Legal Loopholes and Laughter: 15 ABSURD and RIDICULOUS Laws That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head!

By Krystal Brown

From banning the ownership of more than one pet to outlawing the act of knitting during fishing, the world is filled with a multitude of bizarre and illogical laws that defy reason and common sense.

Chewing Gum in Singapore

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Because of excess vandalism and public littering, the Singaporean government passed the ‘Chewing gum law’ in 1992 that bans the use, selling and manufacturing of any and all gum. In 2004, Only after pressure from the US and other governments did the country pass a law that excused medical use of the substance; however it still carries a huge fine of up to $100,000 and sometimes even jail time.

10pm Flushing Curfew in Switzerland

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In Switzerland if you live in an apartment building it is forbidden to flush the toilet after 10pm. Landlords often set house rules when you move in and more often than not don’t allow the flush to be used after specific times, (usually 10pm- 7am). The government sees it as an act of noise pollution that disrupts neighbors’ sleep so they passed an entire law about it.

Using a Fork for Fried Chicken in Gainesville, Georgia

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In 1961, Georgian officials passed a law that banned people from using utensils when eating fried chicken. It’s believed to be a sign of disrespect and plus, you just don’t enjoy it as much. Of course no one took the law seriously when it passed and continued to enjoy their fried chicken with a fork.

Public Spitting in Barcelona, Spain

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While roaming the streets of Barcelona, if you are caught spitting in public by Spanish officials you will be given a hefty fine. The law was introduced in 2005 as part of a number of laws that would help clean up the streets.

No Frowning in Milan, Italy

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Yep you read it right if you are caught frowning while taking a stroll in Milan Italy you’ll be immediately cuffed, fined and maybe even end up in jail! I’m just kidding. However a law was passed two centuries ago that states you’re not allowed to frown in public except at funerals, but it isn’t taken very seriously in the modern age.

One Child Policy in Mississippi

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In 2013 Mississippi banned couples from having more than one child out of wedlock. You are only allowed one illegitimate child and if you break this law could end up with a fine or in jail. The government found it to be a moral issue and chose to pass this bizarre law.  

Winnie the Pooh is Banned in Poland

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This lovable honey bear can get you in a lot of trouble in Poland as many believe the cartoon promotes nudity through his character. As you all know Winnie wears a red shirt but no pants and now because of this has been banned on any sort of merchandise. So if you have a shirt or a backpack with this bear on it I would recommend you don’t take it to Poland on your next visit.

No Camouflage in Most of the Caribbean

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It is illegal to wear any sort of camouflage pattern clothing in the Caribbean. Many Islands nations including Jamaica, Barbados and Antigua to name a few, have banned the use of camouflage products and only allow the military the right to use this style of clothing.

It is Illegal to Be Shirtless in Barcelona

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In 2011, Spanish Officials banned people from walking around half naked anywhere but the beach or the pool. If you are seen in your swimsuit or without a top on you could be fined up to $260 and locals could go as far as to not serve you while not dressed.

It is Illegal to Swear in the U.A.E

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Yep, the use of inappropriate gestures, swearing and even badly phrased text messages can land you in trouble with the U.A.E government. They believe that swearing disgraces the modesty of a person and passed the law to stop such indecent actions from taking place.

Not Allowed to Run Out of Gas in Germany

driving car
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The German Autobahn is famous for its high speed limits that sometimes exceed 100mph, as well as its long straight roads. Many driving enthusiasts love to take their race cars along this road and can enjoy high speeds legally. However if someone were to run out of gas on the Autobahn, they could be fined hefty amounts as Germans believe it is your own responsibility to keep your car full, therefore making it illegal to run dry while driving on these dangerous roads.

Jail Time Selfies in Sri Lanka

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Buddhism is a widespread religion that has touched many South Asian countries including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. Because of this, famous statues of the religion’s founder, the Buddha, have been put up all around the world. Seeing as these statues are massive tourist attractions, people tend to take selfies with them. However in Sri Lanka this is seen as illegal and could put you in jail for a long time. Turning your back on the Buddha is seen as highly disrespectful and there have been reports of people thrown in jail because of it.

Illegal Sandcastles in Spain

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To build a harmless sandcastle on your trip to Spain could put a massive dent in your wallet if you are spotted. It has been officially banned by the government and you could be fined up to $1,500 in some cases. Prices vary in each location but the law remains, if your child builds one you will pick up the fine.

Married Bolivian Women Can Only Drink One Glass of Wine

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In Bolivia alcohol is believed to make women immoral therefore the law limits married women to just one glass when out. A woman’s excessive drinking could also become grounds for divorce in some cases. However if you are single you can drink as much as you want.

Farting in Malawi

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By far the best law I’ve seen, Malawi Officials passed the ‘Air Fouling Legislation’ in 2011 that prohibits people from passing wind in public. It made national headlines and faced a lot of criticism around the world. But common, this should be implemented everywhere!

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