FREE Jellyfish Craft

By Rhazia Parkar

When your child spends time doing crafts, whether at home or in school, this can pose a huge benefit to their emotional and mental wellbeing. There are so many benefits, and it will become an essential part of growing up by allowing your child to express their creativity.

There really is no negative to crafting and it’s a brilliant experience for your child and for the adult to spend time together.

So, why are paper crafts so important for your child?

Stimulates Neural Activity

Getting your child’s brain moving will keep them mentally active and that is what being creative and doing crafts does. It will keep their minds stimulated, which is important at whichever age your child is.

Gives Your Child an Emotional Outlet

Your child will be able to express themselves through art whilst being creative. During the process of creation, it will allow your child to think and decide on certain colours and how they would rather decorate. For example, with this jellyfish paper craft, your child will be able to choose whichever colour they wish.

It will also enable your child to understand their emotions, and that it’s okay to share and release if need be. If there is a stressful event in their lives, then they know they can turn to creativity and crafts if need be.

Planning Skills and Concentration

Children lack concentration skills because everything is always so exciting. When it comes to this jellyfish paper craft your child will be able to look at what supplies they’ll need and how they can put together the vision they have in their minds. It helps them to problem solve and plan. It will also help to instil the idea of having a goal or vision as well as planning what they want to achieve.

Broadens Confidence and Self Expression

Being creative and spending time on a piece will encourage your child to decorate and put their final product on display which will give them bouts of confidence. During the jellyfish paper making activity, your child will become more confident in their decision making skills, become excited when they realise they can be creative on their own with limited assistance, and feel an urge to show off their craft which shows that they’re proud.

Associates Positive Responses to Learning

There is something to learn about each craft that your child does, whether it’s learning about outer space, or jellyfish. Even if you’re doing a craft on one specific topic, this will most likely lead to more questions that your child will want to ask. Crafting will encourage your child to learn and is also fun, so it’s a bonus!

Spending time on crafts can really get your child thinking outside of the box. Marine life is incredible, and just like space, there are a lot of undiscovered areas which will have your child’s mind blown. This jellyfish paper craft will give insight to your child as it really looks into the unexplored part of the world whilst being fun and exciting for your child.

How to Make a Papercraft Jellyfish

  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Craft glue
  3. Pencil
  4. Sharpie
  5. Scissors


Step 1:

Select 2 different shades of craft papers for the jellyfish pattern and white paper for the eye cutouts (or you can use the eye base cutouts directly from the printed template). Use a pencil to trace the cupcake patterns on the selected colored craft papers cut them out nicely using scissors.

Step 2:

Attach the wavy-strip cutout along the bottom side of the bell shaped body cutout.

Step 3:

Now, take any one of the tentacle cutouts and attach it with the body on the bottom side.

Step 4:

One by one attach the tentacle cutouts side by side.

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Step 5:

Attach all 5 tentacle cutouts along the bottom side

Step 6:

Attach the eye cutouts along the middle part of the bell shaped body.

Step 7:

Use a sharpie to draw the mouth of the papercraft jellyfish and pink sharpie to draw blush spots on both cheeks. You can add more details to this craft if you want to.

Step 8:

Use different colors and shades of craft papers for variation.