Using Papercraft Pandas as a Nature Lesson for Kids with Free Template

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As your children get older, it’s natural for them to become more interested in animals. Pandas are right at the top of the list of favorite animals! 

Whether you use this cute papercraft panda as a teaching opportunity, a decoration for a kid’s party, or just a fun activity for you and your child, you’ll love creating this adorable panda. 

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Learning About Pandas 

While you’re putting together the papercraft panda, you could take the opportunity to teach your child some fun panda facts: 

Where does the panda live?

In your preparation for the lesson, you could do some research yourself into what countries pandas come from. If this is too difficult for your pre-schooler, you can always skip this question and come back to it some other time.

What is the panda’s habitat? 

First, you’ll need to explain what a habitat means! Teach your child what kind of environment a panda would live in (does it live in trees, on the ground, or in caves? Does it prefer the jungle, deserts, or some other location? Once again, you’ll need to do your own research!). 

What does a panda eat? 

You can even draw and cut some paper bamboo shoots for the paper panda to “eat”. Creating different sized pandas is a good way making a whole family.

How long do pandas live? 

If too many facts are confusing to your child, try making flashcards. You can write a question on the white band of the panda’s tummy, and write the answer to the question on the back. 

While you can’t change the colors of this papercraft panda, you can add black or white glitter, and maybe even googly eyes. 

Using Papercraft Pandas as Decoration 

Paper pandas are a cute and appropriate decoration for a kid’s party. If you make enough for each guest at the party, try writing each child’s name on the white band of the panda’s tummy. You can use them as place markers, or just as gift for each child to take home. 

Another fun idea is to play a “find the panda” game. Write each child’s name on the white band of the panda’s tummy and hide them around the house. Then have the children search! The first kid to find the panda with their own name wins a prize. 

There are plenty of variations on this game. For example, you could hide nine plain pandas and one with a pink heart on its tummy. The first child to find the panda with the pink heart would then win the prize. 

Finally, you can use the pandas as cute card decorations. While you and your child are making the papercraft pandas, ask them who they think would like a gift of the paper panda. Then, come up a name and a little backstory for the panda. Write the name and backstory in a card and slip in the panda as a cute present. 

Whatever uses you come up with for this adorable papercraft panda, it will certainly be plenty of fun!

How to make a Papercraft Panda

  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Craft glue
  3. Pencil
  4. Sharpie
  5. Scissors


Step 1:

Select black, dark gray and white colored craft papers. Trace the head and body pattern on white paper, trace the eye patches on gray paper and then trace the rest of the patterns on black colored craft paper.

Cut out the traced patterns using scissors. You can use the eye patterns directly from the template. 

Step 2:

Stick the eye cutouts on the eye patch cutouts. Stick the leg cutouts on the leg parts of the body cutout; and stick the ear cutouts on the top side of the head cutout. 

Step 3:

Stick the eye patches on the head pattern and the upper body cutout on the top side of the body base cutout. 

Step 4:

Stick the head pattern on the top side of the body pattern. Use a black sharpie or black gel pen to draw the nose and mouth of the papercraft panda. 

Download the Free Panda Craft Template Here