Outdated and Out of Sight: 10 Things That’ll Disappear from Everyday Life (And Make Us Feel Ancient)

By Krystal Brown

Prepare for a lighthearted expedition through time as we unveil the 10 elements that are on the verge of disappearing from our daily routines, leaving us with a nostalgic pang and a sense of being relics in the face of swift technological advancements and societal changes.

Physical Cash

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With the rise of digital payment systems and cryptocurrencies, physical cash may become less prevalent as more people adopt electronic forms of payment. This transition could potentially reshape the way we conduct financial transactions, making digital currencies and electronic payment methods the new norm in a cashless society.


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With the increasing adoption of smart locks and biometric security systems, traditional keys may become less common as alternative methods of access control become more prevalent. This shift towards advanced security technologies not only offers convenience and enhanced protection but also heralds a future where the jingle of keys may fade away, replaced by seamless and futuristic ways of unlocking doors.

Printed Magazines

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Printed magazines may see a decline as digital publications and online platforms gain more popularity. As readers increasingly consume content online and on digital devices, the shift towards digital publications is likely to impact the demand for printed magazines.


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Farmers are increasingly adopting advanced technologies to improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. This includes the use of precision agriculture techniques like GPS guidance systems, drones, sensors, and automated machinery to optimize planting, irrigation, fertilization, and pest control. The integration of data analytics and machine learning can also help farmers make data-driven decisions for crop management.


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n today’s interconnected world, vast amounts of data are collected from individuals through various sources such as websites, apps, social media platforms, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This data can include personal details, browsing habits, location information, and more.

Landline Telephones

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As mobile phones continue to advance and become more ubiquitous, landline telephones may fade away, especially in residential settings.

Alarm Clocks

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As smartphones become the primary devices for communication and timekeeping, traditional alarm clocks may become less necessary.

Cable and Satellite TV

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With the advent of streaming services and the increasing popularity of online content consumption, traditional cable television may decline as more people opt for streaming platforms.

Plastic Bags

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Many countries and regions have already implemented regulations to reduce the use of plastic bags. This includes imposing fees or bans on single-use plastic bags, encouraging the use of reusable bags, and promoting alternative packaging materials.

Charging Cables

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Wireless charging technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in consumer electronics. With wireless charging pads and mats, users can power up their devices without the need for physical charging cables. As this technology continues to improve and become more widespread, the reliance on traditional charging cables may decrease.

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