10 Unacceptable Social Behaviors That Should Be Banned

By Krystal Brown

In our pursuit of a more inclusive and respectful society, it is important to identify and address certain social behaviors that are consistently annoying and rude, as they can hinder positive social interactions. This article delves into the possibility of banning such behaviors to promote a more harmonious and considerate community.

Talking Loudly on the Phone in Public Places

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No one wants to hear your personal or professional conversations when they are trying to enjoy a quiet moment, read a book, or work on something. It’s disrespectful and distracting to everyone around you. If you need to make or take a call, please step outside or find a private spot.


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This is not only bad for the environment, but also for the aesthetics and hygiene of our streets, parks, and neighborhoods. Littering shows a lack of care and responsibility for the common good. It also creates more work and costs for the people who have to clean up after you. Dispose of your trash properly in a bin or a recycling container.

Cutting in Line

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This is one of the most infuriating social behaviors that shows a lack of respect and patience for others. Whether it’s at the supermarket, the bank, the airport, or anywhere else where people have to wait their turn, cutting in line is a selfish and rude act that can cause conflicts and delays. Respect the order and wait your turn like everyone else.

Smoking in Non-smoking Areas

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Smoking is a personal choice, but it should not affect the health and comfort of others who don’t smoke. Smoking in non-smoking areas is not only illegal in many places but also harmful and unpleasant for the people who have to breathe in secondhand smoke. 

Playing Music or Videos Without Headphones

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This is another example of social behavior that can be annoying and disruptive for others who are trying to focus, relax, or enjoy their entertainment. Playing music or videos without headphones is inconsiderate and impolite to those who have to listen to your noise. Use headphones or earbuds when you want to listen to something in public places.

Spitting on the Ground

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This is not only gross but also unhygienic and potentially dangerous. Spitting on the ground can spread germs and diseases, as well as create stains and messes on the pavement. It’s also disrespectful and offensive to those who have to walk by or step on your saliva. Use a tissue or a trash can if you need to spit.

Not Covering Your Mouth When You Cough or Sneeze

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This is another way of spreading germs and diseases, especially during a pandemic. Not covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze is irresponsible and careless for your health and the health of others around you. It can also make people feel uncomfortable and disgusted by your lack of hygiene. 

Not Saying Thank You When Someone Does Something Nice for You

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This is one of the simplest and easiest social behaviors that can make a big difference in how people feel and interact with each other. Not saying thank you when someone does something nice for you is ungrateful and rude, as it shows that you don’t appreciate their kindness and generosity. Say, thank you when someone holds the door for you, compliments you, helps you with something, or does anything else that deserves gratitude.

Interrupting Someone When They Are Talking

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This is a common and frustrating social behavior that can ruin a conversation and damage a relationship. Interrupting someone when they are talking is disrespectful and impolite, as it shows that you don’t care about what they have to say or how they feel. It can also make them lose their train of thought or their interest in talking to you. 

Not Apologizing When You Make a Mistake or Hurt Someone’s Feelings

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Not apologizing when you make a mistake or hurt someone’s feelings is arrogant and insensitive, as it shows that you don’t acknowledge your fault or care about how your actions affect others. It can also make them feel angry, hurt, or resentful toward you. 

Being Late Without Giving Notice or Explanation

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Being late without giving notice or explanation is rude and inconsiderate, as it shows that you don’t value other people’s time or plans. It can also cause inconvenience, stress, or disappointment for those who are waiting for you or depending on you.

Not Returning Borrowed Items or Money

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This is dishonest and untrustworthy social behavior that can damage your credibility and friendship with others. Not returning borrowed items or money is unfair and selfish, as it shows that you don’t respect other people’s property or generosity. It can also make them feel cheated, betrayed, or taken advantage of. 

Gossiping or Spreading Rumors About Others

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This is among the most harmful and malicious social behaviors that can hurt people’s feelings and reputations. Gossiping or spreading rumors about others is mean and cruel, as it shows that you don’t care about the truth or the consequences of your words. It can also damage your reputation and trustworthiness, as people may not want to associate with you or confide in you. 

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