15 of The Best Birth Affirmations to get you through Birth.

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These fantastic words are there to help your subconscious mind to help you gather together the ability to give birth naturally.

They also help build up your resilience and confidence, which is highly essential in giving birth. 

You should be focusing on birth, not the ‘what-ifs.’ That’s what the midwife is there for. 

Many people put their birth affirmations on stick-it notes and put them up around the room. So, if you’re planning to do this, ensure that they are colorful and eye-catching, so you notice them more easily. 

You will have a safe, inspiring, and beautiful environment if you have them around you.

Don’t hesitate and worry about what others might think, just do it. This is for you to relax and be able to take control. 

Words are powerful and can carry us through some tough times, especially when it comes to contractions.

Even childbirth alone, having some birth affirmations, can play an invaluable role during your labor and delivery. 

Encouraging words to have the power to help you realize the importance of staying focused and to let go of fear and tension. 

So, here are some positive birth affirmations that will help you as you progress. 

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1. I am so connected to life right now. 

It might sound unbelievable, especially as you feel as if you have no control over your own body, and you’re screaming through contractions.

Or maybe you’re still pregnant, and you’re waiting endlessly for your little bundle of joy to enter the world. 

Whatever the situation you might find yourself in, the sensations that are going through your body at the moment, in the most powerful way you’ve ever felt, is like being directly plugged back into life. 

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2. This pain is so powerful, but I can handle it.

You probably won’t believe this one either.

BUT, telling yourself that you can handle something will surprisingly help you get through it and handle it for real! 

The pain might be powerful, but the fact our bodies are able to do what you’re going to do, or maybe are about to do is so much more powerful.

You’re strong enough to handle this, and you will get through it – happily and with a mini me in your arms. 

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3. I relax and release my body, as best as I can

If you fancy relaxing – which I’m sure we all do, then you might want to try some relaxing prenatal yoga.

It can be surprising how much it helps with the pains that you feel around your body. 

It is also known to be said during labor and can help to relax the jaw and cervix.

If your mouth is relaxed, then it can have an effect of relaxation on the rest of the body. 


4. I accept this pain to welcome my baby into the world.

If you’re giving the pain a meaning, then it will feel a little bit easier to deal with.

Knowing that you will eventually have your baby at the end of all of the pain, you’re enduring makes more sense than anything else. 

Also, it is worth saying this affirmation during the overwhelming sensation of contractions.

Merely looking at your bump and thinking, “This is what this is for” can lead you to feel a bit more at ease. 

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5. I can breathe through this contraction.

When you’re in labor, and you have to deal with one contraction after the other, you begin to feel as if you can’t do it. 

If you say this affirmation to yourself, then you will become more confident in knowing that you can breathe through it.

It can become quite a powerful coping mechanism. 

A good tip would be to practice some belly breathing exercises through your pregnancy, so you’re fully prepared for the labor. 

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6. One contraction at a time, and at the end of all of this, I’ll have my little baby. 

This affirmation can make you see sense when you’re going through labor and delivery.

Just simply taking one contraction at a time and telling yourself that will help you through. 

Especially knowing full well that you’ve got your little monkey waiting for you at the end of the contractions

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7. My pelvis is releasing and opening. 

This is happening to ensure that your baby can come through the passage safely.

They are so real, and even though it’s painful, it’s all happening for a reason and to help it work in the safest way possible. 

They make sense and can help you to fully understand what is happening and remember that this pain isn’t for nothing. 

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8.“ ” 

It isn’t all about words. Sometimes silence works just as well, and we need to take a step back and have a deeper connection with what is happening to our body and life right now. 

If you need a bit of a hand from those around you at the time to remain in your bubble, then you should simply ask.

Allow them to join in and be there for you during your time of reconnection and silence. 

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During labor and delivery, we always tell ourselves and other people that we can’t do it anymore, and the word that usually comes out is “No, no, no.” 

If you simply tell yourself that “YES” you can do this, even when you feel like you don’t want to, then you can let go and get into the labor relaxed. 


10. I am doing a fantastic job. 

We all need encouragement when we’re going through something so dramatic and life-changing.

Especially when it comes to labor. 

Even if you’re the type of person who doesn’t welcome encouragement on the best of days, you might find it quite heartwarming and relaxing knowing that you’re doing a good job. 


11. Everything is going well.

When giving birth, we all panic that things might take a turn for the worst.

Ultimately, when the contractions are so powerful and painful, telling ourselves that everything is going well and that it is entirely reasonable to be in pain can actually help. 

Hearing it from a birthing partner or even the midwife can be so encouraging and make you feel more at ease. 

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12. Here comes another wave. I can ride it.

Contractions feel like they’re never going to end. Once one is over, another one begins. It’s the same with waves and surfers. A surfer hits one wave and has to hit another, so you can do the same. 

No matter how many contractions you hit, you can deal with it in the best way you feel. Ride those waves! 

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13. My muscles work in complete harmony to make birthing easier. 

Giving birth is difficult, that goes without saying.

But your body is a great thing, and your muscles work simultaneously to help to make delivery as easy as possible.

That’s an incredible thing to think that our muscles are used daily, but not as much as they will be during this time. 

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14. My body is capable and strong.

This is probably one of the most positive affirmations to tell yourself.

You have so much strength, physically, mentally, and emotionally and you should shift that thought into getting through the pain you might be feeling. 

Your body has been able to grow a human being, so reminding yourself that will help you gain the ability to relax more through the contractions. 

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15. This has been done a billion times before me

Knowing that so many other women have gone through the same experience as you can be reassuring more than you’d believe.

There are women all around that should join force in being powerful and remembering that birth is normal and natural. 

You’re not alone, and you CAN do this! 

We all sit and watch some videos or films about women giving birth, and it’s almost as if they’ve been involved in a horror film.

No wonder women are sometimes terrified to give birth. Not only are we aware that it’s a long and painful process, but we also sometimes don’t have the facilities to make it easier. 

Birth affirmations really help, even if at the beginning you think that words can’t do anything in your labor or delivery, it is definitely worth trying out. You don’t want to be the woman from the movies. 

How to use birth affirmations

All you have to do is repeat your chosen birth affirmation to yourself or have someone say them to you as if it’s your own personal mantra.

You can do this in any way you want, whether it be out loud, silently, or writing them down! 

Once you’ve repeated them enough times, you will eventually come to believe and reflect on the words you’re saying.

This will then conclude you are feeling more positive and confident in your subconscious.