UNORTHODOX Occupations: 10 Intriguing Jobs That Bring in UNEXPECTED Paychecks

By Krystal Brown

If you’re stuck in a job rut and seeking novel and thrilling opportunities, consider exploring these unconventional careers. Looking into the realm of eccentric occupations, we present the top 10 most uncommon jobs and reveal potential earnings for those who excel.

Netflix Viewer

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How amazing would it be to sit and watch TV all day long and actually get paid for it? Well, the dream has become a reality for lucky employees of Netflix who pay people $25-$35 an hour to watch its content before they launch it to the public. Granted, you will have to catch an array of shows that you would never normally watch but, remember, you are getting paid to watch TV in your joggers.

Professional Sleeper

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If getting paid to watch TV is a dream job, imagine being paid to actually dream. A hotel in Finland hires someone to sleep in a different room each night to test the comfort of the beds and the whole room experience. This hotel is not unusual as other businesses and organizations pay people to sleep too. In fact, NASA pays people to sleep to test the effects of lying still for a long time and employees can earn up to $15,000 for 70 days of sleep.

Milking Snakes

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While people dream of sleeping and watching TV as a career, milking snakes sounds like more of a nightmare. Milking snakes is important as it allows scientists to develop venom thus preventing thousands of people across the world from dying after being bitten by a snake. Pharmaceutical companies pay between $2,000–$5,000 a month for people to get up close and personal with these slithery creatures.

Dog Food Taster

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If milking snakes are not your thing, how about eating pet food for a living? With over 90 million dogs residing in the US, there is a lot of food to be consumed and it all needs to be good quality. To ensure that dog food is for consumption and that it will be enjoyed by our four-legged friends, manufacturers pay around $40,000 for people to taste an array of dog food and treats. Yummy!

Professional Mourner

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We all have local people who loyally attend any funerals in their community even if they do not know the person who dies. These kinds of people attend funerals for free but there are professional mourners in parts of the Middle East and China who are paid to increase the number of people attending funerals, particularly for important people. The job pays around $200 a day and involves meeting with family members ahead of the day to get to know more about the deceased, attending the ceremony, and mixing with guests afterward.

Golf Ball Diver

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With millions of golf balls heading for lakes around the world, there is a need to pay people to retire them before they cause an issue. Divers are employed to search for gold balls underwater by larger companies who work on a self-employed basis so they can sell the balls second- hand or clear the lakes on behalf of the land owners. The job pays around $20,000 a year and many people do it on a part-time basis but it is very involved and divers need to be certified for safety.

Professional Snuggler

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If diving for gold balls in difficult terrain is not your thing then how about snuggling? Professional snugglers are paid up to $50 an hour to give comfort to people who have experienced traumatic events. If you are a cuddly and empathetic person, get applying.

Professional Bridesmaid

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If you love weddings and want to be paid for attending then look up professional bridesmaid roles. A professional bridesmaid is employed by brides who want their bachelorette party and wedding perfectly executed so they hire someone to assist them. If wedding dress shopping, event planning, and cake tasting is your thing then you can earn approximately $8000 a month.

Iceberg Mover

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Iceberg mover is not a role on the list at the careers office but it sounds very interesting. The job entails locating icebergs and working out a safe route around them for people traveling in the area. Towing unsafe icebergs and monitoring their activity is also in the job description and will earn you around $20,000 a year.

Teddy Bear Technician

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Lastly, in what could be the cutest job available, you can become a teddy bear at stores such as Build-A-Bear and spend your days stuffing toys and sewing in arms and legs when bears are injured. With a salary of up to $50,000 a year, there are definitely worse jobs out there.
Who is ready to apply for one of these amazing jobs?

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