria (42%), Italy (41%), Germany (34%), and the United States (22%) lead the way in its adoption.  

Blockchain Technology 

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Blockchain technology is a revolutionary innovation that brings a new method of operation to the global monetary and financial system. This is a decentralized, transparent, efficient and tamper-proof system that is more efficient and faster than the traditional business model that people are accustomed to in the past. TripleA, a Singaporean blockchain firm, estimated that 10.2% of internet users own at least one crypto coin while more than 90% of the business surveyed have successfully adopted blockchain technology. The massive adoption by individuals and businesses was made possible by blockchain’s applications in financial services, real estate, supply chains, healthcare and other essential services. 


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Podcasting has been a very efficient way for people to share their opinion with others at the same time, connect with people of like minds. Various factors have gotten almost everyone involved in podcasting in recent years; one such is the rise of smartphones that make it easier to listen to them on the go at any time. In addition, the growth of social media and streaming services such as Spotify, Apple podcasts, and others have also enhanced the engagement level of podcasts, giving everyone the feeling and touch of personal connection with their favorite podcasts. 

Social Media 

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Social media is an era-defining innovation that brings about a convenient way of communication, a new way to meet new people and build relationships, express yourself and serve as a source of entertainment for people. Social media has become a staple for more than 60% of the global population, which accounts for average daily usage of 2 hours 24 minutes, according to the Global Web Index. Almost everyone has an account on one of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to enjoy its enormous potential. 

Meditation and Mindfulness 

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In this modern world where we face multidimensional stressors from finances, relationships, work, news and others, the popularity of meditation and mindfulness can never be overestimated. People need a coping mechanism, and one of the best ways to get that is through meditation and mindfulness, which provide a potent way of managing stress, and anxiety, improving mental health and living a healthier life. Meditation and mindfulness has witnessed unprecedented popularity among everyone who has seen its enormous benefit in their daily living. 

Streaming Services 

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The convenience and affordability of streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and others over traditional cable or satellite TV have placed almost everyone in the book of one streaming service or another. People can watch their favorite shows and movies on demand at affordable prices whenever they want is a game changer. According to Forbes, there was a whopping 1.8 billion online video streaming services subscriptions in 2022. This number showcases the extreme popularity of streaming services among everyone. 

Online Shopping 

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The rise of e-commerce has showcased the increasing popularity of online shopping, where people can browse through various products, order, and get them without stepping out of the door. The convenience, ease of comparison, affordability, and ease of return and exchange are many reasons people engage in online shopping more frequently nowadays. It’s fascinating to note that 286 million Americans shopped online in 2022, and 63% of world consumers started their buying journey online, which is a testament to its involvement by everyone today. 

Remote Work  

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During the Covid-19 Pandemic, many people got actively involved in remote work. The vast traction that remote work gained during that time can be attributed to various factors, including flexibility that allows people to work from anywhere in the world and reduce the environmental and health impacts of commuting at that time. However, the massive adoption and popularity continue even at the end of the pandemic since everyone has seen remote work as a hack to increase productivity. At the same time, businesses also conform to this trend to save costs, making it essential to get involved by everyone. 

Plant-Based Diet (Vegan)

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Plant-based foods like porridge, lentil spaghetti, tofu, quinoa and pistachio salad, and oatmeal have experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, captivating people’s interest and driving the widespread adoption of vegan diets. With extensive research highlighting their crucial role in combating heart diseases, strokes, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic ailments, these foods have become essential for promoting overall health. Moreover, their rising popularity can also be attributed to the delightful flavors they offer, providing a wholesome experience that is unparalleled by any other cuisine.

Artificial Intelligence 

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Many people have understood the usefulness of artificial intelligence in education, art, the workplace, restaurant services, the financial sector and all aspects of our lives. This has become a widespread phenomenon that everyone is looking forward to exploring. The recent success of generative AI like chatGPT and Google Bard has also aided the penetration of AI into people’s everyday lives, which led to the massive increase in the popularity and uses of AI by writers, research workers, bankers, web and mobile developers and almost every essential worker in their quest to further advancement. 

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