From Frustration to Fury: Unmasking the 10 Most Irritating Companies That Drive Us Absolutely Crazy

By Krystal Brown

Do you notice that there are some brands that literally drive us crazy? Whether it’s their questionable ethics, poor customer service, or just being generally annoying, there are companies that just naturally make our blood boil. 

Dupont – The Controversy Magnet 

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There is a long list of troubles when it comes to Dupont, including lawsuits associated with harmful chemicals, environmental scandals, and unethical practices. They have a very messy past that walks hand in hand with their unimpressive corporate image. 

Xfinity Comcast – Communication Cataclysm 

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Xfinity Comcast doesn’t provide much more than surprise charges, unreliable service and horrendous customer service. We could extend on this list but we think these are the three main points. Considering they are a communication company, they really struggle with the basic communication for their customers. 

Mobile Game Companies – The Fun-stealing Fiends

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Mobile games are definitely addictive, but the companies that make them are just pure annoying. The games can turn from fun to frustrating quickly with the endless prompts of in-app purchases. 

Wells Fargo – The Financial Fiasco 

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There is a huge past with Wells Fargo, including them creating unauthorised accounts with mysterious fees. Even though this company once had a respectable reputation, this has since been completely tarnished.

Uber – The Rocky Road Rider 

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We know that when Uber first came around, they were the best thing since sliced bread. They became popular quickly. However, there have been a few complaints, including the consistent regulatory struggles, surge in pricing and safety concerns. These issues have left passengers feeling rather unsafe and unsettled, and rightly so. We all first thought that Uber was incredible, but now we’re not too sure. 

Greyhound – The Gritty Grinder 

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You might think of Greyhound whenever you think of cheap and budget friendly travel. However, they have gained quite the reputation for their buses that don’t stick to a schedule, suffocatingly small spaces and long hours. They also don’t win any hearts with their tiny restrooms onboard. 

Spirit Airlines – Sky-scraping Struggles 

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This airline should definitely reconsider its name and think of calling themselves ‘Sneaky’ instead of ‘Spirit’. At first, you might think that you won’t believe your eyes with the fact their fares are so appealingly cheap, but once you go to fly with them, they try to squeeze in extra charges, and you’ll be suffocated in their sardine-can planes. You will then begin to understand why they are on this list rather than a positive one. 

Monsanto – Menace in the Fields 

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Monsanto has been stirring up trouble for a good while, especially with lawsuits against unsuspecting farmers and with their genetically modified seeds. With their general disregard for ethical farming practices and their aggressive tactics, they have been placed as one of the most irritating companies. 

Nestle – The Sweet but Sour Giant 

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Even though when we think back to our childhood, Nestle was one of our favourite go to chocolates, they actually have a track record that isn’t as good as our memories. There is a full history of issues, including controversial water rights battles, unethical marketing practices and environmental issues. 

Mary Kay – The Deceptive Dream Seller

With the promises of financial independence, many people have come to realise that this is far from the reality. They have a pyramid-like structure and very pushy sales tactics which is why this cosmetics company has left customers feeling unsatisfied and hassled. 

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