When should I buy my baby walking shoes

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It is thrilling to see your newborn child. Now, you have brought another life into this world and you are excited about the adventures that your child may have in the future. As a parent, you only want the best for your child. You get the best milk brand, the best clothes, baby mattress, and even the best carrier for him/her.

Ever wonder when you should buy walking shoes for your baby? Should you buy shoes from day 1 or should you wait? These are some questions you ask as a parent. You would want to protect your child’s feet after all. 


Walking is a milestone in the development of your child. You will be so excited seeing your child slowly crawl, then walk, the n cruise, then eventually take his/her first steps. This article will give you the necessary tips and on when to get your baby’s first shoes.  

Tips on baby shoes: 

1. Buy Baby Shoes when baby walks unaided

You don’t have to buy baby shoes right after you see your child walking, give him/her a few weeks first before getting the first pair. Your child would have to be very comfortable with walking on barefoot before adjusting to his/her new shoes.

2. Buy brand new Shoes

Why new shoes when you can be minimalist and buy a slightly used pair? Most shoes have insoles that mold to the wearer’s feet. The used pair you bought is molded to a different foot. This may affect your child’s feet as he/she may have a different foot type than the original shoe owner. 

3. Choose the right size

It is important for the perfect fit for your child’s shoes because getting a pair that’s too small may cause your baby’s toes to bend and if the pair is too big this can cause accidents like your child tripping and falling. As it is, your baby is just beginning to walk so it’s best to get the proper size to support his/her feet. 

4. Choose the best and right materials

Don’t buy thick shoes especially if it’s summer. Choose the type of shoe depending on weather conditions and where your child will use the shoes. Unnecessary weight can be cumbersome for a first-time walker. 

5. Check how secure shoes are (laces or Velcro?)

Some shoes have laces, some have Velcro or both! Choose which one you like best and which one keeps the shoes on your baby’s feet (they can be very energetic and the shoes may come off!).

Problems you and your baby may encounter when wearing shoes:

  1. Nail problems- Make sure your baby’s nails are cut properly and make sure the shoes aren’t too tight.
  2. Irritation or redness on the skin. Especially ankles- some materials can cause redness or irritation. Especially tougher and harder materials. 
  3. Posture

We hope this article helped you when it comes to when to buy your child’s first pair of shoes. We also added some details to help you with this wonderful milestone in your child’s life.