Husband Leaves His Wife at Starbucks While He Boards The Plane Sparking a Huge Debate 

By Emma Williams

A frustrated husband headed to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole (AITA) this week to get things off his chest regarding a recent plane journey with his wife. The 47-year-old told readers that he and his wife Meg have a daughter who attends college out of state, meaning they travel a few times a year to see her. 

Traveling With His Wife Is Not A Good Experience

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The man could sense that people would deem him an a**hole, so he gave readers a little background into how his wife is when they travel. While the man is organized and likes to be early, having gathered all he needs, his wife “goes with the flow” and believes “we will get there when we get there.”

They Try To Meet in The Middle

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Recognizing that he and his wife have different attitudes toward travel, the man says he usually meets her in the middle, except when they travel by plane. With over 40% of Americans admitting that they fear flying, it is understandable that many people want to enjoy a smooth airport process. The man recalled a time last year when things did not go to plan when they visited their daughter. While not scared of flying, the man wanted to be at the airport 90 minutes early for a 10 a.m. flight. He wanted to leave the house early enough so they could park, take their time getting through security, and board the plane. 

His Wife Couldn’t Wake Up

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The man got up at 6 a.m. to prepare for his journey, and the plan was to leave by 8 a.m., but his wife had other ideas. The man says he had to “wake her up five times before she eventually got up at 7.40 “ and then proceeded to make coffee, eat breakfast, and shower. This meant the couple did not leave the house until 9 a.m. and arrived at a busier-than-usual airport 30 minutes later.

They Missed Their Flight

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Airport security was very busy, so the couple missed their flight, and the airline refused to refund their ticket. They could only get flights for the next day, much to the disappointment of their daughter Jess, who was looking forward to spending the evening with them. Putting their previous flight behind them, another trip was booked to help Jess move. This trip involved two flights, one to a nearby bigger town and one to their daughter’s college. 

His Wife Needed Hurrying Along

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The man told the same story of his wife having to be hurried along as they did not miss their flight and prepared to leave earlier than needed due to the incident the year before. The couple arrived at the airport on time, but as they had 45 minutes to spare, his wife was annoyed at having to wait to board. However, their first flight went to plan. They had less than 30 minutes to get to another terminal before boarding their next plane.

His Wife Needed Coffee

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Not phased by having such a short time to board their next plane, his wife announced that she needed a coffee, and it had to be Starbucks rather than the coffee place right next to their terminal. Knowing that Starbucks was a rail ride away, the man tried to discourage his wife from going there, but she did anyway, without him.

It Was Time for the Board

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His wife was not back 15 minutes later when the plane was boarding, and she was not answering his calls. Panic ensued as the couple was called to board, but thankfully, his wife finally answered to say there was a long line, but she was on her way and would make the flight. Standing at the gate and being told it would close in 2 minutes, the man waited but finally got on the plane as the attendant could not wait any longer. 

He Refused To Get Off The Plane

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His wife then called and pleaded with him to get off the plane as she was not allowed to board. Thinking about his daughter, the man refused and said it would not be fair on her, so she should arrange tickets for the next flight. Eventually, his wife arrived at the college and did not seem bothered about what had happened, so the man assumed she understood the error of her ways. 

Things Have Been Silent Since They Got Back

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His wife was furious and has not spoken to her husband since returning from the trip, which is what prompted him to reach out for advice on Reddit. Many people declared him not to be in the wrong, with one person asking, “How does she function normally?”. Another said, “She sounds like a child,” and questioned her ability to raise a child. 

There Were Lots of Similar Stories

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While some people couldn’t believe the woman could be so blase about traveling, others shared similar stories. One person declared they “stopped being the caretaker for my partner after the first time we missed a flight.” Many people could not imagine dealing with the man’s situation, with one person commenting, “ I was stressed out just reading this. I can’t imagine living it.”

Something Tells People She Won’t Learn

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There was little empathy for the wife as most agreed that the man did the right thing to get to his daughter on time. One pondered, “If that didn’t teach her the lesson, nothing will.” After there was speculation about the woman’s resistance, it was revealed by the man that his wife was his daughter’s stepmom, and his daughter feels that she is always reluctant to visit her, which may explain her strange behavior. 

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