From Everyday to EXTRAVAGANT: 10 Things That Gained LUXURY Status Over the Past 30 Years

By Krystal Brown

As time unfolds, the landscape of affordability shifts, turning what was once within reach into a distant aspiration. Delving into the past two to three decades, we examine 10 things that, though far from luxuries back then, have now become the stuff of dreams.

Real Wood Furniture

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Wooden furniture was found in almost all homes decades ago, whether it be wardrobes, sideboards, beds, or even garden furniture. These days, the most affordable furniture is made from cheaper woods that do not last as long but more often than not it is fiberboard and synthetic materials. 

Being Unreachable

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Gone are the days when you could come home from work, kick your shoes off and not speak to anyone until you head back out to work the next day. Now, you are at the end of a cell phone or an email and people can even watch you via video call, so there is no escape when people want to get hold of you. 

Durable Household Items

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Nothing seems to last these days compared to when our parents and grandparents bought them. There is a theory that things are not made to last so greedy companies ensure they have constant sales but that may not always be the case. Most people would much rather pay more money for an item that will last a long time than a cheap product that will need replacing every year or so. Buy cheap and buy twice is the saying but sometimes we can’t help it when manufacturers don’t make durable products. 


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For many people, retirement is not an option or at least they can only look forward to returning later in life than expected. With the cost of living increasing and pensions not as good as they used to be, people are working longer than ever, which is sad. That said, some people enjoy working longer as it keeps them active and allows them to interact with others daily, especially if they live alone. 

Mending Things

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Whether it be clothes, household furniture, or clothes, we were much better at repairing things in the past. These days things are not made to be repaired or it is cheaper to buy new items rather than buy the materials to fix what is broken. With the impact of climate change becoming more visible there is a hope that we will go back to our mending ways but there is a lot of work to be done. 


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Similar to always being contactable, we are also always being watched. We don’t creepily say this but in the sense that our activity is monitored on CCTV and our online presence can be seen by those in the know. Some people embrace putting their lives out there for all to see but others are craving the privacy of yesteryear. 

Real Photographs

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It is great that we can take pictures on our smartphones and digital cameras and never have to worry about running out of film but if we want to have a physical copy then we have to send them to be printed, something we don’t always get round to. If we did want to use the old-fashioned camera with a film it is not very expensive to get them developed. The trendy kids are bringing 35mm shots back into fashion so, who knows, there may be a surge of affordable real-life photographs again. 

Home Ownership

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Mortgages are difficult to come by for younger generations as house prices have reached their highest levels and first-time buyers struggle to make up a deposit. There are even some young people who cannot afford high rents in some states and multigenerational households are not more common as children save up to leave home. 

Quality Clothing

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Clothing made of natural fibers can be very expensive as the world of fast fashion has taken over with synthetic fibers making up much of the material to make them affordable. Cheaper materials mean poor quality and more clothes going to landfill, which is not a good thing. You can still buy linen, wool, and silk clothes, for example, but you will pay premium prices. High fashion brands are leading the way in sustainable clothing and the hope is that as we head towards more awareness of climate change manufacturers start to make clothing that lasts. 

An Evening Out

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In the 90s and 00s, we could eat out a few times a week but now it is an expensive deal. More people are having to eat in or get takeout for special occasions, never mind going out for an everyday dinner. There are smaller restaurants and lots of street food places that are trying to make eating out more affordable but even those places are a luxury for some. 

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